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Demco eZ-Latch A-Frame Trailer Coupler Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Demco eZ-Latch A-Frame Trailer Coupler

Hi, I'm Shane with Today we're going to be taking a look at Dimco's EZ latch A frame trailer coupler. This coupler steel construction, very thick, very heavy duty coupler. It's going to make a great replacement on an A frame trailer. Maybe you have one where the jack was mounted, maybe it bent a little bit or maybe yours you just worn out. Great replacement.

You see it extends out a little bit farther than probably your factory one that you had on. Nice black powder coat finish.It's really going to sit nice with any trailer really. Most of your trailers out there are either going to be red or black, so again, it's going to fit very nicely with it. The easy latch mechanism, I really like this idea. This makes it easy when connecting it by yourself when you compare it to some that have the latch zone that have the lock down in place.

When we get, we pull back to the trailer and we go to hookup and we drop our trailer on. What makes it easy is we don't have any latches. We just drop the trailer onto the ball and it automatically locks in the place and it's very easy to release it when we get to wherever we're going.One thing to keep in mind is once you unhook from your trailer or once you unhook from your ball, when you pull this lever up, the handle is going to have to be put back down for it to automatically latch. If it's up like this, it's not going to lock into place, so just keep that in mind. Once you unhook, go ahead and flip that lever down so next time you're ready to go.

Now the thing to keep in mind is this particular coupler is only going to work with two inch balls. With our EZ latch system, the plastic piece here, very thick plastic. You'll notice that we have plenty of room here. Even if we're wearing a pair of gloves, maybe it's winter outside, we have a pair of gloves on. It makes it very easy to grip on.

You can see we have plenty of room.You'll notice right here, this is going to be our locking pin hole. So once we get our ball mounted on there, we throw a pin in and that's going to help keep our ball in place. The diameter of the locking pin hole is going to be five sixteenths and you're going to need at least a two and a half inch pin to make sure you go all the way through the coupler. The distance between the mounting holes on the side of the coupler is going to be three inches center to center. We come up here to our jack plate. Our mounting holes for our jack are going to be three and a quarter inch. The full length of this coupler is going to be 17 and five eighths. The inside distance at the widest point from side to side is going to be 10 and three quarters.This coupler is going to have a 10,000 pound weight capacity, so not only is it going to work great for a trailer that we have here. Maybe you have a small enclosed trailer, maybe you have a a travel trailer that you pull and you're tired of having to fool with that latching mechanism. This is going to make it much easier to hook up to that trailer when you're ready to go. All in all, I think is a great coupler. I like how heavy duty it is. My professional opinion, I really like the easy latch when you compare these to some of the older style couplers that have the handle on them. I've used a lot of trailers that have those and sometimes they can be kind of a pain. As that coupler gets older, they get a little bit harder to pull down and I've wrecked my knuckles trying to get them to force them down because you get a little bit of rust in there.Also, you kind of an uneasy feeling, knowing whether your balls actually lashed in there or not. With this one, we don't have that issue. It's going to give you a peace of mind knowing that when you drop the trailer onto your ball and you hear that click, you know your trailer is latched. With all that being said, let's go ahead and walk through how to get it installed. To start your installation, you're going to need to remove your old coupler and your old jack. Depending on what kind of couple of your have, if it's a bolt on, obviously you're going to unbolt it. If it's a weld-on, which is what we had here, you're going to have to cut it off. You'll notice how we have it painted here. When we took our old one off to put our new one on, our frame didn't extend out far enough.You can see it was only going to hit one bolt, so what we had to do is we had to have an extra piece welded on each side, so we made sure we get these other two bolts on each side to make sure that our new coupler was mounted on here firmly. Once you get that welded on, clean it up, paint over it to prevent any rusting later on.Once you get these welded on, you take your coupler, you're going to slide it on, mark the holes that need to be drilled and then drill them out. What we're going to be using, hex bolt with a flat washer. We'll go from the inside out and then we'll put on another flat washer, a lock washer, and then a nut. We're going to do that each one of the six holes to hold our coupler in place. And it may be easier if you are going to be putting this jack back in place to mount it first on the bottom of this plate because it's a little bit hard to get down in here and then set this in place. If you're not, which we're not going to be putting this jack in, we're going to be putting on a different one. We're going to go ahead and get all of our hardware put in place now.Again, bolt, flat washer through like this, flash washer, lock washer. And then go ahead and get our five remaining put in and then we'll tighten them all down. I will suggest once you get all of your hardware installed and tightened down, if you're using grade five half inch bolts, I suggest maybe torque them to 70, 75 pounds just to make sure they got a good solid hold on your frame, your coupler to your frame. All that being said, that's going to do it for our look at and installation on Dimco's EZ latch A frame trailer coupler.

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