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Draw-Tite Cargo Carrier Light Kit Review

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Review of the Draw-Tite Cargo Carrier Light Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Draw Tite cargo carrier light kit. These are designed to mount onto the rear of cargo carriers when your load's going to come up and block your vehicles taillights. It's a very nice kit. We're going to have the two lights we need. These are mounted through the holes that are already located on our Draw Tite carriers, but these can also be used if we wanted to add these to a different style of carrier. All we're going to have to do is just drill two holes for each side and we can install this onto any cargo carrier that we like. The kit comes with our two lights.

We've got our wiring harness that's designed to hook into the four flat style connector. We've got six zip ties, four nuts, and our license plate re-positioning bracket. Now a couple of things that we're going to use today, we're going to use a little bit of black electrical tape. Weve got one longer zip tie that we're going to be using and we're also going to use some wire loom. We have it available in a 10 foot length.

The part number on that is 7509-10. Now that we've gone over what's going to come in the kit, let me show you how to install it onto your carrier. All right, now we've got our four pole connector. We need to bring it in and connect it into the four pole on our truck. Now the fine people at Toyota we're nice enough to stick this way up underneath here, but we've checked it out and we've got plenty of length in out actual wires to where that's not going to be an issue. Once we've got that connected in I'll show you the next step. It's going to be just to bring the wires up to a fixed point on our carrier.

Now I'm going to use the tow chain loop here to run it through and then that longer zip tie that we had we're going to use to hold it right up against the cargo carrier shank. Now before I do that I want to wrap just a little piece of electrical tape around there, certainly not a necessity, but I always like having a little piece of tape there if I'm going to put a connector around it or a zip tie around it. We got our tape in. We'll bring our zip tie around. Now this is the longer zip tie. This is the one that doesn't come in the package.

This is just one that we've added on. It's really going to hold those wires up there, keep them nice and clean up against the shank. Then just trim off the access on that zip tie. Now the order of the wires, we should have a yellow, a brown, and I'm going to do the ground wire, which is the white. We should have that over here on the left side. Then the brown and green will come over here to the right side. The end of your ground cable is going to have a ring terminal on it already. That's going to mount flush up against the front, or rear, of our carrier, wherever you decide to place it in, that's going to be up to you, but I just wanted to let you know that you do have that option of where you place it. The light, the square portion, should be facing outward and each light has an arrow indicating which direction should be loaded up. Here it says stop, in turn y-e-l. That's going to be for our yellow and it's going to slide right into the hole that that arrow's pointing to and then t-a-i-l, or tail, and brown, that's going to be for where our taillight wire goes in, very simple easy process. Here's where that wire loom comes in. Now this isn't required, but it can really help clean up the way the wiring looks on here and it'll also help protect your wires just in case something we're to come into contact with it. Once we get out wires mainly in there, as you can see up here, I've looped it over the chain loop. I'm going to bring it right along the bottom of the carrier, right over to here. Then the wire loom we're just going to trim off the access. Trim off the access there. As you can see that white ring terminal is going to go behind the light. We want this to be mounted on the stud and a little tip would be to first run the nut down on there and tighten it down, that serrated portion on the rear is going to take off just a little bit of the carriers paint to give us a good solid ground. This is going to insure that our lights work when we need them to and we don't have any issues. As you can see it takes off just a little bit of that paint there that's going to be located underneath and it gives us a nice clean mounting surface. After you figure out how much slack you need for your four pole you do want to remove it while you're wiring up your lights. You don't want to short out anything in the vehicle, of course. Now we're going to attach our brown and our yellow wire, the taillights for the brown in the hole here that says tail brown. Push it in until it comes to a stop and then pull out on it just to make sure it's inserted properly. Then the yellow is going to go in the stop turn yellow hole. Again we just slide that in until it makes a good solid connection. Then we want to route our wires so they'll run right in that small channel that's there. Then slide that on. As you can see it still allows it to mount nice and flush right onto the front. Bring our white wire around and connect. That ring terminal, again, it's going to sit far enough out of there that we can get a flush mount on the rear. Now let's go ahead and take our nuts and we'll thread them on there. We just tighten them on down. As we stated it's a easy simple thing to do and really keep you safe on the road and keep everybody happy as far as you having all your signals and everything operating. Now that we've got that connected we'll just bring our ties around. Now we've already ran our wire loom for the passenger side I just wanted to show you quickly here at the connection point where those two looms come together or where they both start. I just like to run a black piece of tape around it. That's going to keep them from sliding down the wire and it's going to help prevent it from coming off down the road. A little piece of tape around there cleans up that connection end on both of them and it's going to keep them held in place. Now just as we did on the driver's side there, we've got a brown wire on this side. It's going to go into the same hole we used, the tail. Push that in, give it a pull to make sure it's in there firmly. This time we've got a green for the right side. We have a yellow for the left. The green will get slid in the stop turn green hole, see nice and secure there. Again, we want our wires to go right through the grove, a little recess in the back of the taillight there. That was we get a good firm mounting location. This is also when we can bring in our license plate re-positioning kit if we'd like to. Just slide that right on. Now we don't have to bring these down and out and down and out like we did on the other side to clean it up since we're not grounding off either one of these. It's as simple as just tightening them down. All right we've got that on there nice and secure. Now we'll just bring that loom down and around. Again, I like the actual connection point or where those two pieces come together to be there on the underside, that way we won't have to worry about any interference. Now that we've got the lights hooked up I'll re-insert the four pole really quickly. Now to test the lights we're going to turn on the ignition of our car. We'll start by turning on the lights. You'll see our parking lights come on. We're going to try out our left blinker. I can see that blinking in the door there and our right blinker. Yeah, I can see that one blinking. Now let's try out the brake lights. Yeah, looks like they've come on nicely. Turn them off and just like that we're done. Now keep in mind when you remove the cargo carrier from your vehicle, unplug your four pole, that way you're not pulling it out. That will complete today's look at the Draw Tite cargo carrier light kit, part number 6504. .

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