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Diversi-Tech Disc-Style Padlock Review

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Review of the Diversi-Tech Disc-Style Padlock

Today were here at our enclosed trailer. We're going to be taking a look at the DiversiTech Puck-Style Lock, part number Dt40124. Now, this is a stainless steel lock and it does use a tube style key. Now, the lock can only have the key removed when the lock is fully closed. With the lock open, you're not able to remove the key. When you close the lock, then you can pull the key out.

This helps eliminate the question in the back of your mind when you leave your precious cargo, "Did I get the lock fully closed" Let's go ahead and show you what it looks like here installed on our trailer. Go ahead and put the lock through, close it down. You'll notice that there's a small gap here in the lock. By design this really limits the amount of space. If someone could get in there with a cutting device to remove the lock when you don't want them to. Now, let's go ahead and go over some other features of our DiversiTech Puck-Style Lock.

It has a two and three quarter inch diameter with a three eighths diameter shackle. Now, the shackle is hardened. The inner parts of the lock and shackle are constructed of a chrome plated hardened steel and the lock mechanism itself is made of brass. That will do it for our quick look at the DiversiTech Puck-Style Lock, part number DT40124. .