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Diamond RV LED Porch and Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Diamond RV LED Porch and Utility Light

Zack: Hey guys, Zack here from, and today we're going to be taking a look at this RV porch light, but you can easily install this on utility trailers like this. I think this is going to be a really nice way to light up the area out here. You know, with this one, this one gets used to haul all kinds of different stuff, ATVs, landscaping stuff, and this is just going to give us an area to see at night and light up the entrance to the trailer, but especially on RVs and kind of light up the front steps or that porch area where you're hanging out. Now, this led light is going to be a really nice upgrade compared to an incandescent light. Incandescent lights are great. They do a good job of lighting stuff up but putting them in a trailer, with the vibrations on the filament and those bulbs, they tend to break often.So the LEDs are going to last a lot longer.

I personally like the way they look. They look a little bit more modern, a little cleaner. I think they're quite a bit brighter too. So, the other thing with them is they don't draw as much power on your trailer. So we have this hooked up to a switch on the inside of our trailer that's hooked up to a 12-volt battery.

So, with not having constant power going to that battery, it's important that we don't want a big draw on this. So, overall, this is going to be a really nice light. If you're looking for something more like an amber light, we also have that available with an amber lens on the front, and that won't be as bright.It'll have the same lumens, but that amber lens is going to kind of knock it down a little bit, but that's going to help if you're looking to maybe keep bugs not as attracted to it.But this is going to be made of a really nice ABS plastic. I think it's going to hold up. The lens cover is replaceable.

If you do break that off or chip it by any means. But the dimensions on this are going to be six inches by three and a half, and it has a depth of two inches max. So it's not going to take up a lot of space, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to mounting this. On a utility trailer like this, it may look like a side marker light, but this actually has a nice downward angle and the way that lens kind of angles down and the reflectors on there, it's going to do a good job of putting that light down on the ground.It's not going to be a harsh spotlight. It's going to spread it out pretty evenly.

And then it also has 18 diodes on the inside. Now, you may be able to see it. The diodes are running up and down. I feel like they could have got a few more in there that way, but the way that they have the boards in there, I think it fits best, but it's still going to do a good job of spreading that light out on the ground and not going straight out. Now, since we do have this one hooked up to a light switch on the inside, it's tied into all the lights that run to that switch. That's how we wanted this one set up. But if you're looking for something that's just more on its own, you don't want the rest of your lights on.We do have this exact light that comes with a light switch. So that's available in a couple of different variations. So if you're looking for something that's a little bit more of just the single light, we also have that available. As you can see here with our lights off in the shop, this does a really good job of lighting up this whole area. I've got a little bit of light leaking in from the windows here in the shop, and some of it's coming out of the trailer, but this is going to allow us to use this trailer at night so we can get in and out easily. Maybe hang out outside the trailer. We'll close that up. You can see it still has good coverage here. Overall, I think this is a really good addition to not just RVs and campers, but also utility and close trailers like this.It's pretty easy to install. So let's just walk you through how we got this one put in place. To begin our installation, I went ahead and removed an old light that we had in place, and I disconnected from my battery. I'm going to go ahead and get these cleaned up a little bit. These come pre-stripped for you. And I went ahead and stripped these back as well, so I'm going to get a connector on there. Now, these butt connectors are not included. It comes with some wire nuts that's more for like home application. You can put them on there. They'll connect your wires.But I think that going down the road with your trailer, the risk of those coming undone is pretty high. So I would just put some regular butt connectors on there. If you really want to be super cautious, with it you can put heat shrink, but since this will be living on the inside, I think it's a little unnecessary. But I'm going to go ahead and put these on here. Get those ready for our light. Get those crimped down. Check those out, make sure they're on there. Got our ground. Now, it's always a good idea to check and make sure which wires are which when we're putting these on. We went ahead and already tested ours and confirmed that the black is our power wire and white is ground. So then we can match those up with the wires on the back of our light. And then we can feed those wires back into our trailer.We can see if those existing holes line up with one another. Sometimes they do. Make sure that our wires are sitting in this little recess section right here, so we don't get those pinched up. That allows us to have that hole right in the center of this if you have an existing one in place. And it looks like my holes might be a.actually they're pretty close. Those was actually a lineup. These are not quite universal, but it looks like we had the same brand of light on here at some point. So, those are small enough holes. I'm going to use the screws to get that held in place. And I'm only putting this in with two.You can put four on there if you'd like, but I think it's going to do a good job holding on. Now, I'm not using any power tools to get this screwed in place. I'm just using a Phillips screwdriver because I don't want to strip out the side of our trailer there. That aluminum is pretty soft and if you get in there and get it too wide, I don't think you'll get a good fit, so this is a good way to do that. Get that put in place. Try and get it tight. Now that I have my battery hooked back up, we can test this out; flip my light switch and you can see it's working, but that's going to do it for our look at our LED RV porch light and utility light for enclosed trailers..

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