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etrailer Cargo Bag with Mounting Straps Review

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Review of the etrailer Cargo Bag with Mounting Straps

What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the etrailer cargo bag with securing straps. So this is going to be a great way to get all of your guys's luggage from the inside of your guys's car into a water resistant bag. So whenever you guys are on the trip and some rain hits, you guys don't really have to worry about it. So this is going to be great for a cargo carrier. As you see here, and the hitch mount that we have here, or it's going to be great for anything up on the roof, or if you guys have some pickup trucks and you guys like to go ahead and put this just in the back, just to protect it.

If you guys don't have a tunnel cover, that'll also work. And of course, we also are going to have you guys who just throw it in your trunk, just to keep everything a little bit more organized.So this is going to give us about nine cubic feet of storage capacity. It is going to measure about 40 inches long by 20 inches tall and 20 inches wide. There is a lot of really cool features that makes this bag something I would definitely use. One of the main ones is this is the fact that it is extremely water resistant.

So what we're going to be doing in the video is go over some features just to show you what gets you, that water resistancy that we really are looking for. And then we're going to go ahead and test it and see how well it's going to protect your guys's gear. Then we're going to go ahead and show you guys the securing straps and how we could just pretty much put this in there, secure it down to whatever we are hauling it on.And it's going to be really, really easy. So I'm really excited to show you guys that, and then we are going to go ahead and see how much stuff we can actually fit in this bag. So let's just go ahead and get started.What we're going to be doing now is testing and see how water resistant the bag is.

I got some valuables in there, so hopefully it does what it's supposed to, but what we're going to do, obviously we don't have a drop of rain in the forecast. So, I'm just going to go ahead. We're going to run it through an automated carwash. So we're going to get high pressure, low pressure, soaps and suds. So what we're going to be doing is just putting a bunch of these napkins in, on the inside all the way along the zipper, right there, just to see where it's leaking, if it is at all.So let's just go ahead and put her to the test.

