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Review of the Curt No-Drill Bracket

Speaker 1: Today you're going to be taking a look at the Curt No Drill Long Mounting Bracket, part number C57202. Here's what our Curt No Drill Bracket looks like once we have it installed, and this is going to be a great solution to mount any of your electrical accessories at the back of your vehicle if you don't have anywhere built in. I do want to mention that this four pole bracket, as well as the wiring, is not included in the kit. I just makes it nice and easy, so that we can mount up our wiring so it's not just hanging down.The bracket itself is gonna make it so that you can mount an electrical connector bracket, and it's gonna come with the hardware necessary to get it in place, as well as mounting it to the hitch. And the way it's gonna mount to the hitch, is it has a small lift that's gonna hook on to the back the hitch, and then this clamp is gonna tie it to the hitch itself.It's gonna give you plenty of clearance to mount any of your electrical accessories. The bracket itself is gonna be 6-1/2" long by 3" wide.

The bracket itself is gonna feature a nice steel construction. The black powder coat finish is not only gonna blend in nicely at the back of your vehicle, but it's also gonna provide some rust resistance. If you're looking for a way to mount your electrical accessory at the back of your vehicle, but you really don't want to drill into the bumper, this is gonna be a great, simple, fast, easy solution for that.Now that we've gone over the features, let's go ahead and show you how to put it on.So, here's what our bracket kit's gonna come with. It's gonna come with the bracket itself, the hardware as well as the clamp to mount it to the hitch. Now, we're going to be using this bracket in order to mount our four pole bracket to the back of our vehicle, just 'cause we have some four pole wiring.

If you have five, six or seven way connectors, we do have a wide variety of different brackets that we can use to mount up.So, we can just take our provided hardware, take the Phillips screws and we're gonna drop them down through both brackets, and we can take the locking nuts and attach them to the bottom. Attaching everything on here now, make it a lot easier than trying to attach our No Drill Bracket first to the hitch and then trying to handle everything. Just make it a lot easier when everything's in our hands, where we can move it around. Now, to secure everything, I'm gonna grab a 3/8 socket and a Phillips head screwdriver so I can tighten down my hardware.So, the way our bracket works, is we're going to have that small tab on the back, and that's actually gonna hook around our hitch, so we're gonna put it on top of our hitch and pull it so it hooks on there. Now, depending on how you mount your electrical bracket or how the hitch is positioned, you can put it in the position like this, but we're gonna go over the top and have it sit just like this.Now, when we get ready, we're gonna take our band clamp here.

When we come to the bolt, we're just gonna lift it up and that will allow us to take the clamp out. You're gonna want to feed it through the hole that's in the bracket there. Again, putting the clamp over the back of the hitch, so it grabs that lift, and we can take our clamp, feed it through to hold the clamp into position. And then, if you bend that bolt the other way, it'll keep it in there and then we can come back with a 5/16 socket or nut driver and tighten it up. Just gonna go ahead and take our wiring, push it through so everything's ready.

With our wiring all secure, we're gonna hook up to our trailer and hit the road.That'll finish up your look at the Curt No Drill Long Mounting Bracket, part number C57202.

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