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Custer Adjustable Emergency Light Review

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Review of the Custer Adjustable Emergency Light

Today, were going to be taking a look at the Custer Amber LED Adjustable Emergency Light with magnetic base. Its part number is HF18A-MB. This Amber LED light, which contains 18 LEDs behind the lens is going to allow you to safely and effectively alert every motorist to your emergency situations. Simply click the button one time for a flashing beam, and a second time for a solid. The Custer Emergency Light comes with a strong magnetic base. This base has a protective cover over the rear of it, thats going to help to protect any of your paint surfaces from scratches.

Its as easy as lining our two arrows up so they face the right same direction, rather. Well slide it in until we hear it click. The magnetic base is going to allow us to attach to any portion of our vehicle thats going to have a metal surface. There are two small black knobs located on each side. Well loosen those up, and as you can see, we have multiple different angles to choose from in setting our light. So if were working on a flat surface like this, we can rotate it up to where it's easily visible out.

At the same time, if we need to put it on the roof of our vehicle or if were just putting it on top of a toolbox or a trailer or something like that, we can turn it to where it's in its upward angle. Well simply just tighten down those two knobs to secure it in place. Now, the batteries are not included. It uses a standard set of four double A's. Now that weve got our batteries installed, its ready for use. The 6 by 4 inch light is going to run for up to 32 hours on a single set of batteries, so its got a really good life.

This is also available in red, part number HF18R-MB. Now that weve gone over most of the key features of the light, lets take it out and show you what it looks like in action. Hey, buddy. Thanks for stopping. Its starting to rain.

I was just about to get wet. Thats going to complete todays look at the Custer Amber LED Adjustable Emergency Light with magnetic base, part number HF18A-MB. .