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Curt RV Bumper Trailer Hitch Receiver Review

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Review of the Curt RV Bumper Trailer Hitch Receiver

What's up everybody Adam, here with the etrailer. Let's take a look at the Curt Bumper Hitch Receiver. So we're going to have two different kinds. This one's going to be able to fit a four by four inch welded steel bumper. And we're also going to have one, that's going to fit a four by two steel bumper as well. So whatever bump you have on your trailer, just measure it and I'll let you know which one you're going to have to go with.

This is going to give you a hitch receiver on the back of your camper, which is super clutch because you need a lot of stuff whenever you're going on these trips. And sometimes we don't really want to keep it on the inside so we can put a bike rack to carry bikes. We can put a cargo carrier. You can do a lot of different things with the hitch receiver and here at etrailer there's so many different things you can do. But with this one, we're going to have a little bit of limitations.

You're going to have a gross trailer weight of about 3,500 pounds max. And then the tongue weight is going to have a max of 350 pounds. So we don't want to really overload that. If you have a cargo carrier, that's on your vehicle already and has a 500 pound capacity. You just want to make sure that you're not going to go over the tongue weight.

So we don't really push this above its limits, but basically it's just a steel tube. And it wraps around your bumper. It's got a powder coat finish. It's not going to rust away over time. And it does have a nice snug fit.

So basically all you do is you have these bolts out, you slide it up in there and you put these bolts through and they have a nut on the other side and you just tighten it up. Super easy, super simple, and a lot easier than welding on a hitch. So this is something that you would kind of like, just make sure that your bumper fits and you're good to go. Notice our crossbar being here. This might get in the way. So what you want to do is measure from the back of your bumper up about an inch. And if you have that much space, you're going to be able to put this hardware through and down low it really doesn't do a whole lot when it comes to like adding a little bit of length to the inside edge, maybe about a half an inch at, at the very most from your bumper right here. So it's not really going to hit anything. It's really out of the way. And it's only going to sit down from your bumper about, about two and three quarters of an inch. So I really don't think it's going to run into any problems bottoming out or anything like that. And it's just a two inch hitch receiver. We do have a hole right here for our hitch pin, of course, and we are going to have some safety chain loops as well. So it has everything a hitch has, this one just bolts onto your bumper. Two bolts, two nuts, and you are ready to rip. There's a lot of accessories that go into a two inch hitch. You probably have already seen a lot of them on the road, but also on our website. And it's just super nice to just have that. Now there's a lot of accessories that bolts on to your bumper, but less than the amount that go into a two inch hitch. So if you're doing a bike rack, make sure that it is RV approved of course, or travel trailer approved. But with all the other stuff, you just need to triple check that as well. But with the two inch hitch on the back of your camper, you're going to have a lot more options than just the bolt on accessories that go onto your bumper. So if you really want to enable your camper or your travel trailer to do more, so you can bring more and have more fun on whatever campsite you guys are at. This is definitely a must, in my opinion. With all the other bumper hitch receivers we have on our website, this is the most popular one. I think it's just because it's super simple. You hardly have any hardware that you need to use and all you need is a tool to tighten it down. It literally took me not even two minutes to install. I think that's why some of these other ones have all this different stuff going on. This one's just nice and simple and it gets the job done, which I think that's why everybody loves it so much. So I definitely recommend grabbing this one, just make sure that's going to fit your bumper. And that's basically it, for our look at the Curt Bumper Two inch Hitch Reciever.

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