Derale Series 9000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit Review

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Review of the Derale Series 9000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit

Today we're gonna be taking a look at Derale's Series 9000 Plate Thin Transmission Coolers. These come in varying sizes labeled as class one, class five. These are also available individually with just a cooler or as kits that come with mounting hardware and the hoses and adapters you need to get it installed.Now all these coolers will fit on just about every vehicle. The big factors you wanna look into is how much hauling you're planning on doing and heat dysplasian 00:00:27 you need, and how much space inside you have available on your vehicle to get it mounted up. You can mount it just about anywhere you'd like, but it's best to choose a location where it's gonna get adequate airflow. So we've placed ours here just in front of the condenser so we know that airflow is gonna go through here 'cause it has to to get to our condenser and radiator.These coolers are really popular with people who do a lot of towing.

Adding additional cooler to your transmission will help lower the operating temperatures, and this is particularly important when you are hauling heavy loads and your transmission is under a lot of stress. Putting one of these in can help lower those temperatures and extend the life of your transmission, not only when you're not towing, but especially when you are towing by keeping them at normal operating temperatures. What this means to you is it's gonna extend the life of your transmission by reducing the risk of heat related failures.It's a radiator style cooler meaning that it is air cooled. The air will flow through the various fins in here, cooling the pipes that the fluid is running through inside, just like the radiator on your vehicle. The cooler also features turbulator 00:01:28 technology, where it keeps the fluid continually agitated so you don't experience any drops in pressure and it's constantly dissipating heat.While they do come individually, more than likely you're gonna be purchasing the kit as the individual units are more for replacement of an existing unit.

The kit comes with all of your fittings and hoses you need to get it installed in the vehicle. Now depending on your vehicle, you may need special adapters to get it installed and there are many of those available here at to assist in getting this installation unit installed on your particular vehicle.Now it's possible that you may not need an additional adapter, one does come included with your kit to thread into the radiator. Or if you have rubber inline hoses like we do here, we we're able to just use that adapter to go between the new hose that comes in the kit and our factory hose that was going to the radiator originally. Then we just secured it down with the included hose clamps.Now if you're wondering which adapters you may need for your vehicle, you can find those with the instructions that come included with your cooler. Now you're probably on the website going hey, I don't have my cooler yet, well that's okay.

We've got the instructions on the product page here on our website. You can click those below and pull those up so you can be prepared and get everything you need to get it installed.The cooler is simple to install. You just hook it inline between the return line from your radiator to your transmission and the transmission itself. That'll allow you to get the cooling benefits from your factory radiator and then from there, cool it additionally to our supplemental cooler here. Once your cooler's hooked up inline between your radiator and your transmission, you can mount it up and it comes with included snap pins that'll hold it in place and these simply just poke through the condenser and radiator and also through our cooler.

They come out on the other side and there is a locking tab that is placed on 'em that keeps it pinched in place. There are some rubber pads also that you can put between your cooler and your condenser to keep those separated and allow air to flow between them.Now with our fascia back in place, you can see that this is what it's gonna look like when it's installed. On our MDX here, we've got plenty of room in here so you really don't even need to take the fascia off to get it installed, you can get to all of your hoses, you can get to where we mounted it over here. You can easily slide that cooler in and out of the large open spot here. Depending on your vehicle, you may or may not need to remove the fascia to get it installed, just depends on how much room you have to work with.That completes our look at Derale's Series 9000 Plate Thin Transmission Coolers.

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