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Demco Hijacker Autoslide 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider Review

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Review of the Demco Hijacker Autoslide 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Demco hijacker autoslide. This is a fifth wheel trailer hitch with automatic slider. Part number is DM8550037.Now, the autoslide from Demco is really designed to take a lot of the headaches out of hauling our fifth wheel campers with a short bed truck like this. Essentially, the older styles of slider, every time you needed to maneuver, parking lots, tighter spaces, you had to get our of your truck, release the handle, slide the head back, and then make sure it was locked back in.In this case, that entire function is going to be completely automatic. When we start to maneuver at slow speeds, there's a rack and pinion system right inside the head. The pin box is going to be captured between these two plates, and as we turn it, it automatically rotates rearward.

That gives us an additional 14 inches of clearance on those tighter turns, which really can come in handy. It's basically about two inches longer than a lot of them that you see out there on the market, and quite a bit longer than some of the others that are out there on the market.Now, when we straighten back out, the rack and pinon pushes it's head right back up here in the towing position. So no longer are we going to have to get out of the vehicle and get it adjusted properly just so we can get through a gas station or parking lot.Now, during operation, during those maneuvers, as our head slides back, it's going to rotate all the way out to 90 degrees. That's really going to maximize the distance we have between our truck and camper. Now, to make the connection from our camper to our autoslide, we want to pull the pin and clip which is provided.

You can see it's also attached to help prevent us losing it.We're going to pull that handle open. You see that's going to open up our jaws. We've got a little release there. As our fifth wheel comes in, it's going to hit that, it's going to give us that full lock around, automatically locking behind it at that point. Just have to put our pin back in to keep everything secured.Now, as our head comes in, this is the release that it's going to hit.

Just going to do it manually os you can see it. You can see the other side of our jaw's going to come all the way around. You see that's 360 degrees of contact there. That's going to help to ensure that we don't have the looseness, either front to back or side to side. By spreading that energy out over a greater area, we're not going to have that deformation that we're used to when we had just a solid bar behind our king pin.Now, whether you're trying to connect your trailer to your truck or get them separated, the autoslide is going to pivot both side to side and front to back.

With older fifth wheel hitches that didn't have that option, sometimes if you're trying to make that connection on uneven ground, just wouldn't work out for you. So you had to reposition everything. In this case with it tilting side to side and front to back, regardless of the angle of our trailer, should be able to get a good solid connection each and every time.Now, located inside of the head to help us enjoy the experience with the autoslide much better, we have polyurethane bushings. Now, those are going to help to keep things quiet, and it's also going to reduce the amount of force we feel coming in through our truck from our trailer. But besides this, there's something I really like about this. If you've hauled with fifth wheels before, you felt it, but when you take off or when you slow down, there's almost like a chucking motion, almost like your truck goes, then the trailer. Truck goes, then the trailer.With these bushings in place, it's really going to help to reduce or even eliminate that. So as you're taking off or slowing down, it's going to feel much more controlled. Now, something I really like about this kit and the underbed fashion is that when we're done with our autoslide, we don't always want to keep it in the back of the truck. We want to free this room up so we can get additional items in.Once we release the handles on each side, we can remove our autoslide, and our bed is nice and flat and open. We're not going to have the rails that run all the way across that generally hang up on things and just get in the way. Now, also because we want this to adapt from different campers and different trailers, we have three adjustable height settings. We're able to go from the bed of our truck to the top of our head, either 15.5 inches, 16 and three quarter inches, by moving it up just a little bit, or all the way up to 18 and a quarter. So regardless of the height of your bed rails, you should have more than enough room for this to work with many camper and truck combos.Another thing I like about the autoslide, we've got it in the middle position right now. So this would come up a couple of inches. But you see even with the tonneau cover installed, we'd be able to easily fold this back and lock it to keep everything nice and safe and secure. Now, the autoslide's going to feature a nice, heavy duty black powder coat construction. You see it's got a little bit of a hammered finish to it. It gives it a unique look, and it's also something we won't have to worry about getting corrosion for a very long time to come.Here on the base, you can see they've added some diamond plate just to give it a nice, unique look, going along with that painted finish or that black powder coat finish. Now, as far as weight capacities on the autoslide go, we've got a maximum vertical load limiter. The most pin weight we can put down here is 5250 pounds. Overall it's going to give us a 21000 pound gross trailer weight rating. It's going to be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you have loaded up in it. Of course you don't want to exceed the capacity of your pickup, so check your owner's manual to see what that is. Use whichever of those numbers is the lowest.The cushion release handle that you see here is easily pulled in and out to get our fifth wheel in the position that we want. Once everything is secured, we've got our pin that's provided that we can slide through, get connected on the bottom. You'll also see we've got a nice, large hole here. That's where our pin generally lives, but if you'd like to lock it so you can secure your trailer to your truck, you can easily slide in a quarter inch shackle lock, get that secured. You won't have to worry about anything disappearing.Now, as far as ease of use, I think overall all the benefits we get out of the autoslide and not having to get out of the truck over and over again, any time we're trying to do maneuvering is really handy. Also our handle's pretty easy to access. I'm about 6 foot tall. This is a 2500HD, so has taller bed sides on it. I'm able to reach in, get to our release pin here, pull our handle out, get it engaged and ready to back up. So I think with that being the case, you'll find in a lot of instances, you'll be able to operate this from the outside of the vehicle rather than having to climb up in the bed.Just to make sure this is going to be a good fit for your application, the autoslide has been designed for use on six and a half foot truck beds, and it's going to fit standard pin boxes between 12 and 14 inches wide. You can use it on some of the aftermarket pin boxes as well. You might just have to pick up a set of locking plates.Once we have our fifth wheel hooked up to the autoslide, of course you're going to start with these all the way out. Then we want to bring these in evenly to where they meet both sides of that pin box, put a little pressure on them and run our jam nuts down. So once we've set this for one pin box, we'll never have to worry about adjusting it each and every time.Something else I like, and I think you will too, about the autoslide is the way it actually connects to the bed of the truck. As we said, it uses that underbed kit. So we've got the notches that go down and the plugs that go down and rotate. But releasing it from the bed is easy. So you've got our clip. We're going to take our pin, and we just need to rotate our locking handles. It's going to make it much easier that the pins that used to slide in underneath the fifth wheel and then trying to squeeze your hand in there and get the pin in place. Then once we have it back in, we'll just rotate those into the locked position, drop our pin back through, and resecure it withy our clip.Another completed look at the Demco hijacker. Part number DM8550037.

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Steve M.
I am looking at the Demco auto slider hitch and I have a 2020 Ford F-350 that has hitch prep done on it. Will your hitch’s work with this truck
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Since your F-350 is equipped with the factory puck system, you will need the Demco Hijacker Autoslide # DM8550038 . This is the same exact hitch as what's shown above but specifically designed to mount to the factory pucks in the bed of your F-350.

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