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Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter Review

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Review of the Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to check it out, this emergency jump starter, a 600 amps from Duracell. It's gonna work with vehicles from four to six cylinder engines. It's going to be great for I'm sure we've all been there. You know, you just go to start your vehicle, It won't start, your battery is dead, You need to jump it. Well, this is going to be far easier to hook up these cables to the battery and get a jump than getting the jumper cables out find another vehicle to pull up, and go through all that mess.

You need to hook this up, fire it up and get back on your way. Let's check it out. First thing I wanna check out is the jumper cables. That's the whole reason you're getting this. So I like one right away that it stores in itself even has that extra cable, slot down the bottom.

That way it's just not hanging around Sometimes with these boxes, they got just the little tabs on the side. They'll break off and there's nowhere to seal the clamps, And then you just have them hanging around like this and it just takes up more space When you're going to store it somewhere, this makes it look nicer and neater and it'll probably be better for your cables overall. So he was like the clamps, have a nice amount of tension on them. My point. Squeeze the handle together, they got a good bite.

That's good so when you go to put it on a terminal that maybe you don't have a whole lot of space and you can barely get it on there, it'll still make a nice, good connection. I think it will be hard to, pull it off there. Let's look it up. That's kind of what I was saying, you see on this one, I can't get the cable down in there to bite on the whole terminal, but I got it on that little top screw there and it's on there, pretty good. I did just pop it off but, It does have enough contact there, so that's good.

And over here, and see you get much bigger bite, on there It's on the whole terminal, a lot of connection, this will be good to jump it. Now we're not going to jump this one today cause the battery is not dead, just want to show you how it fits around there. Another thing to note, there is no protection against reverse polarity, that means if you get these mixed up and put them on the wrong one, and turn this on ,you're going to damage your battery and the unit so just don't do that. Make sure you look at your battery, put the positive on the positive, and the negative on the negative side. When it is hooked up to your battery, you'll just turn it on with that button right there, and we didn't do that because, this battery did not need to be jumped so we didn't want to cause any issues by hooking up and adding power to it. But it'll show you the power levels it's at. You got four dots here, It looks like it's 75% charged up. You just push that, there's also the emergency light button right next to it, that turns on light down here, and we going to hit the lights and show you how much it is. It's not a whole lot of light, but it'll help if you have no light at all. This is about how bright it is. You can see, it's not super bright, but it definitely helps when you don't have any light at all I mean, it's gonna illuminate the need, so you can even, face it towards your battery just so you can see your battery if you're on the side road at night and then add your clamps that way. Two other things you will notice, is the USB port ,that can be used to charge any electronics like your cell phone. You just plug it in, with your cord, hit the power button, You'll see, it'll start charging. Right below the USB port, is a 12 volt outlet, that can be used to charge, or power other objects you have. So let's say the first thing that pops in my head is the tire inflator, since it doesn't have one built in, there's no air in this one. You got a low tyre, you can use the inflator you already have plugged into this, and then go ahead and take care of that tyre. Now if you're looking for more of a complete package one that actually has, an air inflator in it, Duracell does make a few different versions of this So you can go up a little bit and you'll get more amperage out of it, like 900 amps, and then that will also work on eight cylinder vehicles and have the tyre inflator built in. So, if that's something more you're looking for you can check those out on our site as well. But, something else, this is used for here the 12 volt outlet is to actually charge the unit. So underneath, there's a compartment. Just pop that tab and slide it out. You have the AC wall adaptor plug tucked in there. There's not a lot of space but if it fits in there, you just plug it in. The top , and you can plug it into the wall, and now you can see it's charging. You got the red light that indicates it here on the wall, And then this light up to show you, how much of a charge is getting. Now, if you do manage to run this completely down, it's going to take 12 hours to charge it back up. So just keep that in mind, take it out of your car when you get home in the evening and plug it in it should be ready to go back in the car, fully charged the next day. Another thing they recommend is to check the battery levels, every three months, cause it can deteriorate even if you don't use it so, you definitely want to keep an eye on it cause you want this to be charged when you need it It doesn't do you any good, if there's no charge. It also has ,seven amp hours in there so, it's nothing heavy duty, but, it's just enough, you know to jump your car or charge those items you need to. Overall, Is definitely a handy thing to have. I can think of, plenty instances when I'm driving around, something happens, I have to get the jumper cables out ,and ask for help. This is far easier just to have this and do it yourself you don't have to rely on anybody else, being around. Another thing,is ,it's small, and it's got that nice handle on the top and it's not top heavy So like another jump boxes that I've used in the past, those are the big ones that stand up here. So when you're going to jump a vehicle and you set it down, any nudge, contempt it over, and while you got to hook up to those, those clamps come free it's on, it's a huge mess. Besides this one's a low profile, stays out of the way, you see it fits, in this small section here at the front of the engine. It can just sit right there. Plenty of space, it's not on the edge of anything tilted on here ,it's going to stay here, it's got the grips on the bottom, that help it stay in place too. Another thing I like about it being small lightweight, is you can just kind of set it aside. It's out of the way, it's all self-contained you got the cables in their place, they're not just hanging around taking up more space. The ACDF is in here, it's all contained and nice and out of the way. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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