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Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter with Tire Inflator Review

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Review of the Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter with Tire Inflator

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the Duracell jumpstarter and compressor. This is going to come in handy for those times where, maybe your car didn't start, you have an older battery, it's winter, it's just not going to turn over. It's better to have this in the back of your vehicle. I'm sure you have jumper cables already, but then you have to make sure there's somebody else there to give you that jump. This way, you just make sure this is charged and in your vehicle, and you just jump it with this box and be on your way.

Let's check it out. At first glance, it might look like just a jump box, but there's a lot packed in here. You have the compressor, so that way you can air up your tires. That way, if there's a problem with that, you don't have to wait or go to a gas station around you.I know that can be kind of a pain to find a gas station that one, has the working air compressor and two, has one that's free, or if you don't have any change, it'll be nice just to have this on you, so you can air up those tires when you need to. It lets you know here how much of a charge it has, so that's good to keep an eye on.

You probably want to plug this in and at least get it to a full charge. That way it's ready to go when you need it. Now, if you hold that down, it turns on the light in the back. So that's good, because if anybody ever broke down in the night, when it's dark, any little bit of light's going to help you out. Come back around the front, hold that back down and turn off the light back there.

Tap it to turn off this gauge here, and while I'm pointing here, you see there's a USB port, so you can plug in your phone or any other devices you have.So again, if you have vehicle problems, you need to call somebody and your phone's about dead, you can plug it in here, at least get that charged to make that phone call. You have a 12-volt DC port here. That way, you can plug in any of those accessories that work with that outlet. On the sides, you'll see there's places to keep the cables, which is really good. You don't want them just hanging around and making it take up more space.

You can wrap this around and have something to clamp on to. That way, you can keep your cables sorted, and they're out of the way on the sides. Flip it around, you have the compartments on the back. That's where the air hose is, you can push it down in there, and there's an AC adapter in there as well so you can plug this straight up into the wall at home. That way you can give it a nice charge. Now let's check out one of its main features, and that's how it's going to jump your battery.You have the cables here on the side, they seem like they're pretty good cables, they have a good snap to them, which is good. Because I have a side post here, and a side post is sometimes. It's harder to connect these cables to that. There's not a lot to grab onto like you have the top post ones, they have that bigger thing you can attach you. This one, it's just a little bit smaller, like the head of a screw, so you want it to have that good snap to hold on there. I'll set the positive up here, you can also see they're marked. Not only are they red for positive and black for negative, but you have the plus sign here. I have a little bit more on this terminal, so this is more like a top-mounted terminal you would see. And I'll do this side. And if you look down at this negative one, you can see there's not much to grab on to, but because of how well these have that snap, it stays on there nicely.Because sometimes, you have troubles with, you don't have enough cord, and you go to pull this box back, and you pull one of those off, and it'll be really frustrating when you're just trying to get your car started. Then, you want to power this up, just turn that switch and now it's powered on, and you can go in your vehicle and start your car. Another cool feature that it has though, even with it off, is that if it's dark, you're not using the light, and you accidentally mix it up, the incorrect set-up, the box is going to make a high-pitched noise and you have a light that comes on. That means you've hooked them up incorrectly, so that's just in case it's dark, you're not paying attention. Like I said earlier, you're just kind of stressed out, trying to get it jumped, it lets you know, before you even turn this box on, so you don't harm your battery or the box. Let's see how the air compressor part works. We had a tube that was stored in the back, we talked about that earlier. Back here is also the other accessories.You have a couple of different attachments, so you can use it for your soccer ball or other inflatable things with these. I'm going to put them back in there. Luckily, the cord stays in itself, that way, it's just not hanging out, you don't have to wrap it around. I have a not-so-great compressor in my vehicle, that plugs into the 12-volt outlet inside. So not only that, you have that cord that's coming through your door when you go to close it. It also bounces around quite a bit when you go to plug it in, and that's pretty annoying. Then you have to worry about it coming undone. This one doesn't have any of those problems. You can use that same charge, so you don't have to plug it in, in the inside. And just grab our airline here, and you'll just start to screw it on to. Let me get a little bit closer. You screw it on to your valve, which I already like that way better than the other one I have, it has the old hinge kind.This screws on, that way you know it's not going to come loose on you, I can't pull it out. And we'll come back to the box and push the compressor button right here. I went around to all my tires and checked them out with the gauge. This one was about 10 low, so it was at 25, and I want to get it to 35. I decided I'd time it and run it and see how long it took. It took about six minutes and 43 seconds, as you see, so it's not short, but hey, it's better than finding that gas station and hanging out there. You can set this up. I did like that it didn't rattle around on me like my other one does, it stayed in place. It's kind of loud, but it stayed right here, didn't travel, I didn't have to worry about it coming unplugged. I could check on the gauge, I didn't have to constantly undo this, and then bring the gauge up, check it, do this, put this back on, and then flip it on. I could just sit back and watch that gauge go up.A couple other things to note is that it will inflate tires up to 100 PSI. And for the jump box portion, it has a pink amp rating of 750. The internal battery has nine amp hours, so to break that down, it's like two smartphone batteries in here, so it's going to last you. Something else to note, while I was airing up my tire, the one that took about six minutes or seven minutes, I didn't see any of the power drop, so I was impressed by that. I wasn't sure how long this would actually last when in constant use like that compressor, then for six to seven minutes, it didn't drop one rating at all. Overall, I think it's going to be very useful to have.It's not very heavy, you got the carrying handle on top, so just easy to carry around with you. It's not like one of those jump boxes that are kind of heavy, so you're going to be carrying around like this. This one's way more manageable. It's going to help you out in those situations when you really need it, whether it's jumping your car, airing up those tires, or even just some light. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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