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etrailer Trailer Brake Controller 7-Way RV Upgrade Kit Review

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Review of the etrailer Trailer Brake Controller 7-Way RV Upgrade Kit

Shane: Hi. I'm Shane from Today we're gonna be taking a look at the ETB27L wiring kit for wireless brake controllers.This is gonna give us our seven pole connection and our four pole connection to provide us with the proper lighting to safely tow our trailer. How this kit is different than the ETB27, this one is designed to be used with wireless brake controllers. With the ETB27, we're gonna have wires we have to run inside the cab of the vehicle and hook them to our brake controller, which is mounted to the dash. This eliminates that.

All you need from this is a power wire going to the battery.Now, as far as mounting this, if your hitch has a pre-welded bracket, your kit's gonna come with a bracket for the plug that's gonna mount directly to it. If your hitch does not have that bracket, you can find no drill mounting brackets here at They'll mount directly to the hitch.As far as the wiring, it's gonna require a four pole plug coming from the vehicle. If you don't have one, you will have to get one installed.As far as mounting our plug onto our bracket, you're gonna get four screws or bolts in your kit that allow you to mount that plug to that bracket. Your four pole plug, the bracket's gonna have a cutout, it just slides right into place.

The case is gonna be constructed of a durable plastic. It's gonna hold up in all weather conditions. It's gonna hold up against UV rays, so we're not gonna have to worry about it cracking or breaking. It's gonna have a spring loaded lid so that when we're not using it, it stays closed. On the inside of the lid, we're gonna have a foam ring that's gonna seal right around this edge.

It's gonna help keep any dirt and debris and moisture from getting on our connections.Our four pole plug is gonna have a nice dust cap also to help protect our connections from dirt, debris and moisture.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed.First thing we need to do is we need to mount our seven pole plug. Our Draw-Tite hitch here that they have already mounted has a pre-welded bracket for mounting that seven pole plug, or four pole plug. This bracket here is gonna come with the ETB27L, so we're gonna mount right to that bracket. Now we'll mount our seven pole plug onto our bracket. On each one of our bolts, we need to put a flat washer, a lock washer, and a nut.We're gonna have two four pole plugs that come attached to our seven pole plug.

We want the one with the cap. We're gonna mount it right next to our seven pole. That gives us our four pole connection if we need it. We're gonna take the other four pole wire, but we're gonna plug it into our four pole wire that we had previously installed. That's gonna give us all of our light functions to our trailer.I'm gonna take some dialectic grease and I'm gonna put it on my connections for my four pole wiring. It's gonna help keep my connections from corroding if any moisture or anything gets on them. Plug them together.Our blue and yellow wire, we're not gonna be using. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tape all of this together. I'm gonna put a zip tie around these two. This is gonna hold my two plugs together. Go ahead and cut off my cover because I'm not gonna need it. Now I'm gonna take some electrical tape and I'm gonna tape over all of this, including my blue and yellow wire. The only thing we're gonna need to do is run our black wire to the front for power. Ground wire, I'm gonna ground, I think I'm gonna try to ground it right here on top. I'm gonna get it taped up first, and then we'll see where we can get to with it.Now, I chose to take this cover off right here. You'll have a couple pushpin fasteners on the bottom, and then on the inside, right along this edge, they're just plastic clips. They clip right into the back of the fascia, and then you'll have some blue clips on the ends that hold it in place on each end. I'm removing this because I'm gonna ground my ground wire right here. With this panel in place, I can't get my drill in there to do it.When grounding your wire, it doesn't necessarily have to be here. You just want to make sure it's on metal.Next, we need to connect our power wire. You're gonna get a bundle of black wire with your kit that you need to run to the front and up to the battery. Let me show you how I ran it. You want to make sure when running it you stay away from anything hot or moving. I went over top of my rear axle, right next to my fuel tank, right along this hard line, and underneath this panel. I didn't have to take the panel off. It's pretty flexible, so I just pulled down here and fed it through, and just kept working it all the way up to the front here. This is where my wire came out.I'm using airline tube from my battery. I got it down here. I'll hook my wire up to it and it'll help me pull it back up to the top. If you don't have airline tube, you can use wire hanger, anything like that. Something to get you down close to the firewall. Hook our black wires together and crimp it down.Now we'll mount our circuit breaker. You want to find somewhere preferably metal to mount to. If you're gonna mount it to plastic, just make sure it's a durable plastic. I'm gonna go right here along this front frame piece.I ran my wire behind this existing wiring here just to help keep it tight. Now I'm gonna cut it to size. The wire coming from our seven pole is gonna go onto this silver post and then we'll take the existing wiring or the extra, go from the copper post to the positive side of the battery. Go ahead and cut that to size, inaudible 00:06:38 it back, and then we're gonna add on a small ring terminal.Take our extra wire, add our second small ring terminal, wrap this around just like this, and I think I'm gonna go ahead and leave it that length. I'll add on our large ring terminal. We can remove that nut and add it to the positive side of our battery.Now we'll test out our wiring using any alternate power source. Left turn, right turn, running lights, brake lights. That's gonna complete our look at the ETBC7L wiring hit for wireless brake controllers.

Linda M.


Will this work on a 2020 outback?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The # ETBC7L is a universal wiring kit so yes.

Jim B.


When would you use the yellow and blue wires on the Item # ETBC7L?

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


For this wiring harness the Yellow wire is for the reverse lights and the blue wire is for the brakes coming from the brake controller in the vehicle cab. Additionally the black wire is for a 12V accessory, and the white wire is for ground. I have included a help article for your reference.

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