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Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit Review

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Review of the Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit for factory Chevy and GM underbed gooseneck trailer hitches, Part Number C60692. Here's what our ball mount and safety chain loops look like fully installed. Now this kit is for the factory prep package for GM and Chevrolet, for a gooseneck or fifth wheel trailer. And this is going to allow us to safely tow a gooseneck trailer down the road. Now the really nice thing about our kit here is that since it is made specifically for the OEM prep package, this kit's going to install in less than five minutes. And then whenever you're done towing, and you need to have your bed open so you can haul anything you may need, it'll uninstall and you can stow it away in less than five minutes as well. Each component of the kit is going to use a different type of latching system. For instance, our ball here is going to have a lever on top, and if we rotate that, lift it up and rotate that lever, it's going to loosen and take the tension off of our ball bearings here, which is what's going to secure the ball to the mounting point in our bed. And again to install it, we just lift up on that tab, and we can turn the lever, which will allow the ball to fall back down, and then we can lock it into place. The ball does feature a nice chrome plating and a steel construction, and it is a 2-5/16" ball.

Whenever we're not towing, in case we either lost or misplaced our factory cover, the manufacturer does provide us with a nice rubber covering that fits perfectly into our mounting point so we don't have to worry about any dirt or debris getting inside. Our safety chain loops are going to feature a steel construction, and an extra large loop so that even for those oversized hooks, we're still going to be able to hook them on. Now it has a nice black powder coat finish for durability and for giving it that nice clean look that'll compliment any bed. Our kit's going to come with a nice hard plastic case that we'll keep all of our components in whenever we're not towing. Also, chances are, it will fit nicely underneath the backseat, and will be there whenever we need it. Our kit's going to feature a 7,500 pound vertical load limit, along with a 30,000 pound gross trailer limit. Now I do want to mention that our kit is not going to increase or change the gross trailer weight capacity that your truck can handle, so you always want to double check with your vehicle to see if it can handle that amount of weight, and you want to go with the lowest setting out of all of them. I know, and we all do, that things get misplaced, damaged, or even stolen, so in the case of this kit, we do sell the ball separately, which is going to be the Curt Pop-In Ball for factory underbed gooseneck trailers, Part Number C60629. Now the safety chain loops as well comes separately, you can pick those up using Part Number C60691. Now that we have seen what it looks like installed, and we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how easy it is to get in place. The first step of our installation is going to be removing the covers out of our bed that are covering up our mounting points.

So we just come to them, give them a slight turn and we can pull up and they should come out. Now we're going to be using the center as well as the two rearmost attachment points because the safety chain loops are always going to want to go into the rearmost attachment points of our truck. Now we can set the covers aside for now. Our ball mount, we can go ahead and slip it into place. Now the ball bearings that are going to lock it into place are in the out position right now so it's not going to slide down, but if we come to this tab up top, we can lift it up, slightly turn it, and now release the pressure on the ball bearings, and then we can turn it back and drop it down, and that's what's going to lock our ball into place. Now for our safety chain loops, if we grab one of them, we're going to notice that we're already going to have a pin and clip installed, we're going to go and take that off, and we can take the center pin out as well. Now if we line up the tabs on our mounting point, just drop it in, we can rotate it to where the safety loop is pointing towards the back of our truck, then we can reinsert the pin that we originally took out, and then finally the clip that's going to hold it all in place.

Now with that installed, we're going to have a little bit of movement, but this pin is going to keep our safety chain loops from rotating all the way around. So when we do want to remove them, again, just take the pins out, lift this pin up, rotate it to the side and it'll lift it out. Now that we have this one installed, we can go and do the same thing on the other side. That'll finish up our look at the Curt Ball and Safety Chain Loop Kit for factory Chevy and GM underbed gooseneck trailer hitches, Part Number C60692.

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