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Custer E-Z Mount Tow Light Kit Review

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Review of the Custer E-Z Mount Tow Light Kit

Today we're going to review part number EZT20B; this is the E-Z Mount Tow Light Kit. We'll go ahead and quickly cover the components. You get two lights. This is your right side, left side light, twenty foot of wire that comes out to a 4-pole connector, and also an additional 4-pole connector in case you need to wire rescue a 00:23 towing vehicle. How these lights hook up. They have these flaps right here; they're designed to be trapped by the hatch on the vehicle being towed. Your hatch closes in on this and your light stays outside, and it's secured.

The twenty foot of wire gets ran across the top of the vehicle or alongside, whatever personal preference it is, to help secure it as you're going down the road. All right. Let's go ahead and try this out on a typical application. We're going to start off by opening up the back hatch. We're taking our cord.. We're going to run it through the top.

We'll go ahead and run our cord out through the top of the hatch then pull up our slack. Once we have it pulled through we'll go ahead and shut the hatch on it. The door 01:28 feels thick enough where the wire won't hurt anything when you shut the hatch on it. Don't want 01:33 to worry about that. Make sure to slacken our wire 'til our light comes down to the bumper. In a different vehicle this can be in different locations too; so this could be higher up, or maybe you may 01:46 even put these lights up on top up here.

These particular vehicle won't allow us to do it, but we can still do it down at the bottom. Once we put it in place on the bumper the edge of the lid will catch this part right here and hold it in place. Now it's definitely a good idea to get a next set 02:00 of hands to help hold the lights while you shut the hatch on it. Possibly, the cord in-between, you can keep it on the inside. Then we'll 02:18 just slowly close the hatch on our lights and our wires. Okay We all ready 02:30 have our 02:31 lights installed.

We can go ahead and continue on running our cord towards our RV. There's a variety of ways you can run this towards the front. If it had a roof rack you could probably attach this it to the roof rack somehow, loosely; or maybe with some zip ties. What I've also seen done is people just simply open up the door and allow part of it to go inside. Door's sealed. Will still protect the wires as you close it. Then it may be a good idea to run it underneath the hood as well. All right. Then this will get simply ran down to a typical location 03:25 in the front of your vehicle. Then your cord from your RV will come out to your 4-pole. Okay, let's go ahead and try it out. First, we'll go ahead and do our running light circuit. And see 03:40 both of them are working. Okay. Then we'll do our right turn signal. And we'll do our left turn signal. Now a break signal is typically the same thing as a turn signal, except it just stays on in a combined circuit. With that. That'll finish it for our demo of part number EZT20B from Custer, the E-Z Mount Tow Light Kit. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Tonja R.

I have a car that has no tail lights, no blinkers or brake lights .only keeping it for a few months so don't want to put lots of money into it. Tryed changing light bulbs can one of these set up work for me. Only temporary

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

This kit (and others like it) are designed specifically for when the vehicle is being towed. Since it sounds like you're wanting to use these for driving the vehicle around every day you'll need to reach out to your local traffic authorities to see if that's okay. My first reaction is that it's not okay.

Reply from Tonja R.

@JonG thanks I just wanted to know