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Diamond RV Solar Powered LED Porch Light Review

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Review of the Diamond RV Solar Powered LED Porch Light

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Now we get questions all the time about exterior lighting. A lot of our customers enjoy RVing, they enjoy camping, just kind of being in the outdoors. They're looking for a good lighting solution that doesn't involve a bunch of wiring and batteries and things like that.What we're going to take a look at today is from Diamond Lighting. This is going to be a solar-powered dust-to-dawn type of light. It's going to have three different setting, so you can pick how you want it to work for you and what's best going to suit your application.

Overall, it's going to have 84 diodes on the front. That delivers about 400 lumen worth of light. That's going to be very, very bright. That's something I really like about this set up. That's there's also a back-lit feature.

There's two LEDs on the back. It's going to give us a very nice soft light, so it can gently light a path for us. And as we get close and it senses the movement, it'll brighten up.Now this uses a solar panel on top, so there's no wires to run. The battery is stored inside. It's a 2,000 milliamp battery.

That's far superior to a lot of the other lights that we see in this segment. You see the motion detection here.All right. We're going to go through the different levels or the different settings that you have for the light. The first one's going to be setting A, and that basically is a dust-to-dawn light. Whenever it gets dim outside, the light's going to come on in it's dim mode.

It will stay that way all night. So that's basically what it's going to do the entire night for you.Now when we go into mode B, it's going to hold itself in this configuration, dim light, and when it senses motion, it's going to ramp up to bright light for 30 seconds. So we'll go mode B. You can see that's a much brighter, mush fuller light that's going to light are area a lot better. Then after 30 seconds of it not detecting motion, it's going to go back to that dim light that we just saw. You can see both of those modes have that nice accent light on the back of it. It kind of stands out. We're not going the wait the full 30 seconds for it to go back, but now we'll go into mode C.Now with mode C, the light's going to stay off all the time. And when it detects motion, it's going to come on in full brightness. And then after 20 seconds, it's going to go off. So you can really choose how you want the light to operate, whether you want it to be on constantly during the evening in a dim light situation to where it's lighting everything for you; whether you want it to be dim lighting that will boost up to bright; or in this setting C, it will be dark until it senses motion and it comes on. That would be more like security and critter control.That dust-to-dawn mode, it's going to help to prevent battery rundown during the day. A lot of inferior type lights like this will come on at any time. Any time they sense motion, they're going to come on. Well, that drains your battery when you don't need it. With this one, as long as the lighting is over a certain amount. I think it's around 30 lumen, it's not going to operate at all. Once it's needed, that's when we'll start using that battery. It's going to be a huge benefit so when those extended periods when you want that light to work for you, you'll have plenty of storage space in that 2,000 amp power battery, but it's not wasting it during the day for you.Another very common complaint that people have about lights of this type is that moisture gets in them, dirt gets in them, and they just quit working. They don't last very long. They've went through the process with this one of getting it IP65 certified against dust and water. So this is going to be a weather-proof light. If we want to mount this outside for an extended period of time, we're not going to have issues with it like what we see with some of the lower priced lights like this. They'll deliver years and years of good service, where with this one you're not going to have any problems.With these lights being very handy to place, you can see there's just . you can put two screws in. It has like a keyhole and two more screws in the bottom. Or you could use the double sided stuff that you'd pull down to remove just for temporary mounting. It gives us a lot of options there. We can put them just about anywhere. We can put them on our campsite, so that if we're out at the campfire, we need to make our way back to the camper. They're going to come on. They've got about a 20-foot range, 19 1/2 foot range, so as we start getting close, it's going to light that area up. It's going to make it a lot safer. We're not going to have to worry about tripping over stuff, tripping over chairs. We'll be able to find the cooler. We'll be able to get up there and get what we want or get in and out of the camper.Also, using these in sheds is really good. Using them around your house or around your camper to act as a motion detection light in case some critters come up. Out camping at least here in Missouri, a lot of times if you don't have everything properly secured, raccoons or something will get into your coolers and will have stuff thrown all over your campsite. With this, as they get close, that light's going to come on. Hopefully it's going to scare them off. Then we lit sheds like we talked about, trying to get in there and fins a particular tool. As soon as you open the door, if this would come on, it'd be a huge benefit. You're not going to be running wires out there trying to install switches, trying to install lights. Just going to be a light there that's easy to get to.I've got a buddy that uses one of these on the backside of his garage, there's a door, but there's no good light there unless you get inside the house and turn it on. So as he comes around that back of his garage, it comes on as soon as he rounds the corner, makes it easier for him to find his keys, get into that garage so he can get inside.Now we've been messing with this light for quite a while now and it has a lot of good features to it. We've covered all of those. The thing that stands out to me, we've got it mounted about seven and a half foot off the ground and our range is further than what they state. Generally that's not what happens. Generally the stated range, you actually get a little bit less but this has been picking up motion out to about 25 and 26 feet, so that gives us good range and illuminates that same area very nicely. If we we're to move it up higher, it can be mounted as high as 13 feet, that range might come in a little bit, but all in all I think it's a really good product and it's going to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people in those dimly lit areas around the campsite or the house. They're really nice looking. Overall it's going to be a nice looking addition, not just adding some ugly lights somewhere to have some effect.

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