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Demco 5th Wheel Lifting Bracket Review

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Review of the Demco 5th Wheel Lifting Bracket

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at the Demco 5th Wheel Lifting Bracket. Part Number DM6100. Many of our customers here at etrailer have come to us and have expressed that they've had experienced difficulty in the past when it comes time to remove the 5th wheel assembly from the bed of their truck when they want to have full access to it when they're not towing their trailer. Many have also said that it takes two to three people sometimes to remove a 5th wheel assembly, especially when they have a slider, such as this one, because the slider assembly adds a lot of weight. When you want to make it a one man operation, that's where this Demco Lifting Bracket comes into place.As you will notice it looks like a kingpin. That serves a purpose of sliding into the jaws of our 5th wheel giving us a solid attachment point.

To utilize it we'll simply open our jaws of our 5th wheel. With the jaws open we can insert our lifting device. Making sure we watch our fingers. Enclose the jaws around it. With our lifting adapter now in place we now have an eyelet here to attach a cable or chain to a engine hoist, a standard hoist on a ceiling, a crane, a wench, something of that nature.

Any lifting device that you have where you can attach a cable to properly. We can use that to lift this out of the bed of our truck.Now this lifting device is made of a sturdy steel construction and has a lifting capacity of 500 lbs., which is minimally sufficient to handle most every 5th wheel regardless if you had a slider or not. For a few dimensions for you, you're looking at 5-3/4" tall, from the very base of it to the very top of it. Diameter here is 2", just like your standard kingpin. The base is 3" wide.

The eyelet opening has a diameter of 1-1/8". That completes our look at the Demco 5th Wheel Lifting Bracket. Part Number DM6100.

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I installed a 18k Demco autoslider and have not used it. I bought the demo lift bracket. The jaws will not close around the bracket. The unit stays in the open position.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Is the lifting bracket not fully seated into the jaws? You might need to pull the jaws out a little more to get the bracket fully seated, which will then allow you to close the jaws.

Kenneth S.

I bought a Demco autoslide 5th wheel hitch recently which I have just gotten assembled and installed in my truck. All has worked very well. Very much appreciate everyone at Etrailer! My question: Does anybody have a tip on installing the lifting bracket # DM6100 into the jaws of the hitch. It takes me longer to install and take out the bracket than the 5th wheel hitch! I've watched the video on your site and am a little concerned when placing my fingers anywhere close to the jaws! I've practiced installing and removing the hitch several times but the lifting bracket really gives me fits! Just wondering if I'm missing something! Thanks for your help!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

If you notice in the video the installer actually uses one hand to hold open the jaws of the Hijacker Autoslide while he inserts the Lifting Bracket # DM6100 . Once the bracket is in the jaws he releases the handle so that the jaws wrap around the bracket.

Ronald M.

Will this lift bar work with a Reese 5th wheel hitch

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The Demco 5th Wheel Lifting Bracket # DM6100 imitates a 5th wheel king pin so it is compatible with any 5th wheel hitch that connects via king pin.

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