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DeadBolt 10' Long Cable Lock Review

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Review of the DeadBolt 10' Long Cable Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Deadbolt 10'-long steel braided cable cable lock. Part number on it is CAB-10. This uses a 5/16" braided steel line. It's got a plastic coating that's going to help resist scratching or doing any damage to the items we're holding or securing it to. The lock uses a two-sided automotive-style key. It does have a dust cap where protect and cover there.

It uses the direct drive system. You'll notice there as you turn that key it actually unthreads inside the tumbler. This really helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and tampering. Threads right into the end there. If you turn that key all the way until it stops it makes it difficult to remove, so you want to leave it back about a turn or a half a turn just so that key will slide out easily for you. The cable passes through itself.

It's got a nice steel eyelet here on the end. That's going to allow us to use it in a loop so we have a 10' circle there, or also cinch it down around our single item and then run it through the rest of our items and lock them on the rear. The tumblr itself has a textured finish to it. That's going to help if our hands get wet or if it's raining out or if we've got some grease or oil on our hands. That's going to help us to get a grip on that and still be able to operate this without a problem. Now as far as securing things go it's a really easy process.

We've got a couple ladders here. We want to make sure nobody takes them. Just going to bring the cable around. We'll pass that through itself to where it cinches down on our rung. In our case we've just got a hole in our rack of hitches here but if you had an eye bolt that was on the wall or had something you could stick that through you can get it secured.

If you're doing them on a trailer or something like that of course you'll want to attach both ends here. Just to give you an idea of how nice and long this is, we can bring this all the way out to here. Whatever had a solid hole or a closed hole we could pass this through and secure anything between here and there. It's really versatile to really come in handy. Another use that comes to mind for me would be on your hitch bike rack's. You've got your four bikes or two bikes on your rack. You could pass this through the frames, bring it back, and run it around. We'll just turn our key to unthread it there. We can pull it right out. Very simple lock to use. Now that we've gone over the features and we've taken a look at how we're going to work our DeadBolt 10' steel cable lock, that will complete today's look at part number CAB-10. .