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Curt RockerBall Shock Absorbing Hitch Ball Mount with Sway Control Review

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Review of the Curt RockerBall Shock Absorbing Hitch Ball Mount with Sway Control

Hey guys, Kevin with etrailer. And today we're gonna be taking a look at Curt's RockerBall Shock Absorbing ball mount. Curt's RockerBall ball mount is going to be a great option for you if you experience a little bit of road shock as you're driving up and down. And you don't really wanna pay for something super pricey with all the extra gadgets on it to try and absorb all of that shock. The RockerBall itself is going to rotate forward and backwards. Like I said, it's going to eat up some of that road shock that you would experience if you had a normal fixed hitch.

One other thing I do recommend getting with it is the anti-rattle kit. What this hitch pin does is it actually sits up inside of your hitch where your regular hitch pin would. And it's gonna get rid of any of that play that you have there. The more you cut down on that play with the anti-rattle hitch pin and then also with your RockerBall, the less noise you're gonna make as you're pulling your trailer around. Our ball mount is gonna have a two inch drop.

Or if you flip it over, it's gonna have a three quarter inch rise. So you can get that level towing with your trailer. The ball that's gonna come with it has a 7,500 pound rating. It is a two and a five sixteenths inch ball. So you wanna make sure that you're getting the correct ball for your trailer.

Otherwise, it's not gonna fit. If we look at the bottom of our ball that comes with our hitch, it's going to have a greaser fitting on the bottom. So that you can lubricate the RockerBall inner core piece that's going to kind of bounce back and forth. That way, with it staying lubricated, it's going to easily want to glide back and forth and absorb all of that shock without sitting there and scraping. And then if we look further over, we have our tab.

Which we can insert another ball and then hook up a friction sway control kit. So to install our ball mount, all we have to do is simply slide it into our two inch hitch. We'll line up our hitch pin holes and slide in our hitch pin. And pop in our clip. Now there are anti-rattle hitch pins that you can also get. Curt sells them as well. Or you can get a locking hitch pin. Just so that you can make sure that your ball mount is nice and secure. Well, I think that about does it for today's look at Curt's RockerBall Shock Absorbing Ball Mount. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching..

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