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Curt Rebellion XD Shock-Absorbing Adjustable Ball Mount Review

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Review of the Curt Rebellion XD Shock-Absorbing Adjustable Ball Mount

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a really neat product from Curt. This is their Rebellion XD ball mount. Now this heavy duty ball mount is going to take a forged shank and adjustable ball mount here, and it adds a little trick right in the middle here. This is a urethane bushing, and this is going to help us out a lot when it comes to trailering, especially heavier trailers.Now the problem this is designed to solve is that uncomfortable ride we get with towing. It's generally pretty noisy, and anytime we hit bumps or stuff like that, there's a lot of chucking motion, which means energy's being transferred from the trailer into your truck and pulling back on your truck.

It can overall make for a pretty uncomfortable ride. By adding in the pivot point here, we're kind of separating the ball mount, and the back of the truck with that bushing, and that helps to absorb all of it.Now we've had this out on our test course. We really wanted to test it and be sure we we're giving you good information on it. And basically, whether we have it in the middle position, we had it in the highest position, we had it in the lowest position, we had the same effect each and every time. I think that speaks to this being really well built.

And them thinking about those different incremental heights. We also took the same truck and trailer out with a fixed ball mount, just to see how it performed. So we'd have something to go off of. Basically, that caused a little bit of flex in our hitch.So as we're traveling down the road without any kind of cushion, we're putting unnecessary stress on the welds on our hitch. It keeps flexing it, and flexing it, and flexing it.

With this one, we didn't have any of that. It's going to absorb that and keep all that excess pressure off of our hitch, so we know it's going to last just about forever. Now as far as the difference felt between the two, it was pretty significant. I'm not going to say by adding this, that you're not going to notice your trailer at all, but it really makes it much more smooth and much more easier to handle. You didn't feel the truck kind of pulsing forward and back, which is something that generally tends to be pretty uncomfortable for people.Now the ball mount itself is going to give us a 1,500 pound tongue weight rating and a 15,000 pound gross trailer weight rating.

So that's going to cover even up to some really heavy duty type loads. It's going to also work out for your camper trailers. It's going to work out really well for utility trailers, for residential use or light commercial use. So all in all, this is going to be a really good fit, but it does have that 15,000 pound capacity.Now if you want something that operates pretty similar to this but gives you additional capacity, you'll want to look at the Gen-Y Torsion Flex. Those are geared more towards really, really heavy duty kind of situations. Now on the other end of that spectrum, comparing it to something more geared towards light duty use. We can look at the Convert a-ball. The cushioned ball mount that they have. It's adjustable. We can move it up and down. It's going to be better suited for little 10, 12 foot utility trailers, 16, 18 foot John boats, something like this.While I do like this one better, I think it's made heavier duty, and it's a better product. That one is certainly more cost effective. Now Curt's also treated this with a tritium polymer metallic finish. It's going to have a light gray look, and we've been beaten it up a little bit around here just to see how strong and resilient it was. Like if we we're to drop this from six feet and drop it on the corner. Of course anything's going to have a little bit of damage, but just under normal use at bumping into the trailer a few times, where it goes into our hitch here, we really haven't seen any failures with that finished. So this should look good for a very long time.Another thing that's going to ensure that this lasts for an extremely long time, our pivot bolt, our pins, our clips are all going to be stainless steel. So again, rust, corrosion, stuff like that, it's not going to be an issue. Overall, I really think it's a nice design. It's very, very heavy duty, but it doesn't weigh a ton. It's heavier than a standard ball mount. It's something that's going to give us years of great service. This isn't something we're going to have to worry about at all, in my opinion.Something else that I really like about the setup is that they're using a urethane cushion. The urethane's going to be much better than rubber. Urethane doesn't tend to get brittle. It doesn't tend to dry out like what we see with the rubber. Also, it's much better at resisting road salts and things like that. Now the ball mount's going to give us six different adjustment positions. You can see here we've got it in its lowest setting. And from the top edge of your receiver tube opening here, to the top of the ball, it's going to be about 2-1/2 inches lower.Now that can be adjusted on inch and a quarter increments. And if we bring in all the way up, it'll sit about four inches higher than the top of our receiver tube opening. Now, unlike some of the other cushioned options that are available, this is not a ball mount that we can flip over and use the other direction. Basically, this does its work by the downward force here trying to close this gap. If we we're to flip it over and use it in the other direction, we'd be pulling apart on that.Now let's get to the real question. Is this something that I would own and what I haul with it Based on my experience using it, I would definitely go with this ball mount. I like the way it works. Generally, with a solid ball mount, things are uncomfortable, especially on enclosed trailers, bumper-pull campers, when we get those really heavy things on. I think this is going to be an excellent solution. Smoothing everything out is pretty ideal. Now we compared this to the Gen-Y already, but if you need a really heavy, heavy, heavy duty ball mount that exceeds the capacity of this, it's a great option.The reason I would pick this one in my situation, in kind of that medium to heavy duty use is because it's smaller. It's not as hard to get installed in the hitch, and we don't have a massive hitch hanging off the back of our vehicle. However, if that extra duty, and if that excessive need is what you have, the Gen-Y is a great option. We'll slide that in our hitch until the 5/8 diameter pin hole lines up.Once that's in line, we can just use a standard 5/8 pin and clip, we'll get that secured. Next, we'll mount our ball platform. Regardless of the size ball that you've mounted on, it's going to work the same way. We'll slide it onto our main body there. Take the provided stainless steel pins. We get our first one put in place, and then we're going to have to push down for our second one. We've got a nice cushion in there. You can see it right here on the back side. That further alleviates any of those rattling issues we're used to with the older style hitches. At that point everything's nice and secure. We'd be ready to attach to our trailer.