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etrailer Electric Camper Jack With Footplate Review

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Review of the etrailer Electric Camper Jack With Footplate

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out the etrailer Electric A-frame Jack, you can install it on your trailer. It's remote controlled and console controls there. And see, and just go ahead and attach my trailer and my vehicle. Let's check it out.

Taking a closer look at it, I just wanted to show you the remote. It's got a nice plastic casing. It also has a cover you can slide up, that way the buttons aren't exposed. That way you can't accidentally hit any of 'em or anything while you're driving down the road. It's also got this, to easily put on your key chain.

So they're gonna hang there with the rest of your stuff. Now, the buttons are the same on here, and on here. You got up, down, stop, and then this one's the light. And now, the only difference is when you put them on here, you can hit down to lower the trailer. You hit it once, it's going to raise up that jack.

You have to hit stop to stop it, or you can hit the button again to stop it. Or if you wanted to lower it down to raise the trailer up, you'd hit the up button. It lowers the jack down, and you only have to push once, you can kind of just stand back. You don't have to hold the button. On the remote you do have to hold the button.

And those controls are awesome, but my first question usually with this kind of stuff is: Okay, what if I don't have power, am I stuck You're not, it's got a crank and you can put it on the top, and you can manually raise or lower it on your own. That way, just in case you run out of power, you can easily do that and still get going on your trailer. The way the jack gets the power, is it's got a seven pole connector. So you can just connect it on your vehicle side to its seven pole, just like that. And now you should have a power jack. If you don't want to use the seven pole, you can cut off that end and hard wire it if you have an existing battery on your trailer. So that'd be the 12 volt hookup. You'd hook it directly to the battery. That way you don't have to worry about hooking up to whatever vehicle you're using, towing it with. You can just run this from a battery that's already on your trailer. This electric jack has a lot of convenient features from the light, just giving you light. If it's nighttime and you're trying to hook up your trailer just to be able to see down here this little bit of light goes a long way. Uh, when you hook up your safety chains, and hooking up the ball and the wiring. Not only that, I like the fact that you can hit the button once and it keeps going until you hit stop. So that's good. You can kind of hit one of the buttons and walk away and let it disconnect itself or go back down and lower itself on the ball. You don't have to constantly hold the button down and wait for it. Not only are those features, but the remote itself is probably the most convenient. That way you can stand back here, raise or lower it. Now, you have to hold the button when you do it on this one, but just gives you extra options for whatever you're doing. If you want to hit this, to lower the jack to get it off the trailer, you can walk over here while it's going and keep an eye on it. You could stop it from over here, while you're throwing the wheel chocks behind the tire. You just have kind of options. Or if you're getting it set up to go take, you can go hit the lower button, lower down on the vehicle while you're taking the wheel chocks out, throwing them on your trailer, come back, And it's about done. That way, you can kind of multitask. As far as construction goes the top tube has a black powder coat finish on it. So that way you don't have to worry about the elements getting to it. It is going to be attached to your trailer, and outside. So that's just one thing you don't have to worry about. The top is coated in plastic. So also that's going to hold up. I like that the buttons are covered up. They're not exposed, so you can't get any dust or grime in there to keep the buttons from getting pushed. Even the manual crank has this rubber cap that goes on the top. That way, this won't be exposed and cause any issues for you. And the bottom tube is a zinc coated finish. So it also is protected and will hold up for a long time. The jack has a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds. So just keep that in mind when you're seeing if it's gonna fit on your A-frame trailer. If your trailer is too much for that, just want to make sure you get the right jack for the right trailer. It comes with its own foot plate. Which is handy, you don't have to buy on the side. And also it's adjustable, so you have four different points of adjustment. Which is just four different holes for the pin and go through and stop it, just to give a little bit more. That way you don't have to lower the foot as far to the ground when you want to lift it up off your trailer. You can kind of adjust it if you have different setups, different vehicles, drops, and ball mounts that you have to adjust to. Let's check out some measurements, see what's going to work with your trailer at home. I'm going to measure from the base of where we installed it, to the bottom of the foot plate. That's going to be nine inches. And this is in its most retracted state. Now, overall, you're going to get a lift of 25 and a half inches. And now in its most extended state, it's going to be 34 and a half inches. Top side, we're going to measure from again the base, to the top, and it looks like it's about 18 and a half inches tall from the top of this trailer here. Now speaking of mounting, it's really easy to install. Check out how we did it. First thing you want to do is pick up the jack, and we're going to remove the bottom plate here. That way it fits in that hole of our A-frame trailer. So let's pull the pin, remove the foot. Definitely suggest wearing gloves because there's grease all over this. So you don't want to get that on your hands. Then you just drop it in that open spot. Now that it's sitting in there, you can kind of untangle this. Cut our zip tie, I'm going to remove that. I'll set the remote aside for now. And get the cord moved back here. Just kind of out of the way so that we can focus on the base of this. It didn't come with its own hardware, So make sure you save the hardware from the jack that you removed. Put this new one on and it's going to go star washer, then regular washer, and then bolt. So we'll get that set up here, like that, and then drop it in the hole. Kind of get it lined up. There it is. Get it started, and I'll come back and tighten it down. Now I'm going to re-install the foot plate. Leave it right there for now. Looking down here, we're going to go ahead and pop out the foot, and lower it, as low as it'll go. Looks like this would be it right here. There's four holes in the plate itself. That way we don't have to lower the JAG quite as much to get contact with the ground. We'll come back up to the top. We've already got the power plugged in. Now let's go through the functions. Now the arrows are telling you what the trailer is going to do. So when you hit this, it actually lowers it but it's lifting the trailer up. So you just go with this one it's going to raise the trailer up. This one's going to lower it back down. So you only have to hit it once, and it goes on its own. When you use the jack itself, if you use the remote then you have to hold it down. You can hit stop at any time to stop it. If you're worried about anything. So it's not going to just keep going on you. With our trailer lifted up off the jacks, you just move these, and you just put them to the side, hook up our vehicle and hit the road. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..