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Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System SBS Second Vehicle Kit Review

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Review of the Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System SBS Second Vehicle Kit

Hi there flat towers, today we're going to be taking a look at Demco's second vehicle kit for their Air Force One Supplemental Braking System. This kit is going to be ideal if you have another vehicle that you want to flat tow with. We've got our SUV here. It's all set up to flat tow. So it's great for when we are with the family going camping and things, we can fit plenty of people inside. But when I want to go fishing with my buddies and stuff, we want to take a weekend.

We want to bring the truck along so we can bring more gear and some fun items with us. So getting a second vehicle kit, we could easily have this thing set up to be able to attach right back to our motor home and take this with us instead of that one.And it's also a great option if your old vehicle that you we're flat-towing with, something may have happened to it, or you traded it in and you got yourself a new vehicle now, and you don't want to spend the whole money for an entire braking system set up because your motor home already has its side installed. You can get just a second vehicle kit to get your new vehicle ready to flat tow. In this kit you're going to receive all the components necessary for the vehicle side of the braking system to operate properly. This includes our operating unit, as well as the actuating cylinder located on the brake pedal, the breakaway switch and airline connections at the front of the vehicle, as well as all the wiring, hosing, and plumbing you'll need to get everything installed and get all those opponents hooked up.

Once you've got everything installed on your vehicle side, it's going to act just like it did on the other vehicle that you have set up or your previous vehicle, because all of these components are identical to the ones that come in the full kit.You just only get the stuff you need for your vehicle with this kit. You'll also receive a monitor light to install in the backside of your mirror, so you'll be able to see that your system is working properly just like your old vehicle. And all the components you have installed in your motor home can stay right there because all of these are going to be compatible with the second vehicle kit. I know they have redesigned the air tank here on the Air Force One systems, but it doesn't matter if you've got the old style or the new style. It'll work just fine and be proportional with your new vehicle kit just like it was with the old one.

And while you don't have to take any of the components off your motor home and everything works, one of the things I do want to mention is the coily cable that connects your vehicle to your motor home. This one does not come with the second vehicle kit, so you will need to reuse your old one. So make sure you keep a track of this guy. You do get a new fitting for the vehicle side here, where you would attach it, but you do not get the actual hose. We just got done putting the second vehicle kit on our Equinox here, and I'm going to go ahead and pull the breakaway switch pin so we can see that it's working properly.And I can see from where I pulled the pin on the backside of the mirror, our LED indicator has illuminated, which tells me that the pedal is applied.

And I'm sure you all can see the pedal applying. I'm going to go ahead and put the pin back in now and you'll see it release. And the same is true when I step on the brakes here in the RV, the harder I press the brake, the harder the brake pedal is going to apply in the vehicle in the back, because this is a proportional system. Now, if you just installed your second vehicle kit on your vehicle and you went and pulled the breakaway pin and you didn't really see anything happen, don't worry. That's pretty normal. Sometimes the units do come pre-charged with a small bit of air in it, which would allow it to apply the pedal and then turn that LED indicator on.But a lot of times it doesn't have that in there. So when you pull the pin, nothing happens. Well nothing happened because the system wasn't charged with air. So you'll want to hook the vehicle up to your motor home, come inside and press the brakes a couple of times. And that's going to send air from the air tank on your motor home to the operating unit back there. You should see it all working properly when you're doing that. But then you can also test by pulling your breakaway switch pin, and now that it's charged up with air it should all work properly. And that completes our look at Demco's second vehicle kit for their Air Force One Supplemental Braking System.

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