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Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with R20 Slider Review

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Review of the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with R20 Slider

Rob: Hey, everybody. Rob here at And today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Q20 fifth wheel with R20 slider.Eight foot beds are becoming more and more uncommon on pickup trucks. Typically, a standard truck nowadays is coming with either a six and a half or six and three quarter foot bed, which is perfectly fine. We can still have plenty of use for that size bed. But when you go to tow a fifth wheel trailer with anything less than an eight foot bed, you realize real quickly that you lose a lot of clearance.

When you go to make a turn, the front nose of the fifth wheel can get very close to the cab, if not make contact with it, and obviously nobody wants that to happen.Well, that's where a slider is going to help out. The slider is going to allow your hitch to move back farther to a more maneuverable position so we can make that tight turn, get where we need you to go, and then once we straighten out the hitch, we'll slide back into the towing position.Now, in order to move that back and get the clearance we need, we can see here I already have the handle pulled out. There's a little red line as an indication letting you know that it's in the unlocked position, but that'll allow the hitch to slide 12 inches to the back, allowing us to get that extra clearance we need to make that turn. And then whenever we get out of the turn, we started driving straight again, the hitch can slide back into the towed position.Now the slider is going to use a round tube design instead of a square tube design, and that's just going to help out making sure that that sliders going to operate nice and smoothly and not bind up because the core is on a square tube design. It's going to give you less surface area to make contact with.

And potentially since it is square, if it starts to get off kilter just a little bit, it can catch the corner and start to bind up. We're going to alleviate a lot of those problems with the round tube design.Now as far as the hitch itself, our hitch is going to allow us to hook into our fifth wheel trailer and make sure we have a solid, secure connection so we can get down the road safely. And one thing I really like about it is the jaw design. It actually has a two piece jaw design, so it's going to wrap all the way around the kingpin for a really solid connection point, and it's going to be a lot more secure and quiet than the slide bar style that typically this has a bar that goes across and holds everything in place. This is going to wrap around it and really good, a good encasing around that kingpin, again, to reduce that shucking, bucking, and that annoying rattling sound that we can typically hear when we're towing a fifth wheel trailer.And what I really think is one of the biggest things that has set the Q20 apart from even other fifth wheel hitches is going to be the bearing and the way the head moves.

Most hitches are going to give you an articulately head so they'll tilt forward, backwards, and side to side. But our Curt Q20 here has a spiritual bearing in the head. So we actually get a full 360 degree rotation out of the head and then it's not just a side to side pivot, which is really nice when it comes down to hooking up or even unhooking, especially when we're on unlevel ground or we're not directly in line with our fifth wheel. Just makes it a lot easier and smoother to get hooked up, not to mention it's a lot more comfortable when you're driving down the road.Now, one thing Curt has done, I think it's a really good idea. Half the time when we hook up, get everything hooked up and you hop in your truck, you start going, but obviously we want to keep an eye on things back here.

Well, if you look here at the handle, we have an indicator of what setting our hitch is in. So right now you can see it's in the green mode, which means everything's locked in, the jaws are closed, and we're good to go. And if I remove the pin here, lift up on the latch, you can actually pull the handle out and you can see now is locked the jaws open and you can see that color has changed. That's going to let us know what position everything is in, and what's really nice is we can actually just look out the back window and see this from the cab of our truck.And then once you have the jaws open, whenever you do back up to your trailer, your kingpin goes into that funnel. Once you apply pressure and it starts going in there, the jaws are going to lock down by themselves. And obviously I'm using this because you never want to put your hands in there when the jaws are open. Then we just flip the safety latch over and reinsert the pin and clip. Now if you'd like, you can also replace this pin and clip with a padlock. That way, we don't have to worry about anybody tampering with the jaws on your fifth wheel.Now, obviously the weight capacities play an important role when you're looking for a fifth wheel. You want to make sure that it can handle pulling your trailer and it's up to the test that we put it to. Well, our Curt Q20 is going to have a 5,000 pound vertical load limit and a 20,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. Now with those numbers in mind, you should always double check your truck's owner's manual because those are the limits for the hitch, but you don't want to exceed the manufacturer's limits for your truck.Now, obviously making sure that your trailer and truck are nice and level when you're towing is pretty important. And that's why here in the side we have adjustments for the height of our hitch. We can adjust the hitch anywhere from 13 inches, all the way up to 17 inches in two inch increments by removing and relocating the bolts here.And another small thing that I really like about the hitch is that it does come with a loop plate. That way, when we can slide it up onto our kingpin, we don't have to worry about scratching the head here or any kind of interference from it sliding on, any rust marks, or anything like that. This is a nice thing they include with it and it's one less thing to pick up.Now, maintenance on your fifth wheel is one thing that a lot of people don't think about, especially if you're just looking to get one initially. But luckily the Curt Q20 has a really easy maintenance process to it. We actually have three grease fittings so we can easily get access to them and grease them up and make sure the operation would be nice and smooth. We'll have one right down in the center between the jaws, and then on each side of the head, we're going to have another grease fitting. That way, we can grease all of our joints and make sure everything's working. And they are labeled, so they're pretty easy to find. They've got a little yellow arrow telling you that the grease fitting's right there.But overall, I really like the Curt Q20 fifth wheel. It has a nice head design to it. And again, that pivoting head and the 360 degree movement really quiet things down and absorbs a lot of that shock and just makes it easier to hook up, and a slider definitely alleviates a lot of that concern about clearance issues with the cab of our truck, so I think this hitch would be a really good choice for any truck that has under an eight foot bed.With all that being said, I'm Rob here @ and that'll finish up your look at the Curt Q20 fifth wheel with R20 slider.

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