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etrailer Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler Review

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Review of the etrailer Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at the etrailer Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler, with a trigger latch for a 2" ball, with 3,500 lbs capacity, part number CT-3001-Z.Now the reason you're going to want a replacement coupler like this one is that this makes it very easy for you to repair your trailer, or if you're building a new trailer, this will give you the vital connection point between it and your vehicle. Now it's designed to work with 2" balls, has a 3,500 lbs capacity, and it will work with 2" channels, such as the one we have on this trailer.One thing I really like about this coupler, compared to others, is how easy it is to operate. With our trigger latch design, with one finger we can pull up on the trigger, open the latch, and we can easily couple on your 2" ball or onto our tow vehicle. We'll go inside the coupler, and we can securely close the latch down around the ball, and we're locked on.Now this coupler is zinc coated. So what that means it's going to be very rust and corrosion resistant, so if you wanted to use it on a jet ski trailer or a boat trailer, not a problem. You can easily back the trailer into the water and not have to worry about your coupler rusting out and becoming difficult to use.Now you can secure your latch with a pin or a lock mechanism to help prevent theft and tampering or for the handle to come open accidentally as you're driving.

The pinhole size here is 5/16" in diameter. For overall dimensions of our coupler, it is 10-3/4" long, and that will be from the very front of it to the back of it. For overall width of our coupler, from the outside edge to outside edge, we're looking at 3-1/2". From our mounting holes, center to center, from here to here, we're looking at 3-1/16".We also have two more at the top, here and here, should you decide to secure of more than two bolts. You could secure it with four bolts if you decided to utilize these two holes.Here we are the front of our trailer.

As you can see, our trailer doesn't have a coupler on it already, so that's where the coupler will come into play. Make it a little bit easier for us to work on our trailer, we have ours supported here with the lifts. You can also use a jack stand or whatever you have laying around, cinder blocks, blocks of wood. It does make it easier when you're working on your coupler.Now in our case, the holes in our coupler line up with the holes on our trailer. If yours didn't, you would have to drill new holes, not a big deal.

I recommend drilling to a 1/2" in diameter. That way you can use new 1/2" bolts to secure it.We'll thread on some nylon lock nuts. Now we'll go ahead and tighten our hardware, and now we'll torque our hardware, and that'll complete our look at the Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler, with a trigger latch design for a 2" ball, with a 3,500 lbs capacity, part number CT-3001-Z.

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