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Draw-Tite Hitch Extender Review

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Review of the Draw-Tite Hitch Extender

The problem with most Jeeps is as we start to put some accessories on our hitch at the back, the tire gonna get in the way. So we're trying to put a bike rack on here, as you can see, the hitch pin hole is not even getting close to the hitch pin hole on our hitch, and that's because of this tire here. Even if we did have a stock tire, we're still gonna have this issue. So we're gonna solve that here today. This is a hitch extender, pretty much what this is gonna do, is just move that hitch back a little bit. This one's gonna move it back about 18 inches, just so we can actually use some accessories, whether it's a cargo carrier, bike rack, whatever it may be, this is gonna allow us to actually put some accessories in the hitch of our Jeep.

So let's go ahead and take the bike rack out and put the hitch extender in. We are gonna need to grab a extra hitch pin and make sure it's a 5/8 diameter, and we have them here at etrailer, so definitely grab that if you don't have one. Put it in like this. Now the pin is in, the distance from the hitch pin hole, to the new hitch pin hole is 18 inches, so we have plenty of room. So let's grab the bike rack, so we can use our hitch.

And now of course, whatever accessories that you're using, you just use the hitch pin to line that up. One thing that I would definitely add to this setup is an anti-rattle device, just because the extender does have a little bit of play. It is a hollow shank, so we have a lot of different options for those on our website, so I definitely recommend grabbing that, when you grab your hitch pin. But now we have all this room, so even if we have some crazy, crazy handlebars on like a mountain bike or something, it's still not gonna hit, which is awesome. We have a lot of different options when it comes to hitch extenders on our website, just make sure that it's the right size for your hitch.

This is for a two inch hitch, it's made of steel, powder coated finish to it, so it's not gonna rust away over time. And one thing you just wanna make sure of, is just get an extender that is long enough, just because doesn't matter if we're adding 18 inches, like this one, or if we're only adding four, when we add an extender, we are gonna cut our hitch's capacity in half, so definitely get enough length to be able to either clear your bike rack, or clear your trailer, so you can kinda turn around in small little areas. A lot of different reasons why you would need an extender. So just take those measurements, and get an idea of what you actually need before you purchase. And there's your solution, and again, this was the Draw-Tite hitch extender..

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