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etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carrier Review

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Review of the etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carrier

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the etrailer RV cargo carrier, it's gonna be the 24 by 60 version. So this is gonna be a bumper-mounted cargo carrier, so you don't need a hitch. It attaches to the bumper. It's really easy to put on there, and it's really sturdy.

You can hold a bunch of your gear from inside your rig that you don't want on the inside. For instance, we got a generator on there, we don't want that gasoline smell on the inside, so we got it here on the outside. It can hold up to 500 pounds. Just keep that in mind when you're loading up your gear. Let's check it out.

Some expectations I have for cargo carriers, especially one that goes on the back of RV, is I want it to be sturdy. Just looking at this thing, you can see how sturdy it looks. It feels sturdy as well. It can hold up to 500 pounds, like I said, it's got a black powder coat steel tubular design, so not only is it protected from the elements, but you can tell that it's gonna be able to hold that generator or whatever gear you put on there, as long as you stay within that weight limit. Now, some other RV cargo carriers are out there, the GennyGo comes to mind, they have more of a flat metal design with smaller side rails, which can pretty much carry a generator just fine.

They're kind of meant just for the generator. This one seems like it's more open and able to handle a bunch of different gear at the same time, with all the tie down points and the generator. I just, this one I'm more confident in just looking at it. Another expectation I have is gonna be longevity. How long is this gonna last I want something that might grow with me, if I needed to.

Let's say I start hauling more stuff. I need to add a little bit more. You can expand this cargo carrier. You can add an extension on the inside. It's gonna be 24 inches added onto the 60 inches you already have, so it'll make it 84 inches in total. So it'll go more out to the bumpers and give you more space if you need more stuff to carry. And I really like that aspect just because I don't know what I'm gonna get into accessory wise. This is fine now. Great investment. I'm happy with it, but what if I need a little bit more space I don't have to buy a whole new cargo carrier and just let this one go away. So the fact that I can actually add onto this and keep using the same features I've been using, and I'm already used to this cargo carrier is great. Now, with adding the cargo carrier online bumper, I do worry a little bit about the wear and tear on it. Having the extra cargo carrier alone, not to mention all the weight you're putting on that. What is they gonna do over time Well, luckily, they included a bracket that's gonna go on your bumper, and this is gonna go right here where you have a tube frame, an I frame, or even an S frame. You can modify it to get it, to put around there. And that's gonna add extra support to your bumper to make sure over time it still stays in the same place and helps it out when you add it extra weight. Let's check out how to get one of those installed. The first step in the installation is gonna be holding up the bracket to whatever beam you have. So I suggest using a clamp to hold it in place so you can mark your holes to then drill them out. You're gonna get two different drill bits. One's gonna be for a pilot hole, and one's gonna free make it big enough for the bracket to actually run those bolts in. Now, again, be very sure to read those instructions, 'cause there's different variations of what hardware you use and what pattern you use for the different style beams and bumpers. Take a look at this while it's already installed. You can see maybe have a better idea of how it actually does help the bumper and the beam. So you can see right where those welds are. That's where the bracket goes and falls along and underneath kind of giving that extra support. So if it starts to sag a little bit or just the carrier pulls down on that beam right on those fragile weld, you can see that it's gonna help support it and keep it upright and not bend down. So that over time is gonna keep it looking better. So it's sturdy. It's got that longevity not only on the bumper support, but also if I need to expand it at some time, I can, I don't need buy new cargo carrier. Great. The other thing I think about is versatility. So it adds a little bit to the back of your rig. It'd be nice if it folded up. This cargo carrier actually does. So how about I unload it and we see how that works. Now, I've got all the gear off the cargo carrier, I can actually fold it up. So we're gonna come down here to the bottom where they're mounted, you got a pin, you see I just push up on that and released it. And you can just slide that pin out pretty easily. And there's two of these. So I'm gonna set it aside for now, come over here and do the same thing again, push down and pop it out, pull the pin there. And now we should be able just to fold it up. Folds up very easily. Now, you can push it back into place, and you can see there's tabs on the brackets that you bind into the bumper. I have a hole in there that allows you to replace the pins to help hold this up. So make sure you push it in there, so you can slide that pin through. And now it's gonna hold itself up. I'm gonna put the pin back the way it should be and replace it along the other side. Before we pull it down, let's get some measurements real quick. It's gonna go from the end of the bumper where this bracket is, and there's, no matter what kind of bumper, it's always gonna be sitting right there. We'll go from there to the end of the cargo carrier. That has to be about 7 inches. So, that's how much it's gonna have with it folded up. That's actually pretty nice. It saves you a bunch of space. Let's get some measurements with it folded down. Gonna go from the end of the bumper, just like we did last time, but this time with it folded out. So go from there. Oh, at the end, the carrier is gonna be about 26 inches. So, that's how much it's gonna be sticking back from the back of your rig. Now, the other measurements we've kind of gone over, but I'll go ahead and say 'em again. Now, this is gonna be 24 inches from front to back, and then 60 inches from side to side. Now, the side wall here is gonna be three inches from the raised portion of this bar, so you got that much to help protect just in case something slips, it's not gonna fall right off of a flat surface. It's got a guard here that's gonna catch it. Overall, I'm really impressed by this cargo carrier. I like that it folds up. I like the versatility. I like that it looks sturdy, like I said, quite a few times. I know that I can load my gear up here and it's not just gonna fold under the weight. The fact that now it includes those brackets, that also helps out my bumper too, 'cause over time, that's something I didn't think about until using it a little bit knowing that it is gonna wear it down in the bumper just a little bit. The more weight you put back there, especially with the ability to have the extensions in there, that's gonna expand, so that means you're gonna put more stuff on there, which you're gonna put more stress on the bumpers, but now with those brackets include, it's really gonna help everything last a whole lot longer. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

Questions and Comments about this Video

Mike S.
Love your video's on your products. On the 24" x 60" cargo carrier I plan on installing on a 2021 Grand Design Imagine RB2600. Can I mount the spare tire under the cargo carrier? I like the setup on this because of the two main brackets that get mounted on the bumper. Instead of the hitch style that just wobbles around all the time. Also the brackets that get bolted to the frame that really looks like it will strengthen the bumper up a lot. Any help on the spare tire would really help me decide on this. Thank You Mike
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

Could you mount a spare tire under the carrier? If you have ample clearance and weight capacity, yes. You'll need to call the manufacturer and make sure that your bumper can handle the load. I'd also look at the bumper reinforcement brackets linked below.

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