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Curt Roof Rack Crossbars Review

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Review of the Curt Roof Rack Crossbars

Adam: Hi everybody, Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the CURT roof rack system. So these are going to clamp to your factory raised rails and I do have a little bit of rubber on the inside of these clamps so you don't have to worry about your factory rails getting scratched or damaged when these are installed. It's really easy, you just plop it down and just twist this knob and then you can actually lock it as well. It will be able to fit roofs with a span of up to 50 inches and these bars are going to be about 43.75 Inches long. So if you're wondering if these bars are going to be able to fit onto your vehicle, all you got to do is just measure the span of your bars and in the instance of our Tahoe here we are at exactly 49 inches.

So we're underneath that 50 inch mark so these bars will be able to fit.So these bars are made of aluminum and they have a nice black powder coated finish and it goes pretty well with our black car here. And they are going to be able to hold up to 150 pounds of weight but be sure to check your owner's manual and make sure that your vehicle can handle that sort of weight on your roof.So we will be able to lock these on our wheel here and when it is locked, it's just going to spin freely and if we want to get them off our rails, stick the keys in, we get two, and basically that's going to put it back on the threads. It's going to be a little bit harder to turn, then it's going to allow you to tighten or loosen it. So that's going to just be a little theft deterrent and give you a little bit more peace of mind whenever you're going down the road.Another thing I noticed, if you notice, that these are perfectly symmetrical so these are an arrow bar style type bar and that's basically just going to direct that wind over a little bit more so whenever you don't have anything on top of here it's not going to make a lot of wind noise. And one thing I noticed, it is perfectly symmetrical so if you wanted your locks to be on the passenger side, maybe if you pull over on the side of the road, you want to be more safe when you're locking and unlocking them, you can do that as well.

You can put it in any orientation, you can even have a lock facing that way and a lock facing this way. Whatever fits your needs.So with this universal design of our crossbars here we're going to be able to fit a lot of variety of different accessories on top of our bars and it's going to do a couple different things. It's going to one, just clear out all that space inside your cabin here and it's also going to make a lot of space for your passengers if you're going on a trip. So these bars are going to be able to get a lot of stuff up there. We can put a cargo carrier or even some water sport pads, you can throw a kayak up there, maybe even a SUP, maybe even two.

It's going to be able to honestly get a lot of those different accessories up on top to clear room in your cabin and just to load up fun stuff so you can go out and camp or even just get on the water.So when comparing the CURT crossbars with, let's just say the Malone crossbars, they're kind of in the same wheelhouse. The Malone is going to have a little bit more aerodynamic look to it and it will be able to accept T-track accessories. Also, we are going to have to assemble, a lot of these are going to have caps that come off and then these feet can come off and we are going to have locks on both ends and that's one more than the CURT has but we will have to assemble a little bit. Honestly, the Malones are a little bit more difficult to use because you will have a tool on the inside of this locking core here to tighten it up. And that's going to be a little bit more difficult to knob in my opinion.

If you're looking for simplicity, I think CURT's the way to go.So the install for these CURT crossbars, it's super simple and it's tool-free so let's just go ahead and do that together. So all we really need to do, fresh out of the box it is preassembled so all we really need to do is just twist this knob left to open this up, then we can just throw it up onto our Tahoe.So all we really need to focus on is making sure that our crossbar spread is going to be more than 20 inches long. We already got that going so now we can secure them into place and all we really need to do is twist this knob, right tighty lefty loosey. Once it's nice and tight, give it a good wiggle, and if it's not moving anywhere you can go ahead and finish up on the other side.Well, everyone that's going to do it for our look at the CURT roof rack system.

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