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Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter Review

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Review of the Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the Duracell Jump Starter. This one's got 900 Peak Amps. So it's gonna work with gas engines, diesel engines vehicles with four cylinders, six cylinders and even eight cylinders. So really, the jump box, it's gonna be able to drop pretty much anything you got at home.

Let's check it out. Let's take a look at the cables first cause this is probably why you're looking at this. You wanna jump box, I know I have jumper cables on my own in my vehicle. I don't have a jump box and had to use those before. They work fine, but you have to make sure somebody else is there to give you a jump.

I would much rather have this box in there. That way, wherever I break down I have don't to wait for anybody else. I can just hook this up, get my jumpstart and go. So these cables have a good amount of tension in there. I can squeeze the handle, has a good snap back.

So I don't have to worry about it not staying attached to whatever attached to, I have a side mount battery in my vehicle. And sometimes those terminals are kinda small. So hooking that on there and getting to stay, it's kinda of problematic if they're loose and old cables. So these are good. Have a nice snap.

Two of them, like I said, I'll go ahead and attach it to the battery and show you. Also, something to look at on the clamps. It's gonna say positive on this one. It's got a plus sign. So you know, this one goes to the positive side of your battery. The other one's gonna have a negative. So you know that this one goes to the negative of your battery. So that's a good thing about this. Another thing, is if you do hook it up wrong and turn the box, it'll tell you an error message and tell you to flip the cable. So it does protect against you having them swapped before you start the power here on the side. So that's good, this one that a little bit under this, the 600 Amp one doesn't have that feature. You're not supposed to, you know, if you get them mixed up and you turn it on it can damage your battery or the box itself. With those hooked up, you're gonna come and turn this dial. I'm not gonna do it right now, Cause this truck doesn't need jump-starting. But I just wanna show you how it all works. You would just turn the dial over to on and then this is gonna get power. Then you'd go turn over your vehicle, then turn it off when you're done. The other thing I like about it is the cable store on the side here and itself, it's really handy. Like I said, I'm used to jumper cables and those take up a lot of space in the back of your vehicle. I just throw them in a compartment and forget about them. I don't even roll them up or anything. I just think it's a pain. This is not the same thing. I like being able to wrap this around, attach it on itself. So the kilo Amps are on the side. That way, It's never gonna be a entangled mess when you get them out and you have to use them. You're already gonna be frustrated if you need to get these. And it's just nice. If they're contained here, easy to find out of the way not gonna interfere with anything else. Taking a closer look you can see the buttons here. One of them is gonna be an emergency light. So it's not super bright, but it's gonna be better than nothing, when it was super dark. So let's go ahead and turn off the lights and see how it goes. This is with the lights off and see, it looks kinda dim with the lights on but it actually does pretty well. It's way better than being in dark. So you can just kinda point this right at the battery you're gonna hook up to, set this aside, kinda angle it to where it'll give some kind of light where you need it. But at least provides you with something, so you can see, especially on an older vehicle like this that doesn't have the light underneath the hood. This is gonna be really useful. Going to the next button. It can show you how much of a charge the jump box has. It's at a hundred percent So it's fully charged. All right, that you can see your USB port. You can use that for any of your electronic devices to charge them on and go if you need to, so I'll plug my phone in. So just in case you're out and about you still have something to power phone, maybe your phone's about dead. Your vehicle is dead. You're gonna want to have that to call for help. If you needed help, if you can't get a jumped this is kinda help you not worry about that. You can just plug it in, set this aside and figure out what you need to do. Underneath that, is the 12 volt port. So that's gonna be used to plug in any other accessories. You might need to charge what you have in your vehicle. Moving here at the side, remove this tab, and you can see this is where the plug-in goes. So it comes with this, and this is how you charge it. So you'll plug this in down here. Just like that. And then you can plug in the wall. You charge it up. With the plug in and you can see, the red light's on, so that means it's charging. It'll turn green when it's fully charged and you need to unplug it. Now, if you manage to run it down all the way to zero it will take some time to charge it back up. So I would recommend plugging it in the night before when you get home or whatever and then it should be good to go the next morning, that's just something to plan and check on. They also recommend that you check on it every three months, cause the battery can discharge itself and slowly drain, if it's not in use just like your car battery would. So you just wanna check on it, make sure it's got that charge, plug it in when you need to, that way, it's ready to go when you need it, if that emergency happens. The battery size itself is 12 Amp hours. So you don't have to worry about hooking this up one, jump out of it. And it's useless. It's gonna take more jumps than that to rundown that battery. Just a few critiques, there's no where to store the cord that charges this in the jump box itself. On the one underneath this. It says 600 Amps, it has a door on the bottom that you can undo. And that's where you put the plug and store that. That way, it's always with this at all times. So when you need to charge it, you can. This one doesn't have that. It just has the port here. So that's just one more thing to lose. I don't know, it'd be nice if I could keep it on here. Just so I know I had it at all times, like I said. The other thing would be, that it doesn't have the built-in tire inflator. If you already got one of those, that's fine. But I kinda want my all-in-one emergency solution, I would rather have it here with the gauge. That way, if I'm in any trouble with the tire low or the battery, I can just pull this out of the back and have all the tools I need to help. But there's plenty of things I do like. I liked the cable store, right here, on there, out of the way, that way when you set it in the back or wherever you put it it's all nice and neat and put together. It's also slim and light. So you can kinda set it here where you have limited space in the engine bay, and it still sits there just fine. It's got feet at the bottom that helps it grip, but it's better than those other jump boxes that get kinda top heavy that are taller. And that way, when it's sitting like this at this angle they're more likely to fall over on you. When you're gonna hook it up on the battery or you step away for a second it falls down and rips those cords out. That's not good and it's not good for your battery or whatever's going to fall. So this one, you're not gonna have that problem with, it's not top heavy. It sits where you set it and you don't have to worry about it, slipping, or side, or falling over. Overall, it's definitely a handy thing to have. I definitely would recommend getting one of these and keeping them with you in your vehicle. When you get in those one of those emergency situations it's best just to have the tool for the job and I don't have to worry about anything. When you're not using it, it'll go in the back of your vehicle. If you have a truck like this, that maybe has a toolbox, you can throw it in there or you can side between the seats in the back. It's nice. Slim, like I said, it's gonna be out of the way. Well, I think that does it. I hope this helps..

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