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Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook Review

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Review of the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the SecureLatch Pintle Hook from Curt. Now it's gonna go in a two inch hitch, and it's gonna allow you to back your truck up to a lunette ring and get it hooked up. It's got some pretty cool features that some of the other ones don't. It's really easy to hook up and get back on the road. Let's just go ahead and check it out.

So the SecureLatch has got some premium features that I really like with this pintle hood. I've worked with a couple of different ones and this one I always come back to just because of all the things it has, so let's go over a few of those right now. We've got this part here is gonna be the main bumper. Some of the other ones don't have this, but I really like this when you're backing up to the trailer, the lunette ring can hit this and you'll feel it, and you'll know it's in the right spot so then you can park it there, and then you can start to lower it with the pin pulled here on the back, this latch, what's gonna happen is the ring's gonna go down and over this, and this is either gonna go like that and just stay in place, or it can flip completely out like that. Either way, the lunette ring will be down here, so then you just put this back into place, replace this pin, and then this won't move.

So this is gonna be there to keep that ring from popping up, along with this hook down here, helping it stay nice and in place, and keep that chucking down. Now on the sides here, you'll see there's even got loops for the safety chains, so if you do have slack in there. Let me just go ahead and show you. This isn't pulled all the way up yet, but just to give you a visual, you can put the chains on there and that just picks up any of that chain that might be hanging down. Something else I'd like to point out is just how this hook is cupped.

That's gonna help hold that lunette ring in there better and prevent it from chucking back and forth. There's a lot of complaints with these kinds of hooks that there is a little bit of movement, but you got this that goes a little bit down and a little deeper, and it's a hook with this nub at the end here that's gonna help keep that ring down in there. Some of the other ones are just kind of a nub that don't even fully come all the way up like this hook does, so it'd be stopping here and just kind of rest there, and that's when it's gonna move around and chuck. This one's gonna keep it in place. Overall construction of it is gonna be cast iron, and that's mostly all this gray part with that gray finish on there.

It's nice and textured, so I think that's gonna help it hold up to corrosion and the elements if you are to just leave it in the back of your truck all the time. Now the hardware parts that are gold are gonna be a zinc-plated coating, so those are also gonna keep from them corroding. So that's all your moving parts here, your safety chain holders, and then your pin. The SecureLatch can tow up to 14,000 pounds, so just keep that in mind when you're thinking about what trailer you're gonna use this with, and what you're gonna haul on that trailer. Now, another thing is it does not come with a pin and clip. I recommend getting the etrailer Locking Hitch Pin. It's gonna have a barrel lock on one side and you can just keep turning it, and that's gonna protect people from picking in the lock or trying to mess with it. It's gonna make it way harder to do that. All right, so now we're just gonna go ahead, throw the truck in reverse, and back it up, and hook up that lunette ring. Now we're at the trailer, we're gonna lower the lunette ring onto our pintle hook, and you can kind of see how that latch works. And now with it lowered into place, I'm gonna flip this latch back over, put our pin back in. Just got to line up that hole, just like that, and now it's secured in place. Now with it all hooked up, I can go ahead and run the safety chains. Put those in place on the hitch and we'll get rid of some of that slack. Looks like we can get rid of it a little bit more actually. There we go. Overall, like I said before, I really like this pintle hook. It's got a lot of features, just little things that really made this easier than some of the other ones we've done today. Just, I know I said it before, but backing into this bumper, with that lunette ring was so helpful. Just so I could slowly back it up. I knew I had it about right. Hit that, knew it was in the right position. I can just throw the truck in park and then lower it down. And it was no time to get it set up and now we can get hauling. Well, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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