Erickson Cargo Control Cargo Bar with Ratchet Review

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Review of the Erickson Cargo Control Cargo Bar with Ratchet

Today we're going to be taking a look at Erickson's Cargo Control cargo bar with a ratcheting lever. This cargo bar is going to provide us with an adjustable bar that we can place in any position in the bed of our truck here, that provides a stop for our gear. It has a steel construction with a hammered finish, so it's going to look nice and be durable and last a long time. What I like about the bar is that it's just nice, quick and convenient in comparison with other mechanisms to hold your things down. We we're getting ready to haul some trash off to the dump here. And rather than grabbing a bunch your ratchet straps or bungee cords and tie these down to keep them from falling over, real quickly we can just put this in place and then our trash cans aren't going to go anywhere.

They're not going to topple over and we're not going to have a mess in the bed of our truck and have any trash flying around the highway.We're going to hit our test course, and we're going to show you what it would be like hauling cargo without it being tied down, and then what it would be like hauling it with our bar in here. We're going to hit the test course, and we're going to hit our bump section here. And you can see with our bar in place, our trash cans are bouncing around, but they're not really going anywhere. We then hit our slalom course here, and we're taking the turns pretty good. And you can see the trash cans, they do slide back and forth a little bit, but they don't tip over and they stay within the confines of our truck bed and where we set our bar.We'll then take the bar out and we're going to reverse our test course, going back the way we came.

And you can see here, not too long after taking off our trash cans start to slide around, especially if we hit the gas a little bit to go forward, they want to slide towards the rear of our truck. We then head into our bump section and you can see that they're bouncing around a bunch. Luckily our trash cans didn't fall over and make a big old mess, but we we're definitely on the verge if we we're to hit something too big.To remove it, we're just going to press in on our release lever here. You can see it no longer engages the teeth when we do that. Then we can pull the handle up, and that is going to release the ratcheting mechanism, you saw it slide in there, and then we can just push it in and we can take it out.

It has an adjustable length between 44" and 74". So it's going to work with pretty much every truck. Our Ranger here has quite a small truck bed, it's not very wide. And many of the competitors out there, for a standard truck they're not going to fit, because they're not going to collapse enough. This one is designed for these smaller trucks, but with the 74" length it's also going to work just fine in your larger trucks as well.

I tried it in my F-150 and it worked out great in there.The feet located on each end has rubber pads on them with grips on them, to hold it in place, as well as to prevent any scratches or abrasions. When you're ready to use it, we pretty much just reverse the steps to put it back in place. We're going to release the ratcheting mechanism first. We can then extend it, putting our bar where we want it positioned, and then we can just pull the lever again and just start ratcheting it down. And that's nice and snug there. So we're ready to roll. And that completes our look at Erickson's Cargo Control cargo bar with a ratcheting lever.

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