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Draw-Tite Drawbar Review

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Review of the Draw-Tite Drawbar

Today, we're going to be taking a look at Draw-Tite's one and a quarter inch Drawbar. This is going to be a nice sturdy ball mount. It's going to last you a long time. It has a solid shank for extra rigidness and durability. Some of the competitors do have hollow shanks on the inside, which just doesn't provide as much girth and steel here, because it's solid all the way through. And it's also protected with a black powder coat finish, so we don't have to worry about the solid steel rusting underneath.Now, this ball mount is designed for class one hitches but you can use it in a class two, as long as you don't exceed its weight capacities.

We're using it with just a small utility trailer here. This is great for just moving some things around. If you maybe live at a place where you need to take your trash out to the dumpster, you can throw it in the back of it really easily and bring it up. Or maybe you're just moving and you just need to move a few items easily and you don't want to rent a whole U-Haul truck, you could easily use a small trailer like this.This ball mount does have a 200 pound tongue weight for its maximum, which means that your trailer load needs to not exceed 200 pounds going down on top of our receiver here. So that's why we can only use small trailers with this design, because if we load it up too much, we may exceed that tongue weight.

And the gross towing capacity on it is 2,000 pounds, which is the maximum weight that it can pull behind it. Which again is pretty small. You could easily load up a small trailer like this with a thousand pounds or greater and your tongue weight, typically on a trailer when loaded properly, is going to be about 10%.So at 2000 pounds, we definitely don't want to go beyond that because it's going to be roughly about 200 here on the tongue weight if we have it loaded up properly. And you could also use this to haul around your toys if you wanted to. Maybe you've got some small dirt bikes or ATVs or maybe even some small jet skis, as long as you keep in mind the maximum weight limits and ensure you don't exceed any of those.

A great way to do that is to get a tongue weight scale. Because again, that 10% is roughly what you've got loaded on there is what transfers to the tongue. And we've got tongue weight scales here at so you can ensure that you keep yourself safe. We've currently got our ball installed in the rise position. You can see that it raises our ball up above our receiver and in the rise position, you get about two inches of rise.If you we're to install the ball the opposite way, where it was coming out like this and then install the ball mount and your receiver upside down, so it'd be hanging down low.

It would give you a drop of about three inches. When choosing your drop or rise position. The main thing you're looking for is to have a nice level trailer when hooking it up. So we chose the rise position on ours because our vehicle sits so low. But you can see here when we set our trailer on it, our tongue is nice and even all the way down. So we're going to be towing nice and level. You want to make sure you choose the appropriate ball and ball mount combination, your ball mount needs to have the same size hole as the shank for your ball. So the ball we're using has a three quarter inch shank and the diameter of the hole at our ball mount is three quarters inches as well.Then I'm going to clamp our ball into our vice here and then we can tighten it down to the specifications included with your ball. When you're ready to use the ball mount, you simply slide it into your one and a quarter inch receiver, matching up the hole with the ball mount and the hole in the hitch. We'll then take the included half inch hitch pin and clip to secure it to our receiver. And we're now ready to attach our trailer to it. And that completes our look at Draw-Tite's one and a quarter inch Drawbar..

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