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Review of the Cargo Area Protector

Jake: Hey, guys. It's Jake here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install the Cargo Area Protector.This is going to have a three-piece design which is nice because it's going to work with your cargo area with your seats folded down, with your seats folded up and it's going to have an additional piece to cover up your bumper if you don't want to risk scratching your bumper when loading and unloading your car. As you can see here we have it installed in the cargo area of our sedan. It's also going to work great for minivans, SUVs, or even cargo vans.It's going to be 48" wide so don't worry about it if the back end of your vehicle is not quite 48" wide. You'll just put the sides of the cover up on the sides of your vehicle.

This cargo liner is going to help to protect against dirt, pet hair, and any other kind of spills that you might have in the back of your vehicle. The covers going to have a waterproof polyester design so it's going keep any of the spills from reaching your carpet. You can see our water here is not adhering to our cover. So, it's going to be easy to clean that dirt and mess up after it gets on your cover. What's really nice about this waterproof design is it's going to give you time to be able to dry up those messes that you may have made, clean it up.

As you can see, it's virtually spotless and when we lift it up and our carpet's completely dry underneath.Now, we can show you what it looks like with our seats folded down. Go ahead and push in our two tabs. And fold our seats down. You can see our cover extended out under the backs of the seat and we can unfold the back end of it to reach all the way to the end of our trunk.Let's say you have a vehicle that has third-row seating. It's going to significantly longer than the sedan we have here.

That's where this third sheet comes into play. We can go ahead and attach it. On the back side, your front piece will install the same way. You take your hook and loop straps and connect them together. And for our case here this is just going to provide us some extra protection over our bumper while we're loading and unloading our vehicle.What I think is really convenient about this design is that the back end is not going to be attached or harnessed to anything so if you're using it just temporarily to load and unload your vehicle you can simply take the corners and fold that last section in and your covers back to normal.

With a cargo liner, it's not only going to protect the rear of your vehicle temporarily until you have time to vacuum or wash it out. But it's going to protect it for the long haul of your vehicle. It's going to keep any of that embedded dirt or stains out of your carpet so it will keep the back of your vehicle looking nicer for longer.The covers going to be very easy to get in place. Let's go ahead and show you how. We'll take our cover, slide our strings up into place, and we're going to take these two strings, run it through our attachment point here on the ground, and tie it up. Now, we'll do the same for the other side. Tying these down is going to ensure that the bottom of our cover will stay towards the floor so we don't have to worry about it coming up or rising up the seat. Tuck that back. Now we can take the backseat portion of our cover, loop it over our headrest. Now one thing that I didn't notice, with our sedan here we do have a little bit of slack in it. But we do also have these seat belt hooks here on the side. It's easy enough to take our strap over to that. Hook it in. So, it takes out the rest of our slack. Pull it over. Hook it in there. And you can see it takes all our slack out in the back portion. It's a good idea to always work the cover around to form it to the back of your vehicle. Fold that center section up a little bit until it fits right up to the edge.A few dimensions for you guys so you know what you're getting. The back seat portion is going to be 23-5/8" long by 48' wide. The trunk floor section is going to be 39-7/16" long and 48" wide. The bumper portion will be 15-3/4" long and 48" wide. When your seats are folded down the entire mat is going to be about 71" long. So, that will give you a pretty good idea of how it's going to fit the rear of your vehicle.Well, guys with all that being said that's going to do it for our look and installation of the Cargo Area Protector.

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