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Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter Review

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Review of the Duracell Portable Emergency Jump Starter

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ, with Today we're going to be checking out the Duracell jump starter, and this is going to be handy to have in your vehicle for any of those times your battery gets a little low and won't start your car. Could share jumper cables you probably have in the back, but you need another person to help you with that. This jumper box could fit in the back of your vehicle; that way you can just jumpstart yourself and get back on the road. Let's check it out.It comes with the jumper cables that are attached, so you don't have to worry about those coming loose and losing those. You've got the positive and negative.

You've got emergency light on front, too, that can help you out if you broke down at night; everybody's had that happened to them at least once where that's kind of rough without a flashlight to figure out where to even attach this to jump your vehicle, so it's nice that it's on there. Any little light helps. You also have the button here that shows you how much this is all actually charged. You see we got fully charged right now. You just push that button, turn it right back off.

You also have a DC outlet where it comes with a plug-in, which I'll show you at the bottom, is where it stores. You can just slide this compartment down. I can remove the plug-in and the inaudible 00:01:16. Then bring it back out front, plug this in, and you can plug it into your wall at home; that way it gets a nice charge. You got the clamps right here on the side.

I like that they have a storage spot; that way you're not having them loose or you don't have to get creative and clamp it here; they have their designated spots and they're color coded, so you know which one to put where.It's easy to hook up. You don't get a bunch of length, but this thing is pretty small and compact, so you don't have to worry about the box sitting over there and reaching. You can set it right on top of the battery like I got here and just attach it. You even got the plus and minus signs, for positive and negative, on the clamps themselves. I'm going to go here to my side post, attach that one; the clamps feel pretty heavy-duty.

They have a good snap to them when you clamp it down. You can see that on this side post here, because sometimes the clamps are a little weak; they won't hold on here on the side. Most common is the top mount ones, and those clip on just fine, but this is my vehicle and sometimes, with weaker cables, they won't quite grab these little points. But it seems like it grabs on there pretty good. I can shake it back and forth; it doesn't just fall off. It doesn't seem like it's going to lose that connection. We've got the jumpstart hooked up, hit the button to see how much battery life it has; it looks like it's good. Let's go ahead and fire up the ride.Another feature it has I like is this USB port right here. You just plug it in, push this button. The same button that shows you the level of battery charge it has will also activate that, so it can charge any device. A good thing to do is always check the charge on it. You can push that button. I see it's missing one dot on there, so I probably want to plug it into the wall before I throw it back in my car, just so it's fully charged when I need it.Now, it does have a peak amp of 750, so keep that in mind. It works with vehicles up to eight cylinders, so anything more than that, you're probably going to need a little bit more power. But Duracell and even inaudible 00:03:15 have the jump boxes for you. Overall, I think this is a good tool to have. I definitely would get one; throw it in your vehicle. It's good to have in case of emergencies, because you'll always remember that one time you didn't have it. So to have this, be able to jump your own vehicle, and get back on the road, is going to be very helpful. Well, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped.

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