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Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit Review

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Review of the Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit

Toys are fun, but they're less fun in your garage, obviously you need to get them somewhere, and that's where etrailer comes in. We have some things that make it a little bit easier, and some things that just get the job done. This is one that's gonna make it a little bit easier for you. So, these are the Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit, and this makes it a lot quicker and easier to get it loaded up, so you can take your fun toy to some place more fun. So, if you stick around, we're gonna show you how we load it up, how it performs, and how we install it. All right, time to get the toys loaded up.

It's always fun ripping around on the farm, or whatever, with family and friends, but obviously you got to get it there. And, the fun part is driving it. The fun part is not loading it up and stuff, but this is gonna make that process a little bit quicker, and with having the fixed points on the trailer, it's super nice. One, we can line it up with those, not a lineup with the ramps, but two, we know where everything goes, so we know what we can or can't fit on the trailer. So, let's get to it, shall we One thing that I struggle with sometimes, is lining up our ramps, right But with this, I know exactly where the tires are gonna sit whenever I'm done, but this way I can just line it up with that board, just like that.

And now I don't have to worry about it, and second guess myself, and this is gonna be really useful for when you're loading up by yourself. You can do it by yourself with confidence, and confidence is key. So, now that that's all done, we go ahead and get in, get on, strap it down. There we go. I liked the fact that I felt that little hump, knowing I'm exactly where I need to be, because if you we're to use E-tracks, or something like that, you never know exactly when and where you need to stop.

I have a winch on the front, and a big bar, so if I went too far, I'd probably damage my vehicle. With this, no worries. With the kit we're gonna get two of these straps. Very nice straps, and they're gonna go into our E-Track, and these are gonna be two inches wide by seven and a half foot long. So, that's plenty long for all the wheels that are gonna work with this kit.