So these napkins are going to soak up that water, and it's going to make it very, very easy to spot to see if we have any leakage in our bag. So, I'm mainly just going to put most of them, just along the zipper as that is pretty much the weakest point of the bag when it comes to water resistancy. So, I'm going to put a bunch in here and hopefully if there is a leak, we can go ahead and show you guys so you guys can see how well this bag really does, but in my opinion, I think she's going to do real good. This is going to be the most interesting thing I've ever done here at etrailer, but guys, I got to do it just to let you guys know how well this thing's really going to work.So, we're really putting it to the test. Hopefully everything works, but this is really fun. There comes the high pressure, this is what is really concerning me about it just because if it does get underneath that little lip, that covers the double zipper, that's going to be interesting. I'm kind of keeping an eye on the GoPro and everything back there, and it's still there. That's awesome. But really, this is like the most extreme conditions that you guys may see.I don't necessarily think there's going to be a thunderstorm. That's going to top what we're going to hit here, but who knows, folks We won't know until we get it out. We're just about there.All right. The moment we've all been waiting for. Let's see if all that water stayed out from the inside. To be honest, this is definitely a lot more intense than your basic storm, even if you're going at highway speeds. And even if you guys have a crazy storm coming through, this carwash had all that high pressure going from all sorts of different angles. So if it did make it make its way underneath this flap, we might have a little bit of water, but again, we're not going to know until we open it. So let's do that.We're going to flip this up. Doesn't seem soaked. What! All right. Okay. So everything is dry so far, dry, dry, dry, you guys see it. Everything's completely dry. All right. Well, to be honest, I was not expecting everything to be dry because this was an extreme test. That is crazy. Well, last little bits and corners, dry, dry, dry, and that's it.Okay. Well, all this just as dry as the second that I grabbed it the first time. So as of right now, I'm going to go ahead and say that this thing is completely water resistant and it really did stick up with all the high pressures.All of it is going to be made of a PVC coated nylon material, and this is going to be rip resistant and everything like that. It's not going to get all scratched up. And whenever we had to bind two of the materials together right here, this seam is a welded seam. So, that is going to be extremely water tight. Probably one of the more vulnerable parts of the bag is going to be the zipper here. And this is going to be in regards to obviously the water getting in this is going to be the weakest part of the bag, but we have this nice little flat that's going to be able to go over top of it, to kind of guard a lot of that moisture from getting in. And we do have some hook and loops on the sides here to help just secure that down.One thing I really like about the cargo bag is that we have two zippers, not just one, because this way you guys can either have it on this side or the other side to open or close it. I just like having two zippers so that is something that I definitely look for in a bag and hopefully you guys do too.One thing I really like about the cargo bag is we don't really have to worry about grabbing straps to strap it down. They're already included and they're attached. So you don't have to worry about losing them. I always lose stuff. So, that's awesome. They're just attached up top here.But one thing I would definitely recommend you guys grabbing as well. We will have some on our website at each trailer, and that is just going to be a lock for our two little zippers here. And we just got a little tiny padlock. We can just go ahead and disconnect these two zippers, just in case someone sees your nice, cool bag on the back of your car. And they want to see what's in it. With a padlock, they won't be able to, and hopefully they won't run off with it. So definitely go and grab some of those, but don't grab straps because they're already connected.So, this is what they look like. So what we're going to do is I'm just going to undo this little portion of our strap and I'm going to fish it just behind our cargo carrier like that. I want to go ahead and put the strap through the middle one right there, and then back through the end. Just like that. I'm going to get it nice and tight on our rail here. Then, we can go ahead and take our little strap up here, pull it nice and tight. And then we are going to have a little hook and loop strap fastener. Go ahead undo that.It's just going to allow you to kind of just bunch, all this stuff up, just so it's not flapping in the wind. Just go ahead and secure it down like that. We are going to have six, so three on the front and three on the back. And they're all going to be exactly the same installation process as you guys just saw right now, and that is plenty tight and this bag is not going anywhere. So there are a lot of different sized bags on our website, but when it comes to the etrailer bags, we have two different sizes. We got this size and we're going to have one. That's going to be a little bit bigger. That is going to completely fill up your guys's 60 by 24 inch cargo carriers in the hitch. So, the reason why I picked this one is just because I don't really want to put my generator in my bag with all my other stuff.So I want to keep it out. So that's why I picked this bag just so I have plenty of room for my generator, just so I don't get everything on the inside of my bag, smelling like gas or anything like that. But it all just depends on one, what kind of stuff you guys are planning on putting in the bag. And two, just depending on what you guys plan on, putting it on, whether it's on the roof, in the bed of your truck, or on a cargo carrier, like you see here. So now let's go ahead and show you guys how much stuff I actually ended up fitting into the bag. So, I'm just going to undo all my straps.All right, pull all this up. So what I ended up doing, you guys kind of see how this side's a little bit more full I put that all the way to the brim and what that is, it's basically two full-size suitcases. So, but they're up on their side. So there's one here. So I have one piece of luggage and then I have another set of luggage.So that fit in one side. And that was pretty much packed full when they're sitting on their side, so be mindful of that. And then on the other end, I actually just have my camera bag here and then also another little carry on bag, but there was still a little bit more room to fit even more stuff.Maybe not another bag that size, but maybe some of your kind of looser stuff we could have piled up on top of here, but that's everything I got on the inside of the bag. So definitely a lot of different amounts of stuff you guys can put in there, depending on what you guys really have is really just going to depend on how full you guys can make it. But the nice thing about it is we have all this massive stuff fitting in the cargo care or in the bag, but whenever we're not using it, you won't even really be able to tell that it's going to be able to hold all that stuff. That's a lot. It really is. That's probably, for me, it's probably me and a buddy's clothes and gear for maybe even a whole week trip. So, kind of gives you an idea, but whenever we're not using it, it really does fold up into a very, very small and compact size, which is awesome.Going to undo these straps. Once we kind of just folded into itself and roll it up, it really isn't that big. So if you guys aren't really going to be using this a whole lot, it really is not that big whenever we roll it up completely, and this isn't really going to take up a whole lot of room in the back of my vehicle here. So I can even just toss it in there and just kind of just leave it for whenever I will need it. So that is definitely something I really like about the bag, it compacts down quite nicely.Well, everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hopefully it kind of gives you guys an idea of how water resistant the bag is, how big it is and what kind of stuff we can fit on the inside of it. So, whether you guys go with this size or the larger one that we offer on our website, hopefully you guys go ahead, take a couple of pictures, put them on our website so we can just see how you guys use them. And again, this was the etrailer cargo bag and I'm Adam with etrailer.

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