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Curt Ball Mount Towing Starter Kit Review

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Review of the Curt Ball Mount Towing Starter Kit

Here we have CURT's Starter Towing Kit for two inch hitches. It comes with all the stuff you're going to need to get yourself hooked up to your trailer and on the road. You've got your ball mount with a drop, it comes in a two inch drop position right out the gate, which in most cases is going to be what you're going to need. Usually your trailer sits a little bit lower unless you've got a smaller vehicle here, we're on our SUV and your trucks, you usually want to go down.Now if you're on something small, like your sedan type vehicles, you might want to flip it over and put it in the rise position and that's easy to do. You simply take your ball off, we'll remove the receiver from the hitch, flip it over, and then reinstall the ball so it's faced up and this is going to give you a three quarter inch rise.Now, again, that's going to be mostly for your sedans, your SUVs and trucks, you're probably going to keep it in this position. But what's great about this one is it comes pre-torqued in the drop position, which is the most common position, so it's already ready for you to go right out of the box.

You just slide it in, put your lock pin in and you're good to go.Before purchasing this kit though, you want to make sure that your trailer has a two inch coupler on it because the ball that comes pre-attached to it is a two inch ball. If you need other sized balls, we have those available here at that you can purchase. Now, if you do have multiple trailers that have different size balls, you need to maybe change this out to the different size ball for your other trailer. You want to make sure that you pick up a ball that has a one inch shank so it fits inside the ball mount.Now speaking of your trailer, you also want to keep the weight ratings in mind. This set up here is going to be capable of handling a 7,500 pound gross trailer weight, which is how much it's going to pull behind it, the total weight of your trailer plus everything loaded on it, and it has a 750 pound tongue weight, which is the force going down on top of the receiver and this is also going to vary depending on the weight of your trailer and where you have those loads positioned on your trailer.Proper loading of your trailer plays a big factor in determining whether your tongue weight is going to be appropriate or not.

If you have too much of the load towards the back of your trailer, it may lift up and you may have a negative tongue weight and if you've got too much towards the front, you could be exceeding the tongue weight, but if you get it shifted in the proper location, a lot of times you can get that good tongue weight. If you need help determining the tongue weight of your trailer, you can pick up tongue weight scales here at, such as the one from Sherline or you can get the DLC plugin from HaulGauge.You'll receive two five eighths hitch pin and clips with your ball mount to keep it secured to the receiver on your hitch. One's going to be your standard pin and clip, and this is nice if you're swapping it out, putting it in and out all the time and you just need it real quick, you can grab this pin, this is a great one to just keep in your glove box just to have around all the time. It also comes with a locking hitch pin and clip, and this is nice if you're going to leave it in here for a long period of time or if you're going on a trip and you've got a boat trailer or something on here and you want to make sure it all stays secure, you can use your locking pin.The locking tumbler has a dust cap that keeps out all the dirt and debris, insuring a long lasting corrosion free operation of your lock. You'll receive two keys with it to unlock your lock and we simply slide that in there, unlock it, and then we can pull our pin and clip out, we can then remove our ball mount.It also comes with a nice case that you can keep in your rear storage compartment to help you keep everything together so nothing gets lost.

It's got a place for your ball mount to rest in and it's secured in place by either the locking or the regular hitch pin and clip, and there's a spot for your rubber bumper, so this way, whenever you need whichever one you want, you just come grab those pieces out and you can keep the rest stored in the back.Another thing I like about the kit is that it comes with a cap for when you're not using your ball mount. This will just slide in the back end there and it gives it a nicer look and it also gives it kind of a rubber coating protection. This is nice, especially if your receiver sticks out a little bit further, when you walk by sometimes your shin and stuff hits it, this rubber bumper here is going to make it not have so much of an impact when it goes and hits your leg.You can already see here that we've got some dirt, debris and a rust building up on the inside, this is also going to help keep that out of there to ensure a longer lasting finish on your receiver. And that completes our look at CURT's Starter Towing Kit for two inch hitches.

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