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Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate Review

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Review of the Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the Curt adjustable pintle mount for a two and a half inch hitch. Now, this is going to be great when towing your trailers with the lunette ring, and this allows for a lot of adjustability. Now, if you consistently tow a trailer, that's the same height every single time, and you're not really swapping around, there's other options, so that way you don't have to get something as large as this on your vehicle. So having the mounting holes is really nice because when you need to adjust for a different height lunette ring range, from trailer to trailer, you can do that fairly easily by changing out the bolts to whatever configuration you need. So with the 14 hole configuration, you're actually able to get six different height mounting points.

And with your eight hole, you can get three and then your four, that's going to be mounted just there, but it's all going to give you a 20,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. So that's quite a bit of weight. Now before towing, you're going to want to make sure that you have a pintle mount that can actually support that weight as well as the vehicle itself. So check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure that that weight rating matches what you're actually towing. And that way you're not overdoing it.

For example, our pintle hook here is rated at 10,000 pounds. So this is going to be the maximum that you can tow with this configuration. So all of your components need to match the weight that you're actually pulling, just to keep you safe. And this is going to work with any curt pintle mount, so that way you can know that it's going to work on here. But if you want to take some quick measurements, our hole spread here is going to be three and three eighths.

And then for our height, we're going to have one and three quarters. So if you want to check your pintle hook to see if it's going to fit, you now have the specs to do that. Now this is extremely sturdy steel construction. It also has a nice black oxide powder coat finish on it. So it's going to hold up long-term and look really good.

And even if you keep it on your truck, out in the weather, it's going to stay black and looking nice. Now, another thing here, you're going to see the hitch pin and clip. This is not included with it. So if you're getting this plate, you're going to want to pick one of those up as well. And here we have, just your standard hitch pin and clip. But if you want a locking one, that way, this doesn't walk away from your truck in the hands of someone else, we have locking ones available here at etrailer as well. When picking your pintle hook, you're going to want to check any trailers that's not using a lunette ring. And that way you can match the ball with your trailer coupler. You're also going to want to check your gross trailer weight rating. That way you're not overdoing this with a heavy trailer. So find the right fit for you. Now with our 14 hole and our eight hole, you're able to actually flip this over. And that's also going to give you more height adjustability. Now, obviously with your four hole, that's going to be just flush with your trailer hitch receiver. Now, if you're worried about this not having clearance on your tailgate, I'm here to show you at least on our Silverado here, we have no issues. So we're able to keep this in this position. Now in our drop position, it does hang down quite a bit. But thinking about you lifted truck owners, this is going to be awesome because that's going to allow you to put your pintle hook down and still make it level with your trailer, assuming that you're not too lifted up. To determine where I'm going to mount my pintle hook, I actually measured from the ground to the bottom of the lunette ring on our trailer as its set level. And then I came up with 19 inches. So, measuring it out from the ground to the bottom where it's going to actually sit on the ball here, I found that I'm going to go up one slot. So once you've determined the height that you need, you grab your hardware, and then we're going to just slide these in there. And I'm going to back it real quick and tight with. I have my split washer here. I'm just going to kind of hand tighten these, just to kind of get them started so I can get all four on. So with your three quarter inch wrench and you're a three quarter inch socket, I'm going to go ahead and tighten this up. Now you want it snug, and rule of thumb, tighten it down until you have your split washer nice and flush. And that should be good. Go ahead and do that on all four. Now that we have it tightened up at the height that we need, we're ready to hook up to our trailer and get to towing..

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