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Denver Mattress Supreme Hybrid Euro Top RV Mattress Review

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Review of the Denver Mattress Supreme Hybrid Euro Top RV Mattress

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the Denver Mattress Supreme RV Hybrid Mattress with a euro top and cooling feature. So you're probably asking, what's it like to lay on and let's give it a test drive. First feel, it is nice and plush at top, but it's rather firm. And for someone that has back problems like myself that's not a bad thing. I prefer a firmer mattress.

I feel like it gives me a little bit better support and I'm not as achy the next day. And really it does feel pretty good. I would actually be curious to see what this would be like in my home, because this is gonna be your second home. So having that good mattress makes for a better night's sleep and overall just a better experience. So there is serene foam in here and that's gonna help support those pocketed coils and the good thing about those versus like your typical spring mattress is they do last quite a bit longer.

So you're gonna have comfort for a longer lifespan but also it's just gonna be more supportive. It's gonna give you better posture while you sleep and for you warm sleepers, and I know sometimes camping if your AC's not super efficient, sleeping when it's really hot can be kind of miserable. This actually has a cooling type topper here. So it gives it a cool feeling. Even as I put my hand on here it has like a nice, slight chill to it.

Not cold, but enough to kind of give you a refresh feel while laying in bed. Another great thing about this mattress is it is antimicrobial. So any dust or fungi or mold or anything like that that can build up over time won't be able to live in your mattress. So the thing that you're laying in and breathing while you sleep, isn't going to affect how your health is because this is gonna keep those nasty bugs out. Now, as far as dimensions go to make sure that you pick the right size mattress, this is gonna be 75 by 60.

So it is a Queen RV. So they're a little bit different than beds and one of those things that is different is gonna be this radiused edge here. The reason being as you probably know is to get through this area, that way I can use the restroom. Just cutting this down, opens this walkway up a little bit and allows you to sneak past the bed and not get trapped here. Here, we have our original mattress. It's pretty solid and our neighbor wants to upgrade to something a little bit different. Now your RV mattresses tend to be a little bit different than your home mattresses and they actually have a slightly different fit. So this is a Queen RV. So you actually have this radiused edge here. And if I lift this up, you can actually see that's also the way that this board has been designed to hold up our mattress. So lemme get this outta the way. We're gonna put our new one in place. And here's our new mattress. Now, if you haven't ordered a mattress in the past however many years, this seems to be the new way to order a mattress online and get it shipped to your door in this configuration. And while it doesn't seem very plush it actually does expand. In fact, this is wrapped extremely tight. So let's go ahead. We'll get this unwrapped. I wanna make sure not to use a knife to open this obviously. You can see it's already starting to expand here. So let's get this laid out flat. And we can peel this wrapper off. Now you've unrolled it, you've seen that it's started to get a little bit more size. And if you're worried about this kind of flat area here, not to worry. You want to give this a 24-hour period to actually expand and kind of de-gas a little bit and create its full form. So if you're planning on using this the same night that you put it into your RV, it might not be as comfortable as you'd want it to be but don't worry as it will kind of fill up over time. And that was a look at the Denver Mattress Supreme RV and Camper Hybrid Mattress. Thanks for watching..

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