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Denver Luxe Hybrid RV Mattress Review

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Review of the Denver Luxe Hybrid RV Mattress

AJ: What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the Luxe Hybrid mattress from Denver Mattresses. It's going to be a great replacement for those RV mattresses that we all know aren't very good. Sure, you can go in your camper wherever you want. You're camping, you're not used to sleeping on a regular mattress.

It's better than a tent, but you don't have to sleep that way. You can actually get one of these, which is much more like the residential mattress that you have in your house. That way, you're not sacrificing comfort on your trip. Let's check it out.Let's get right to it. Let's see how it feels.

We can just hop up on there. This is clearly the most firm that they offer. I think that's because it's got the foam and the springs working together in there, and they're not just like normal metal springs. They're actually springs surrounded by foam individually. So when I'm moving around on there, you can't hear the springs and you can't feel them.

So that's actually a big compliment.This is going to be the thickest mattress that Denver offers. It's going to be 12 inches thick, but there's a lot going on in here. You got one layer of foam, the springs, another layer of foam, and the serene foam that's on top, which it kind of feels like that memory foam. And it's cool to touch. That way it's not going to heat up that much in the summer.So I'm going to hit on this side of the mattress and see if that phone moves anywhere.

The phone's moving very little, I think on a spring mattress, it definitely would be bouncing around way more so you can see it does absorb the hit. So if you we're moving around over here and someone was sleeping over here, it would be just fine. You would barely disturb them.Now these do come in a bunch of different sizes. So I really recommend that you measure the one you're replacing or the space you have to get the proper one. I would hate for anybody to go through all the unpacking, bring it in here, get it done, let the air get to it and then find out it's either too big for the room or too small. Another thing to keep in mind is their sizes. There's two different versions of the queen. There's the short queen and the regular queen. And all that means is the regular queen is the residential queen. So it's the same thing you got in your house. The short queen is more of a modified version for RVs. That's that way it fits in those spaces. They're usually about five inches shorter than a normal queen.A lot of people have questions on how you even get it into your camper. The good thing is the mattresses come wrapped up in plastic, so that keeps them nice and tight. And they're vacuum sealed, which takes all the air out of there so the mattress is actually way smaller than it is. That's why you got to let it set out and air out. Check out how we did that.Usually I recommend opening it up and unboxing it out here, but it's kind of raining, I don't want to get on the mattress or ruin the box. So I'm going to have Zach help me just carry it in with the box, and we'll get it out of the box inside the RV. Let's set it down right here. I'm going to start to peel back the plastic. Do not use a knife to start cutting it, to try and get the plastic off quicker. This layer just keeps it all tightly coiled. And then this layer is actually the vacuum sealed. So it's going to get air and then expand. You don't want to do that right now, it'll be bad. So we'll just slowly unwrap it, and do it in stages.Now that we got the mattress all set up, they recommend you let it sit for 24 hours to let it fully get the air in there and expand like it's supposed to. Why don't you check out this meeting I had with the writers.Welcome everybody to The Huddle. Today we're going to be checking out the Denver line of mattresses. We have four of them laid out here. We got the Rest Easy, this one would be the thinnest of all of them. And you can feel it when you sit down on it, you can kind of feel the ground or the bunk. We put it in an RV. You feel it. But when you laid out on it, I feel like it has a bunch more support. It gets more credit than I thought I originally gave it. When I laid back down on it, I definitely get that support on your back and you don't feel the ground or anything. So I think it still works, when you lay down.You got the one step up from it. This is going to be the Rest Easy with the Euro Top, what that is, it's like a pillowtop mattress put on top of it. So you've got the foam core here, just like the other Rest Easy. There's no springs involved and you've got an extra layer of padding. So you definitely feel a difference between this one and the other the Rest Easy. This one is way more comfortable than that standard one. I kind of prefer this one because it's like right there, in the middle of all of them. The one next to it would be the Supreme. This one's has a