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Diamond Solar Powered LED RV Porch Light Review

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Review of the Diamond Solar Powered LED RV Porch Light

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a solar powered motion detection light. Now these lights are going to be a great addition in a lot of different areas, whether it's out at the camp site, maybe out in your garage, walkways to and from. Basically it has a lithium ion battery, solar panel on the top portion that charges that, and then when the light outside gets under 30 lumens, it's going to become active.Now there's a couple settings we can use there depending on what your needs are. We'll go through those in just a minute, but all in all, it's going to be an excellent solution to get lighting where you need it. We've got ours attached using one of the click hooks that easily come off, but there are also mounting options for it as far as just putting a couple of screws if you want to do it more permanently.Now let's take a look at the different modes.

Our light is currently in the off position. Just to the right of our sensor we've got a button here. If we hit that one time, that goes into mode A, so you see the single flash from the back light. Now we've got our front light on. We're going to stand still for just a second.

You can see it's now gone into the dim mode. It goes into the dim mode after about 10 seconds. That's going to keep both the front and rear light on dim.Now in mode B, if we hit their button again, our back light's going to flash twice. In this mode, it's going to leave our back light on after 10 seconds, but our front light here will turn off. That's going to give you more of an ambient lighting situation, just to give you an idea of where that light is.

Makes it very easy to trigger.Now if we hit our button one more time, that's going to go into the off mode, so it's just going to shut our light off. So we'll hit it again, get it in mode A. We've got our sensor located right up here. This gives us a 19 and a half foot range, and you don't really want to mount your light any higher than 13 feet to give you an optimal lighting situation. This delivers 200 lumen.

That's going to be about average for a regular type of flashlight. We'll back up here in just a second, our studio's pretty dark at this point, just to give you a general idea of how much light it's going to produce for you.So here you can see our light in its bright mode. It's come on at full brightness when it activates. It does a good job of lighting up the area. We've got a little bit of ambient light in here already, so you can't see the full effect, but I can see this on walkways and garages and things like that being able to just walk in, it automatically come on having a big benefit. This is going to light up a pretty good area.Another nice thing about the light, it's IP65 rated, so dust and moisture resistance is going to be pretty high on it. You can keep this thing outside as long as it's not submerged. I think that IP65 rating means it's going to last, and you won't have any issues with it.You can see the lights going to use 12 LEDs there to give us the light we need. Gives us a nice clean white light. More of a bright white than it is a soft light; keep that in mind. But those LEDs are going to last much, much longer than standard bulbs, and they use a lot less power. It has a 1200 milliamp hour battery, so that should run these LEDs for an extended period of time, especially if it's getting good sunlight during the day; they should run all night without any issue whatsoever.Now the light's produced using LEDs. Those are going to be much more reliable and much more dependable than a regular filament style bulb. We won't have to worry about changing these at all. The expected lifespan on these LEDs is about 35,000 hours.Now this light's going to be perfect for your smaller areas. Maybe 15 by 15, 20 by 20, just getting some light there you can see. I could see this being especially handy on campers and things like that where you're just trying to light up that area around or in garages trying to light up a workbench to quickly grab something and take it inside.All in all, it feels really nice. The structure of it doesn't really bend, doesn't really flex. If I had a need for one of these lights, I'd definitely buy one of these. I don't see any reason not to. Everything seems to be built really well. That IP65 rating, we'll know it'll stand up to a little bit of rain.And here you can see our solar array up top. That's what's going to absorb those UV rays, charge our battery up for us. Now, just keep those nice and clean; you won't have any issues at all. As far as the space needed to mount the light, from top to bottom it's going to be six inches, side to side is four, and it's going to stick up off your mounting surface by four inches as well.Here's a good look at the light. Here on the back, you'll see the two LEDs that provide that back light for us, and you can also see the attachment points. You can see we've got a key slot here. We can use our provided hardware, which is going to include two screws and two anchors. That should help out with most surfaces. So we'll slide that one in, slide it down, that's going to lock that bottom in, then we just put our screw through that oblong hole at the top, or again, use some of the quick release type double-sided foam to get it attached, and then if you wanted to take it down, you could just pull that strip.