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Epicord Battery Disconnect Switch with Key Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Epicord Battery Disconnect Switch with Key

Ryan: Hey everybody. Ryan here at Today on our travel trailer, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the epicord battery disconnect switch with key. This battery disconnect switch is going to be a very quick and easy way to disconnect the battery power from your travel trailer, which in turn is going to help prevent your battery from going dead as well as prolong the life of it. This could be very easy to operate. Just simply pull back your protective dust cover and put in your tethered key, and you can rotate it to turn it on and off.

Now once it is in the on position, you'll know it's on because the key cannot be removed. However, whenever you turn it off, the key comes right out and you can put that cover back on. And I'll give you a quick example of how it's going to work. As you can see now, the key is not in it, that means it's in the off position. And with our electric jack up front, we hit our switch, it's not going to operate at all.

Now I'll go ahead and put our switch in the on position.With the switch on, we now have power to our travel trailer. This also makes it very convenient if you have to make any electrical repairs or even updates. When doing that job simply just turn your power off, get the job done, and turn it right back on. And when taking your trailer out of storage, you're not going to have to worry about bringing a jump box with you or bothering someone to help you out with some jumper cables. Now one of our customers did write in and say he actually had the key brake.

Now the key is made out of a pretty thick plastic and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to actually turn the switch, so just be conscious of that, especially in that cold and brutal weather.Now the switch is rated for up to 50 amps, so anything at that or below is going to work good for you. Now one of my favorite things about this switch is that it can be mounted flush and give you that nice clean look. Now, although this can work with two batteries, keep in mind that either they're both going to be on or both going to be off. If you're looking to control your batteries individually, I'd recommend a dual battery isolator switch, that way you can either disconnect both, connect both of them, or like I said, turn one on and one off. On the back of our switch, our posts are going to have a diameter of three eighths of an inch, and it's also going to come with the necessary hardware you're going to need to secure your cables to those posts.To begin our installation, we're going to locate our battery and disconnect all of our power cables.

With everything disconnected, now we need to locate a spot to mount our switch. Now you don't have to do it this exact way, but this is the way that I'm going to do it today. I'm going to mount this right here on our header and I'm going to drill a hole and mount it right here. And I like to do this first that way we know where to run our wiring. If you do drill into anything, just make sure that there's nothing of importance behind it that way we don't damage anything. I'm gonna use the hole saw to make that hole.Now to help prevent any rust or corrosion on this bare metal, I'm just going to shoot a layer of spray paint over it. Then what I'm going to do is take our positive cables that went to the positive terminal on our battery and feed them back up through here and get them to come out of the hole that we drilled. Now we can hook our cables up to our switch, but before we do that we want to ensure that the switch is in the off position. So to make sure it is, as long as you can pull the key out we know it is in that off position. So I went ahead and removed the hardware on our post, and we're gonna put these cables on our top post. Put on our split lock washer and our nut. Now we're just going to run these down hand tight for now and we'll tighten them here in a moment.Now we can connect our other cord to the back of our switch here at the bottom and run it over to the positive post on our battery. Now I do want to point out that this switch does not come with this extra cable, but if you need one you can find it here at What we'll do is take off our hardware, run the end of our cable through our hole. And once again, we're just going to loosely install it for now. So now we can kind of position our cables in a way that makes sense to ensure that they're not gonna come close to each other. So I'm going to use this setup right here. And once we verified that we can then snug down our two nuts. And since our new battery cable had quite a bit of exposed metal, I went ahead and just wrapped it up in some electrical tape just to help keep it protected.Then what I did, I pushed everything through and held this in place where I want to mount it, and I made a few marks. What I'm gonna do is pre drill small pilot holes in here that way it'll be easier to run my self tapping tech screws through here to secure our switch to the trailer. If you need some of these tech screws you can pick some up here at And finally we can take our new battery cable that's running out of the back of the switch and connect it to that positive terminal here on our battery. Now we can test it to make sure everything's working properly. So as you can see now, with the key out and in this position, our battery disconnect is in the off position. And just for a quick reference, we're going to test our jack to see if it is working with our switch.Now this is hooked up to all the same things that are inside of our camper. So if this doesn't work, nothing else will work inside. So we can try and go up and down and nothing is happening. Now let's go ahead and turn our switch on. Make sure we get power. Now we'll see if we have power. So it looks like everything is working properly. And that'll do it for our look at and our installation of the epicord battery disconnect switch on our travel trailer.

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