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Curt Adjustable Channel Ball Mounts Step Review

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Review of the Curt Adjustable Channel Ball Mounts Step

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at our CURT hitch step for CURT adjustable channel ball mounts here at etrailer. This works great if you already have a CURT adjustable ball mount, because then you just add this heavy duty step, and then you can get two features out of one ball mount. So both a hitch ball for towing and a step for extra height or extra traction to access your cargo area in your truck bed, or even your roof rack. This uses the pins that are already on your adjustable channel ball mounts to secure these steps.

So you got one, two pins to hold them in place. Now this does offer a slight non-skid surface though, but my opinion of that is it is a little bit low profile, meaning it's not going to be as impressive when it comes to a lot of mud and a lot of snow, but then you also have these openings on the inside of the step that are going to help with that. This has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, but just remember that weight capacity when you are factoring in how much you weigh, as well as whatever you're carrying, especially if you're trying to lift things onto your ladder rack or your roof rack, that's going to be a capacity you're going to have to keep in mind. This is made of a sturdy carbon steel, which means it's a little bit heavier than our other hitch step options, but it's also superior in extreme weather conditions. You have this durable powder coat over here, which is going to help maintain its rest resistance and help prevent corrosion.

The step itself is 16 inches long by five inches wide. So that's going to give you a good amount of space to step up and the height you have it set up will depend on your channel mount. So for this step itself, you do have a little bit of movement up there. Now, when you have it in the down position, as for the side to side, though, it's pretty secure with how well it fits into that channel. If you do get any movement side to side, though, that's going to be from the ball mounts positioning inside of your hitch receiver.

So I also recommend if you want to tighten that down where that ball mount is, you can check out our hitch stabilizing device options here at Notice how you have three different holes in order to mount to your hitch step. And that's because you can mount it in two positions. So you can have it where it is facing in the stowed position. So just line it up on how tall you want it to be and put that bolt or that pin into place.

So here in the stowed position, you can see how this holds up against your channel, adjustable channel ball mount. And this is going to be useful if you already have your ball mount here on the bottom. Now this does depend on where you have your ball mount placed. So if you need all that rise, you may need to adjust your step position. You also get that slight movement up and down. So you can possibly hear that as you are driving around, if you have it in the stowed position, again, left to right, it's not as much movement, but again, it does take about one to three of these spaces in your adjustable channel mount. So plan accordingly when it comes to placing your ball mount. But then you can also have it in the downwards position. So one, two pins and use your clips to secure them. And as long as both pins are secure, that's it for the install. So my final thoughts about this step is that it is going to work great if you already have an adjustable channel ball mount that fits it. Now, this is not going to be a universal design. It's not going to fit other adjustable channel ball mounts. If they don't fit these three inch dimensions or the two inch spaced apart pools. So that's going to be an issue if you have a different ball mount. But if you have this ball mount, it's going to work great as it adds that heavy duty weight capacity, as well as that heavy duty step to your repertoire..

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