thicker layer of foam here and that same Euro Top on it. So it's got that extra layer here that makes this one very firm. You definitely feel way more support on this one than the other two. I like this one as well.And then finally would be The Luxe edition. This one is a combination of springs and foam, but it's not just metal springs in there, they are actually surrounded by the foam. So even as you push down on it or lay on it, you're not going to hear the springs, you're not going to feel the springs like you kind of do in the eDream 00:05:26 mattresses. So it's kind of like good, better, best. And then what, the last two are kind of the best options. Comparing it to eDream, So probably the good option. The first two options would maybe be for someone who occasionally camps or for a guest bed rather than the other two, or maybe like full-timers. How you describe them AJ: Yeah, that's what I kind of said in the video. Like, like you said, if you only camp a couple times during the summer, probably not going to want to invest in a residential style mattress. You probably don't care that much, but if you're going like south to the winter or whatever, you're probably going to want to invest in a mattress that feels like you're at home. The thing I was most curious about what the comfort levels was Like how firm or soft they were I know for eDream, we created that chart to show you where all the mattresses and you know, some of those mattress we're dual sided, so where the different sides fall on that scale. I don't know if you or Aiden had the chance to look at those in the past. I didn't know how they compared in comfort and firmness to those AJ: So we have a guest star with us, Jeff's here too. And he was helping us figure that part out. We actually had.I don't know we had different because these are different than the other ones. So we couldn't really compare them same because the softness necessarily wasn't the best. It was hard to do at scale. The scale that we made before didn't really apply to these. We're going to have to do some kind of new scale on this one, because these aren't dual-sided either. So that also applies what you get is what you get, there's not another side to things. Jeff: Where we're in the process of revising that original scale too, just because it was firm and soft, but there's also a level of support or quality that you can feel with these. For example, the Euro Top and the regular base metal eDream are about the same price. This one though supports your weight and better than the free springs in the eDream, so it's better to comfort. We wanted to be able to say the quality is where the difference is in those two mattresses. And then when you go up, obviously the Deluxe and Supreme eDreams are really, really, really nice. So I haven't really compared them to this Luxe yet, but it's super objective, which is hard, but we're going to try and estimate a new scale to look at, to convey the softness and firmness but also the quality. Okay. Yeah. Within just these ones we have right here, would you be able to quickly rate them from soft to firm On video right now Jeff: I mean, I guess you could say that one over there is the softest because you go right through the foam and you can feel a floor pretty quickly, but it still has a decent level of support when you're spreading your weight out across it. So that's when we run into is like, these are all foam. So they're all objectively soft compared to the firmer eDreams. AJ: You're not going to feel the springs like you do crosstalk 00:09:05 . Jeff: You sink into these foams, so they're soft. So I would say that these are all rank on the softer side of the scale, but they support you really well, which is different because on that base model eDream, there's no support there with the spring. So it's really tough to narrow it down as far as what we want to convey about them. AJ: In terms of comfort for me, it's exactly how these are laid out. They get better as you go up through all of them. Speaker 4: Do we know any in terms of like how long this foam is going to last So I would imagine the springs are actually last longer than just a slab of foam, but I didn't know if we had done any research on that or if we have any idea how long it'll be before it just doesn't want to pop back up or starts to degrade I haven't done any research on those yet. I know, I think most of these mattresses have a 10 year warranty. I could be wrong about that, but that's definitely something I can look into. This project at the top of the list for me, so it's definitely something I can look into. You know, when we get started on. Speaker 5: Speaking on these brands specifically I don't really know, but when I was just messing around googling foam and springs and that kind of stuff, I saw a lot of people more concerned about springs wearing out, than foam flattening or not popping back up or something like that. People seemed really concerned about springs. Speaker 4: I wonder if that's in models that don't have a lot of foam in it too. If