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Denver Mattress Comfort Choice RV Mattress Review

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Review of the Denver Mattress Comfort Choice RV Mattress

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Denver Comfort Choice mattresses for RV and campers. These are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your sleeping accommodations. Check them out on The RV Comfort Choice mattresses are designed to accommodate the unique mattress dimensions for many RVs while offering superior edge to edge support and all the comfort of a regular ultra-plush mattress. The 1.8-pound high density foam and the plush-style quilt makes this mattress comfortable and durable. The luxury stretch-knit cover is both soft and breathable. The all-foam construction reduces transfer of motion between sleeping partners. When you get your mattress, it's going to come rolled and compressed in a box roughly this size.

First thing we need to do is go ahead and pull it out of the box and we'll drag it inside. We'll show you how it works. It's not too heavy. You can manage it yourself, but it might not be a bad idea to get an extra set of hands. Now, we'll go ahead and take it back to our sleeping area and we'll lay it in place.

It's been compressed in the plastic for shipping. We've got it placed at the foot of the bed here. What we want to do now is go ahead and start undoing the plastic and then it will take shape. Let's work our way down. Now let's go ahead and unroll it, and as you can see it's starting to expand. Go ahead and take the remaining plastic out from underneath.

Note that it could take up to 24 hours before the mattress returns to its natural state. Whether you're in your master suite or the bunk space of your RV, the comfort choice mattress ensures proper sleeping support for a better night's rest. With our bed all made up, that's going to do it for the Denver Comfort Choice mattress. .