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etrailer 18 inch Long Trailer Hitch Extender Review

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Review of the etrailer 18 inch Long Trailer Hitch Extender

There are a lot of different reasons why we need to extend our hitch receiver. Whether you're just trying to be able to fold up your cargo carrier, maybe your bike rack won't even fit inside there with a spare tire or whatever the reason is. But also just for your towing, a lot of the times you run into issues like we have right here, where this is pretty much unusable. And then even with our other one, it's also unusable. So here at etrailer, we went through and addressed those problems. And we have a whole line of different extenders.

Some four inch and a quarters, some for two inch, and some adapters as well. So regardless of what kind of hitch you may have, and what vehicle you have, we got you covered with our line of extenders and adapters. This one is for our two inch hitch receivers and is the longest one that we designed. So a couple measurements that are gonna come in handy from the center of our hitch pin hole that goes into your hitch receiver to the farthest edge is three inches. That's gonna be important if you do have a hitch that either has a spare tire behind it, or it bottoms out like the one we have right here.

So that's pretty important to know. And then the distance between these two from center to center is 18 inches. And then for your accessories from the center of the front hole to the face of our hitch receiver. It's gonna be about two and a half inches. So we can just put it in our hitch.

And this does not come with the hitch pin, but the diameter that you want to go with is five eights of an inch. One suggestion for anything that really goes into your hitch, especially this there's a lot of play here. So we do have a anti rattle device because the shank of the extender is completely solid. So we're not gonna be able to have a threaded hitch pin nor can we have another type of anti rattle device. This is our only option here.

And just grab this separately with the hitch pin if you don't have one, and all we really need to do here is take these off, take these apart, and then underneath, we're gonna go around the accessory. And this could be used with pretty much anything that you have for your two inch. And we're gonna have the lip going down with our logo facing out. Put a washer and a lock washer down, put this nut in and then we can use a three quarter inch socket to tighten it down. And we do wanna tighten it down relatively evenly. The best you can. The anti rattle device is gonna be very very nice because you're not gonna hear it. And this is now completely solid. So your accessories aren't gonna feel it either. The capacity of the extender is gonna be 350 pounds tongue weight, and 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight. But with any type of extender on your hitch you are going to cut your capacity of your hitch on your vehicle in half. So be mindful of that. We don't wanna overload this because it will eventually fail. And that's not something we really want to do but that's not just with our line it's with all the others but this is gonna solve your problem. So remember how we couldn't get the bike rack in there because the hitch pin hole wouldn't line up. Now we have plenty of room right there and now we really don't have to worry about it. So there's a lot of benefits to it. But again, just make sure that we are not overloading our hitch's capacity. And that's pretty much it. We listen to you and you had these problems with your hitches and we solved them. So all you really need to do is grab the right length and the right size to solve your problem. And that's pretty much it for a look at the line of etrailer hitch extenders..

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