it's just like a box spring. AJ: I'm sure it depends how much you use them too. If you only use it a couple times a summer, it's going to last really long. Somebody else said earlier, if you throw some boxes in there when you pack up your RV. I don't know if that's going to cause any issues either because some heavy stuff on there when you're not using it, it's definitely using it. Speaker 4: Yeah. I believe that these, I think the coils that are in the Deluxe and a spring mattress, I think they're what's called the pocket coils. And those tend to typically lasts longer than most other types of inner spring mattresses. So I don't think it will last probably won't last as long as the all foam, but it will still probably last a little bit longer than your traditional inner spring mattress. Just based on research I've done for the eDream way back when, when we first had these on. That's the research that I found. Speaker 4: So those of you who are there and have laid down on them, even if you don't have an RV, like how do they feel compared to your mattress at home Or would any of these, would you be willing to actually sleep on any of these Jeff: The one that AJ's on right now is probably the nicest one of this line. That's the other thing it's hard to compare the foam ones because just in my history of living on earth, I don't know that I've ever slept on a purely foam mattress before, but this one right here is really, really close to a residential mattress. And I will venture to say that I could sleep on that one easily. The other ones, what I don't like. So for me personally, I toss a little bit when I sleep so sinking into the foam ones, isn't super comfortable for me because it feels like it's restricting my movement, but that's on a personal level for how I sleep. And that's another thing that's hard about judging the firmness of these, but yeah, definitely the Luxe is the closest to residential out of these four. AJ: The Luxe would be too much. I mean, these are all way better I've learned today, than the mattress I have. I think its time for me to get a new mattress because mine really sucks compared to all of these. I would take that one instead of the mattress I have right now, but. Speaker 4: We'll make you a deal. Don't worry. AJ: Please. There's no snacks. Speaker 4: The mattress at home you have sucks, apparently, have you ever been on a futon too I have a friend who had a futon for 20 years and it's just a basic pillow. So I would think even then really thin foam is going to be better than that too. Right AJ: That beats my couch at home too, I've slept on that. I would go with one of these because I like a little more support. I need to be a little more firm for my back, from going to the gym, I got a bad lower back, so this feels like it supports it the whole time. So all night I'd like to see what exactly that does. It's going to help me or make it worse It feels pretty awesome to lay down right now. Speaker 5: So when you we're going down the line and explaining what each one of these were, you said something about the eDream. Did you say you liked these better than the eDream, is that what you said AJ: Yes, from the experience I had, except for the top of the line eDream. But I like that I didn't feel, the eDreams I laid on before this I could feel the springs and I didn't like that. You can hear the springs, if I can hear them already I can guess they're going to get even more noisy as I go. Jeff: crosstalk 00:14:40 You can't hear it, but I mean, so the base model eDreams, I would say are kind of like a cheap motel mattress and you can definitely feel the spring matrix inside of them, but the Deluxe, the Supreme, usually these are really hard to beat at all. I mean these things are tanks as mattresses, they're so comfortable. Yeah. I laid down on those when they did the demo videos for the eDream and the Deluxe and especially the Supreme. Yeah. It's yeah, I could definitely sleep on that for sure. Speaker 4: I really liked those and I thought they we're really, really comfortable, if these are comparable to those then that's nice. Jeff: I think for support wise. So I would probably put the thinnest one at the end for me personally, I'd put the eDream next, but then the Euro Top and this thicker one, I would place over the eDream, then probably the Luxe and then you go into our Deluxe and Supreme. I think that would be the order as far as support and comfortable to sleep on. But then quantifying which one is actually softer than the other one or which one is firmer, we're going to have to do the drop test to really get a number as to which one is springier and things like that. Speaker 4: The one that we we're just looking at, I guess it was one of the eDreams. It said something about cool, like cool top or cool touch. Jeff: Yes. Speaker 4: So yeah, it says Cool Air. So is that like a different kind of material that maybe ventilates a little bit better It has memory foam. Speaker 4: It's just memory foam I think memory foam, let me double check that. Speaker 4: I know