Demco Trailer Stake Pocket Spare Tire Carrier Review

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Review of the Demco Trailer Stake Pocket Spare Tire Carrier

AJ: What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out the Demco spare tire carrier that fits in the stake pocket and also has a four inch offset. You can see our trailer today has plenty of state pockets on both sides and the front. So we thought, instead of putting it on the A-frame and kind of being in the way here, we don't really have the angle iron on the side to attach the etrailer spare tire carrier, so why not use what we already have And that's plenty of these stake pockets. This is the black powder coat finish version. We also have a silver version over there, and it's so easy to install we're just going to jump into it.I got everything laid out to show you how you start and what you start with.

You see we're using the silver one over here, it's the exact same as the black powder coat finish one. It operates the same, holds your tires the same, it's just what you want it to look like when it's on your trailer. If you like the silver one then go and pick that one up. If you think the black one blends in with your trailer better, go for it. Every trailer is different.With the center bolt loosened, you can see how these bolts that line up with the lug nuts pattern in your tire, how they move back and forth.

They'll accommodate six and a half inches to two and a half inches. Now our tire's neither one of those today, it's probably around there. But a good way to get it set is while it's laying on the trailer like this, or on the ground. Just grab your tire from the outside, line up the lug nut holes in the middle, now it's lined up for your tire. I'm going to go ahead and get the ratchet and give it a couple of tightens so that way it holds it in place in that groove.

Just enough to keep it from moving because you can see the ratchet kind of hits the tire a little bit, just to get it a little more sturdy. And then finish tightening once we remove the tire.I want to recommend, just because it's brand new, there might be some powder coat or paint on the inside. Go ahead and run the bolts down with your hand and the ratchet to make sure . It's way easier to do that when you're installing it. We use some penetrating oil too, just to get it started so the bolts go in nice and easy.With the holes cleaned out this will lineup like that.

I'm going to install the first bolt just so it holds the plate and the back to the carrier. inaudible 00:02:37 enough to where you can still separate it a little bit to put it in that pocket. You see how I got a little space there Now we'll slide down on the pocket. This way you don't have to hold this place while you're trying to tighten things down.Coming out of the bottom, install the next bolt. Get it started by hand and then go to our ratchet. The other handy thing about the spare tire carrier is it uses one tool. All the bolts are the same size. Some of the other ones I've worked on, it's not like that. You need three ratchets to get it installed.With it hand tightened down, you can see it took up all that space. And I just tried to do it as evenly as I could, but I'll show you, I can shake the whole trailer. You don't hear this thing rattling or see it moving at all so I know that the tire's going to stay on there and it's going to stay on the trailer when we're going down the road.Let's throw the tire on. Let's go ahead and line up like we did before. And add our lug nuts. Now, the lug nuts aren't included so we have to look and get the appropriate ones for your tire. We're using a steel inside of the tire today so we made sure we got lug nuts that would work with that. Come back with a ratchet, the same ratchet.It's time for the other shake test. As you can see, the whole trailer is moving and there's some noise coming from the jack and the gate back there, but none of them are coming from the spare tire carrier, that means it's not going to go anywhere. Let's go back up front and take a closer look at it. Some things you should consider is your stake pockets. Where are they at Where do you want to put the spare tire Now we do have another trailer outside that has stake pockets, but it's got just a little bit of an overhang that kept this plate from sliding in. Make sure your trailer has got a nice open stake pocket so this can slide in there, not to mention the offset itself.The offset is made just for more ground clearance on your spare tire. If you don't need the offset, you don't have to use it on this one. It's got another hole in here, you can readjust it the side back down that way there's no four inch offset. Let's say you get a new trailer, you don't need that, there you go. You aren't stuck with the four-inch offset.When looking at your stake pocket, also make sure it has a depth of three inches or less. The brackets need to go around the stake pocket. And one volt needs to go here and here. If it's any longer than that, it's going to get in the way of the holes and you're not going to be able to use this in your stake pocket.Overall, I think this is a great way to get your spare tire out of the trailer and mounted to the side. Especially if your trailer has stake pockets that you're not using, why not use that empty space I'm confident that the plate that slides in behind the stake pocket, and the one that goes on here with the two bolts, holds the spare tire carrier in place just fine. I've shaken it twice, let's do it again. There's no movement here. There's no rattling. I'm confident the spare tire's always going to be there when I need it.Now, if you go with the black or the silver here, they both have a 500 hour salt spray rating. If you live by the ocean or when it's winter and they spray salt down on the roads, it's not going to affect the paint at all, it'll be just fine. That does it for our look at the Demco spare tire carrier that goes in the stake pockets. Hope this helped.

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