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Erickson Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Erickson Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Erickson Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack, Part Number EM07707. The Erickson Over-The-Cab Steel Ladder Rack is going to allow you to carry long items on top, such as pipes, ladders, lumber, and other long cargo. Unlike many other ladder racks, it's going to extend well beyond the back of the cab and almost to the front windshield, giving you extra support over the front of your cab for those heavy loads. The ladder rack is also going to feature a raised side rail that's going to keep your cargo from shifting off your truck bed. Has an easy bolt-on and clamp-on installation, but keep in mind that you can also permanently mount it in the holes provided in the side rails. Now, with the universal mounting, it's going to allow you to put it on most short bed trucks. It'll fit most truck bed widths no matter what brand it is.

It's going to have a real sturdy steel construction with fully welded brackets and a black power coat finish that's going to help prevent any kind of rust and corrosion, so you're going to have that durability, strength, and with our anodized bolts, that's also going to prevent any rust and corrosion around our threads. Now, another couple great features about this ladder rack is with its steel construction, it's going to offer a heavy duty 800-pound weight capacity, as well as the welded-on tie-downs here for your straps or rope, as well as a grab-handle on the back for when you're loading your items. Now, we've gone ahead and put a couple ladders up here, a big pipe, and some lumber just so we can simulate a load for you. We've also tightened those down and secured them using the Erickson Retractable Ratchet Straps, Part Number 34413. As you can see, we've got our full load up here, and it's going to be easy to get to with those nice handles on the back if we need to grab something off the top. You can see even with our ladders and everything loaded up, we still have quite a bit of room up here in the front that we could put even more items up if we wanted to.

Now, keep in mind that this bar here is adjustable forward and back. Just with the loosening of that bolt, you can slide it forward or back to accommodate your loads. The aerodynamic design helps reduce noise and any kind of wind drag up the back of your vehicle. Now, there's a couple of things that I want you to keep in mind when you're getting ready to get this ladder rack and put it on your vehicle. Now, if you're going to be a contractor and you're going to be in and out of the bed of your truck a lot, it would be best advised if you go ahead and permanently mount it into the bed of your truck because you're not going to want to hang up your arm every time you reaching in on these long bolts. If it's going to be for a temporary application, then why not.

The Erickson Ladder Rack is not going to be compatible with tonneau covers. Now, if you're going to have a toolbox for the bed of your truck, you're either going to want to permanently mount it and secure it up front with that toolbox, or if you're going to be temporarily using it, you may not be able to use that toolbox unless you drill holes through your toolbox and secure it with these J hooks. Now, the fully welded side brackets are going to be great for those J hooks because they're going to wrap around and curve underneath the lip on the inside of the bed rail. Now, let's go ahead and take our ladder rack out on the road and see what it looks like in action. Now, first thing in our test course is we're going to go through the slalom. The slalom is going to simulate evasive maneuvers, such as going around road debris or swerving away from a car. Next will be the alternating speed bumps to simulate going through potholes in the road or over a curb.

Lastly, we'll go over the solid speed bumps. These are going to simulate coming in and out of a driveway, parking lot, or maybe those speed bumps in a shopping center. That'll will do it for our look at the Erickson Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack, Part Number EM07707.

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Erickson Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack work with a tonneau cover?

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Jon G.


Since the J-Style bolts that secure the ladder rack to the truck mount on the inside of the rails there isn't a way to mount a tonneau cover in that space as well. We do have some ladder rack and cover options that we know work together but I would need to know the year/make/model and truck bed size (as well as any unique things about your truck bed like if it had RamBoxes or something) to let you know what you can use.

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