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Review of the Ball Mount Kit for 2 inch Hitches

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the etrailer ball mount kit for two inch hitches. Part number is 989900. Now the etrailer ball mount kit's going to be the perfect solution for hauling multiple trailers with multiple vehicles. It gives us a variety of rise and drop configurations, so we can get our trailer as level as possible while we head down the road. Now back inside here where it's a little warmer, let's go over our components. Of course, we're going to have two pins and clips.

That's going to allow us to use our ball mounts on two different vehicles at the same time. We've got our four inch strap, or two and three-quarter inch rise ball mount. This one's rated for 7,500 pounds. We've got the two inch strap, or three-quarter inch rise ball mount. These are going to be better suited for cars that are a little bit lower.

This one's going to be better suited for cars a little bit higher. Both of them 7,500 pound weight capacity.We've got our inch and seven-eighths ball, chrome-plated of course. Now inch and seven-eighths ball, generally they have a pretty low capacity. This one is 2,000 pounds. So if you are using the inch and seven-eighths, don't exceed that.

On the two inch, it's 7,500 pounds. So we can take that right up to the max of our ball mount here. And these are interchangeable. This ball can go on this one. This ball can go on this one.

We can flip this over, mount our two inch here if we want to use it in the rise, and same thing. Very interchangeable. Makes it very easy to match these up to many different types of trailers and vehicles.The thing I like most about it, when we're done using them, we have the large bag. This is designed to fit our ball mounts and even some adapter plugs if you need them, or something like that. It's going to keep everything nice and tidy, nice and compact. Good, heavy duty bag, going to give you plenty of structure and plenty of rigidity. I think this thing will last for a very, very long time. It also keeps all the dirt, grease, stuff like that from getting on your vehicle's interior. And it's not something you're going to have to search around for. You can see, high vis, store it underneath your seat. When you're ready to hook up to your trailer, get out your appropriate ball mount, and you're ready to get to work with it.Now, the ball mount kit's been designed to work with class three, four, or class five hitches that have the two inch by two inch receiver tube opening, or some of the class five hitches, you'll have to use that adapter to bring it down to a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. Now the ball mounts are measured from the top of the receiver tube opening here. This is the two inch drop version or three-quarter inch rise, as you can see from that. Receiver tube opening edge to our ball platform, we have about three-quarters of an inch raise. If we we're to flip that over, it's going to give us two inches of drop. Now, this ball mount from the center of the hitch pinhole to the center of the ball is about eight and a half inches. That's really only going to matter to you if your hitch is set in underneath the vehicle, and you want to ensure that you're going to be able to get your trailer connected.Now, the ball mount itself, it's going to have a weight rating of 7,500 pounds, as far as gross trailer weight goes. That's the total weight of your trailer and anything that you load up on it. It's going to have a maximum tongue weight rating of 750 pounds. That's the maximum downward force we can put on the ball mount. Now here's the other included ball mount. Now this one's going to give us four inches of drop. And then if we we're to rotate it over, it gives us two and three-quarters of an inch of rise, so that really helps us cover the gamut. This of course is going to be better suited for trailers lower to the ground. The other one better suited for trailers higher. Now as we said, all other components are rated for 750 pounds of tongue weight, 7,500 pounds of gross trailer weight. Then from the center of the pinhole to the center of our ball in this configuration, we've got nine inches.Now, both ball mounts are going to have the hollow shank. That's going to help us out with weight. They're not quite as heavy as a solid shank would, but this is also going to work out really well if you want to add an anti-rattle device that maybe has a nut that goes inside. Shouldn't be an issue at all getting that secured. Now both of our ball mounts are also going to have the black powder coat finish. This is going to help to resist rust and corrosion, but of course this finish, like any other ball mount on the market, after years of service, they typically develop a little bit of rust or something like that, which is where that bag comes in really handy.Now, each ball's provided with the nut and the lock washer. You're going to need to secure it to the ball mount. The shank length is going to be two and one-eighth of an inch long on both of them, and it's one inch in diameter. So if you already have some ball mounts at home and you're thinking you might want to add them to it, just want to make sure that size is going to work for you.And that'll complete our look at the etrailer ball mount kit, part number 989900.

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