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Curt Wheel Chock Set Review

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Review of the Curt Wheel Chock Set

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the CURT wheel chocks. So these are gonna be a kit of two, and the nice stackable lightweight wheel chocks. This is gonna be for your lighter trailers, some of your utility trailers and stuff like that, for some of your equipment. This definitely isn't gonna be for any industrial type use, for your fifth wheels, and your campers. I would definitely go with something a little bit bigger but since we have such a small camper here, we don't have a whole lot of space. So having two sets of wheel chocks that are going to stack up like this is gonna be super useful.

So it's not gonna take up a whole lot of room on the inside 'cause we have very limited space. But these are gonna be good for tires up to about 17 inches wide. So we have some big off-road tires here, but it's gonna be perfect for that. I like doing it on both sides just because it's gonna make it feel a little bit more like home. So it's gonna prevent that rocking and stuff like that.

It's made of a plastic housing and it is easy to grab it 'cause it has this little hole underneath there. Lets go ahead and grab it. That's texture on the top, so that's just gonna help it grip the chock. So I definitely recommend grabbing two sets of these, one for each side, especially if you're gonna be sleeping in a camper or a little travel trailer like we have here. It's just gonna make it feel a little bit more at home.

As far as dimensions go, we're gonna have about six inches in width, we're gonna have about eight inches long, and then it's gonna sit up about five inches. But we can stack these up, stack them up as much as you really want. So even when they're stacked up, it's only gonna raise it up about half an inch. So every single time you stack it, it's gonna be five inches plus a half an inch. So that's pretty cool and the nice thing about this is if you guys follow me to the back, we don't have a whole lot of storage like I was saying before, but these don't take up any room.

So it's gonna be super clutch. As you can see, we have a bunch of cool different things here. So I can put them there, but I'm gonna put them in the smallest little compartment which is down here and there's plenty of room. I can put these in with maybe some of the locks that we have, some of the tie-downs 'cause we do have a roof rack on this thing. But it really doesn't take up any room at all on the inside and these are kind of a necessity when it comes to trailers. When it comes to wheel chocks, anything's gonna be an upgrade from a rock or a piece of wood of some sort. And these are super light, these are literally like Tupperware that you keep in your kitchen. So I just liked how they're stackable, I like how they're light, and I like how they just get the job done. This is a lot better than just a straight edge of a four by four or something like that. So if you're looking for a chock and you don't wanna spend a whole lot but you also just wanna reap the benefits of it and not have to worry about storing these things, the CURT has got you covered..

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