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Diamond 1141/1156 LED Bulb Review

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Review of the Diamond 1141/1156 LED Bulb

ADAMS: What's going on, everybody out of here with each trailer today, we're going to be taking a look at a cool white LED bolt. So these are going to fit bolt sizes, 93, 1003, 1141 and 1156. They come in a pack of two. They are going to have a single Bay in that fitting here to give it the power. And then it is going to have 360 degrees of LEDs to light up whatever space you guys have. It comes in a pack of two or a pack of six.

So depending on what you really need, I have three bowls I need to replace inside of this fixture here. So a pack of six is probably going to be the best bet, just because there's a lot of other bulbs that are old and drawing way more power than the LED bulb. So might as well go ahead and grab at least one of these and replace all of them while you're doing it.As you can see here, we have a nice distinct line to show you the difference between the warm white and the cool white. So the way I think about it is the warm white is going to be more easier on the eyes, more homey, stuff like that. And then the cool white is going to be like that office.

Feel a little bit more bluey if you think of it like that. And as you can look at the ceiling here, we have white ceilings. It's more white looking with the cool white. And if you go on the warm white, it's a little bit, not as white. So depending on what kind of color scheme you have in your RV.

As of right now, we have a lot of tan, a lot of Brown, a lot of reds and Maroons and our cabinets are a lighter Brown.So I would definitely go with the warm white for this RV. But if you have one that has a lot of greys, you have gray cabinets, white cabinets, black cabinets, flooring, something like that. I definitely think that the cool white is going to go better with that color scheme. So as far as dimensions good, let's go ahead and do the overall length was going to be about an inch and seven eights. We are going to have three quarters of an inch with up here, and we're going to have a length of this section here of three quarters of an inch as well.

And then we are going to have a width right here of about nine sixteenths of an inch. So now we're going to go ahead and compare our LED bulb here to our traditional bolt. So we are going to have a very different amount of amperage being pulled per bulb right here.It's only going to be 0.2 amps with each LED bulb, which is seven times less than our standard bulb. So that is definitely an improvement. And it's going to make a big difference, especially if we replace all of our standard bulbs with these nice LEDs. And these are only really going to pull about 2.4 watts and these are all rated for 50,000 hours, which I just highly doubt that this little guy is going to last 50,000 hours. I've seen LEDs last for a long time and 50,000 hours is quite a long time. So whenever you plan on replacing everything, I definitely suggest getting these just because you'll have to replace them less. And that's a plus when it comes to light bulbs, even in my house, I always go with LEDs, but when it comes to our RV power, power's always something we kind of have to think about.Sometimes when we're at a random RV park, they either don't have the connection we need it's being used and, or doesn't work. So sometimes powered is extremely limited. So every single component in your RV that draws power, let's make sure it's as efficient as possible. And the LED bulbs are definitely going to be a lot better than these guys. This is only really going to have one little piece in there. That's going to light up. This one has 18. So if one goes out, you have 17 more to pick up the Slack and this one goes out, we're replacing the bolt. And if it does pop, we're going to get shards of glass everywhere. So if you step on that and you're a couple States away from home, you're going to have to go to the ER and that is going to ruin your trip and shorten your trip.So I'd highly recommend against it. Also when I'm taking these out, initially they're super, super hot. That is not something I liked just because he could possibly make a fire. If this thing's in the wrong place at the wrong time, that is no bueno. And I like to just kind of eliminate that problem altogether. The LED here is definitely going to take that out of the equation. And I like that. And the last thing, a little bit of history for you, this thing was literally made in 1879. It's extremely old technology. So why put it in your new RV, whether your RV is just a couple of years old It's definitely not over a hundred years old. So might as well just go ahead, take those old bulbs out and grab some LED bulbs. And that's pretty much it for a look at the cool white LED bulbs. And I'm Adam with E- Trailer..

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