sometimes foam depending on what kind can really hold, like it can make it hot. I mean it can really hold it in your body temperature. So I was just wondering if that was a different kind. Jeff: Well, I mean yes, so this material on top is really loose. As far as, come in close here, you can see the threads. So it's really ventilated. The top of Luxe is much tighter stitch, so I can see that not breathing as well. AJ: They say this is a cool top. Jeff: Do they really AJ: They say that in the description, this is meant to have a cool top. Jeff: The stitching is similar, but I don't know. There's something about the eDream that's, I think it's probably just the pattern on it that makes it feel more plush. Yeah. So the Deluxe eDream that has, just a regular polyurethane foam, where the Supreme is the one that has the memory foam. Speaker 5: I don't know. I don't know if it's the.because there are two different things with some of the eDream ones. There was the cover over, they said was supposed to be more breathable, which would help keep it a little bit cooler. And then some of the eDream mattresses, the higher end ones they had a specific gel memory foam that was the whole purpose of it, because they know that foam can be a little bit warm and it's supposed to help keep you cool. I don't know if the Cool Air, if that's referring to that gel memory foam or if that's referring to the knit cover that they say is breathable and cool. Jeff: The gel in here, you can actually feel a gel. I don't know if there's anything like that on here. No, there's not. Speaker 4: There's like the van mattress topper that I have is like two layers and the layer that's on top is foam, but then there's a layer underneath. That's kind of that like gel. So it's supposed to keep it a little bit more breathable, I guess. I mean, they do crazy different things with all mattresses. I just know, just pure foam can get a little toasty.Do you have to measure or is there a way to just know, yes, I have a short bed in my RV. AJ: I just recommended one, measuring what they already got and see what you got there or measuring that space where that mattress would go. Because usually the space is pretty much lined out in the two that we did. We did on Linda's RV, Jane's uncle's RV. The spot, it's pretty much a cutout where you put that mattress. So you can just measure there, you can see what's going to fit because anything more, that's not going to fit. The bed stands on both of them, it's pretty much like just that hole's cut out. Speaker 4: Are you going to have any trouble with, depending on the height also I'm thinking more of bunk beds AJ: I think that would be more of the bunk beds. Yeah. The bunk bed's mattresses are usually as thin or maybe even thinner than the last one. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't think, I don't think they're bunk mattress. I don't think heights really going to be an issue. I think we have. AJ: This one would work with a bunk though, wouldn't it crosstalk 00:19:45 I think the bunk mattresses are narrower than that. I think we also have a three, four, a three quarter mattress size mattress too. And I think a full, I think full. So those are going to be even smaller. crosstalk 00:20:13 AJ: Yeah. I don't want to test the bunk bed ones, I'm good. crosstalk 00:20:22 I was curious, because I know we're adding also the fold-up beds. I don't know if you've had your hands on those samples yet If we're doing a video on those AJ: I do not know yet. Jeff: We don't have the proper vehicle for it I think. I'd be really curious to see, to have another huddle down the line about those. Because we didn't have those on the site before, with inaudible 00:20:53 so I'd be interested. AJ: Pull up bed, that's like a Murphy bed or whatever You just, it comes out of the wall and you just push it back up. Is that what we're talking about I think so and I think, how have to look back at my emails, but the rep from Denver mattress mentioned specifically, they made these specifically for certain RV bed. I think it was Thor 00:21:18 something, specific kind that's found in Thor motor homes, but it can also work and others. I'll have to look back at that. But I would imagine most slide out or foldable beds, it would work as long as the dimensions we're correct. AJ: I will say that I was surprised doing this project, I didn't do the eTrailer mattress before I got my hands on during this. But I was worried that I was going to have enough talk about with each of the mattresses as I went down the line. Because I was like, "Oh, how different would that really be" But I was really impressed. Each one of them is very different. So I thought that was pretty cool as a learning experience kind of thing being like, "Oh no, there's a big difference."Hopefully that conversation helped you, gave you a better idea of the different mattresses that are available for you and your rig, which one's going to be best for your space or which is best for your comfort. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped.