Du-Ha Telescoping Du-Hooky Cargo Retriever Review

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Review of the Du-Ha Telescoping Du-Hooky Cargo Retriever

What's going on everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the DU-HA DU-Hooky. So, if you have some stuff in the bed of your truck and it's a little too far for you to grab it, whether you just have a short-bed or a long-bed this is going to help you get those items. So we can have it like this, about five foot, or we can rotate it counter-clockwise and then tighten it up clockwise to make it into a seven foot pole. So we can grab some buckets or a big water jug. Basically, it's just a little long arm to grab some of those stuff that's a little out of reach.

If you're at the job site or just doing some gardening and you just have so much stuff and you really don't wanna have to get up into the truck bed every single time you want to grab something, this is going to be a really easy way just to kind of get everything up and back into position the way you want. As you know, trucks get kind of tall, once you start lifting them and such and it's gonna be a lot easier with the DU-Hooky just to make it a little bit easier on yourself. If you plan on storing this in the bed of your truck, we do have a little mount. We're gonna have two little self-tappers that we can secure to the inside of our truck bed, and that'll just clamp around like that. So you can have it kind of maybe just sitting up over our wheel-well like that, wherever is easiest for you to access.

And that's always nice, so it's not just sloshing around whenever you're driving down the road. We have this nice little tip and it's gonna be great for your drop-in liners. They have a little narrow passageway, so what we can do, it fits in there pretty nicely, just go in like this, kind of rotate it and it'll go underneath those big buckets. So you can go ahead and grab your five gallons that way make it really easy for ya. If the winter days hit and you don't really have a whole lot of uses for this what we can do is on the end is a little knob, unscrew that, and we have a little ice scraper attachment.

So this is really nice, especially for those bigger trucks like the one we have here. It's really hard to get to our front windshield, whenever these trucks get up there about four or five inches of lift. I'm about six foot on a good day, and this will definitely help me get all of the front glass all scraped off, so you don't have to go on each side. I can get both sides done with just this one little doohickey. If this is my RV, and I had a bunch of ice on there, I wouldn't really be able to do a whole lot.

So with this, it makes it super easy, even in the lowest setting I can get all the way to the top. And if you need a little bit more torque on it, get a little bit more power thrusting through that ice, you can extend it and I will be able to reach all the way up top. So we'll have all this glass nice and cleared from all that ice so we can see clearly on the road. In a lot of these RVs, we get really massive compartments. If you're not really wanting to climb in there to grab what you want, this is going to be a good one because this little compartment goes all the way to the other side. So instead of climbing on one side or the other you can just adjust this, go in there, and then grab the extension cords you need or whatever. I just like this just because it just makes the job a little bit simpler. To sum it all up, there's a lot of different applications with the DU-Hooky. Whether you own an RV and you're just using it to grab those hard to reach spots. If you have a bunch of stuff in the back of your truck and you just want it to be a little bit easier to get that stuff, or if you just needed a really long ice scraper, it's going to do well with that too. My mom always has all these nice flower baskets and stuff, but she always calls me to go up on that ladder and hang 'em up, with this you won't even need that. Just make sure we're not gonna do anything over a hundred pounds with this, but everything under that, it's going to work. And that'll do it for our look at the DU-HA DU-Hooky, And I'm Adam with etrailer..

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