It is gonna have a safe working load limit of 1500 pounds, and a break strength of 4,500 pounds. So, plenty strong for what we need, and plenty convenient for what I want. So, what we wanna do, we can start with this one, you know how E-track works, just like that. And we'll go all the way around to the other side. We wanna make sure and get it in the center of the wheel, you give yourself enough slack to get all the way around, lock it in, just like that. You can use either one. I'm gonna use the closest one, so it doesn't really rotate at all, just like that. Pull her tight. And, you know how ratchet straps work, go ahead and start clicking it down. A couple of clicks, and we are good to go. As of right now, with one strap, this thing isn't going anywhere, but we're gonna do the same exact thing to the other side. So, it's all tied down, and it is so extremely solid, that this is not really going anywhere. But, what I did was, I went inside and I put it in neutral. And we're gonna go ahead and rip around the parking lot, just to see what kinda movement is, so you guys can see how little it does move, and how secure it is. Let's go. I'm going around the parking lot, and I'm gonna do some quick stops, and some quick goes. I don't see it moving at all, which is good. We've been in and out of all these campers, and trailers, and boats, and all that stuff. So, now what we're gonna do, is go over the speed bumps, just to kind of simulate what you're gonna feel on the road, whether it's a pothole or even maybe just a speed bump, wherever you guys may be going. So, we'll see how she does. Even in neutral, she's solid as a rock. I've got some oscillating speed bumps, so like uneven terrain, that kinda jazz. And, I don't see her moving. There we go. Well, she did pretty good, she really did. The nice thing about this is, we're not strapping it down, and strapping down the suspension. So, the suspension is completely unloaded. So, when we hit these bumps and stuff, we're getting the initial travel of the suspension. So, one, it's gonna be better for your suspension. Two, it's gonna be a little bit smoother for your equipment in the back, when you wrap it around the tire. That's how I haul cars, side-by-sides, four-wheelers, anything with wheels, that's the best way to strap everything down. Looking closer at the actual brackets itself, when it comes to dimensions, we're gonna have an overall length of about eight inches, a width of about five inches, and these are only gonna stick up about two inches off the ground. So, it's not really gonna puncture your tires. It has a nice little rounded edge here, and it is made of steel with a powder coated finish. So, it's not gonna rust away every time this trailer obviously sees a little bit of rain. It is right now, and that's gonna be fine. It's gonna look just as good as it does now, for a couple of years to come. It does start to kind of wear away. That's just because of the tire rubbing up on it, but that is all good. It's not gonna rust away. It's gonna work with any type of E-track accessory, but of course, it just comes with the strap, so just use those. But, if you do have any other straps, and these aren't with you, for some reason, it's gonna work, they're all pretty standard sizes. We went over some specs with ya, and we showed you how they worked on our test course footage. So, now all we need to do, is show you how to install it. So, first thing you want to do, is take your equipment and put it on the trailer where you want it to sit. So, we already had this done. Basically, what I'm gonna be doing, is reinstalling these, to put the backing plate on the back, to make them a little stronger. So we took our Ranger, we rolled it up, put it where we wanted it. You're gonna position your first in front of the tire, and then the one obviously in the back, behind the tire, and butt it up right up next to it, so it's a nice, snug fit, and then take a Sharpie, or something, and mark it out. Make sure they're nice and level, and straight. And then what we can do, is we'll start the installation process. I went a head, and took the hardware that was existing on here out, because I'm gonna install the backing plate underneath. And, it does come with our own hardware. It comes with four, but obviously there's gonna be six. So, we're gonna go ahead and just match this hardware with some that we have here at the shop. So, what we wanna do, is drill out these holes to start. So, I'm using a quarter inch bit, and go ahead and drill these out. I'm putting the backing plate on our tie-downs, just because it's gonna make it a lot stronger. The holes line up, which is always awesome, but since these are tie-downs, we're gonna be pulling up on them with a lot of force. With the threaded piece, those hardware, it's just gonna eventually start to tear through, and hone out this hole. It's not really gonna do a whole lot with this. It's gonna go all the way through this one board, and pull up on the board when we're gonna have a washer and a lock nut on the other end. So, it's gonna be a lot stronger, and it's not gonna pull through. We wanna make sure that the tie-downs are gonna be on the outside of the tires, 'cause that's what we're gonna use to tie it down. So, make sure that the tracks are gonna be facing away from each other, on each side. Then we can go ahead and take our hardware, kinda get it started. You can grab an 11 millimeter socket to drive it all the way through. You can do the same exact thing for the remaining of our holes. Now we can line up our backing plate, holes should line up. And, if they're not lining up, just kinda rotate that bracket. One thing I ran into, is this one was giving me a little bit of trouble, because a lot of the times they don't go down through the wood straight. So what you can do, is do what I did, and drill out the hole to make it a little bit bigger so that we had a little bit of wiggle room, like you see there. So, now that that's done, hold it up there, and we'll take a washer and nylon lock nut, and get those threaded by hand. You can either zip the first one up to where the plate holds itself up, or you can just do what I'm doing, and put them all on and then tighten them all up. Depending on where you're installing this, you might need an extra set of hands. Since this is pretty close to the edge, I should be able to go underneath there, and hold the nut while I tighten up here, but if that ain't the case, you might have to do something with somebody else. So, go ahead and grab what you can, and wind it up. I'm using an 11 mm socket. I'm not gonna completely tighten them down, so I'm gonna go to the next one. So, straight across, kinda like a star pattern, and then get the rest of it all tightened up. So, now that this one is done, we're gonna do that same exact process for the remaining three we have to do. So that wasn't too bad, only took me about 30 minutes, or so. So, now that that's done, what we're gonna do, is go outside, grab the side-by-side, load up, and we can be on our way. Hopefully that gave you an idea of how well they're gonna work, and how much less hassle and time we're gonna have to take to get this all lined up properly. I love it. And these are gonna be on my trailer, guaranteed. And again, this was the Erickson ATV Wheel Chock Tie-Down kit, and I'm Adam, with etrailer..

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