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etrailer eDream RV Bunk Bed Mattress Review

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Review of the etrailer eDream RV Bunk Bed Mattress

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out this edream etrailer mattress. Now this is going to be a bunk mattress that goes in here and it's more like a futon mattress. So it's not like the foam mattresses that are also available through edream. This one's going to be futon style. So it's not going to be as fluffy as the other ones, but it's still good.

Still get a comfortable sleep in your bunk. Let's check it out. Now I want to show you what's on the inside to better explain what I was talking about, the material, you've got like a cotton/polyester blend on the inside, and that's what's going to be inside the mattress and add that comfort. So when I said it's like a futon mattress, that's why, but it's still pretty comfy 'cause it's got that filling in there. It's not bad at all.

It's really important to measure your bunk and get a mattress that's as close as you can get to your bunk size, because every rig is a little bit different. There's not standard sizes for these bunks, but then there's a couple of different sizes of the edream mattresses. You just want to make sure you got the one that's the closest fit for it. So today, this mattress is the one we're going to be working with. This one's going to be 73 inches long, 28 inches across, and then it's going to be five inches tall.

Now there is other options out there where you can get 73 inches long still but then you're going to get a width of 33 inches across and still be five inches tall. But those are just the options you have to work with. We've tried a couple of different RVs today put this in here, did this, the only one that fits. So that's why I said it's really important to get those measurements that way you get the right mattress for your bunk. Speaking of options, you do have a few different options for the color of the cover on the interior mattress.

So this cover is going to be black that we're using today. You can also get khaki and natural, which is an off white. And there's also replacements for those covers. Let's say, you know, you got it tore up, it got a slice in it or something. You want to get a new cover for the interior stuff. You can get that in khaki and off-white. With that though, I was impressed of the covers. Feels like it's very durable. So it's got like, kind of a heavy cover on it. It's got some, like I said, weight to it. So it doesn't feel like it's going to tear very easily, not like some of the other mattresses we've messed with. It's got that soft top on there where you feel like you could easily, if you have something like a knife in your pocket or something, and it could cut it, this one feels like it's going to hold up better. Especially if you've got kids jumping around on it. It's not going to tear easy. One negative I would say though, is that the covers aren't machine washable. So you can't throw them in a washer and dryer, you have to spot clean them. If there was something that gets spilled on there you just have to clean it right there. So that, compare that to the Teddy bear mattresses where the cover does come off and is machine washable. That's a good option to have, but you're not going to have as much durable or as much filling inside that mattress. So this mattress to me is more comfortable than that one, but harder to clean. You really just got to weigh out which option is best for you. Something else you're probably worried about is how it's going to ship to you and how you're going to get it in your rig. Well, it's not that hard. It comes all shrink wrapped together. You just pull it out of box, set in place, and cut that plastic. See how I did it. We got the box inside our rig. You see, it's not very big. It's going to fit through the door just fine. The only thing is that we've already opened this and got studio photos of it. So it's going to be a little different for us than it is for you. For you, it's going to come in this box, vacuum sealed all together. It's just going to be easy just to pull it up out of here and set it in place. Then you rip the plastic and slowly as the air gets to it, it'll inflate in place there in the bunk. Ours is already inflated, ours has already got the plastic off. So I'm just going to take the box, tip it over, and dump it out here on the floor. Set the box aside. You'll see that it's already unwrapped and everything. I'm just going to go set it in the bunk. So now just going to compress it, put in the bunk, and then fold it out. At this point, after you've ripped the plastic off, you're going to want to let it sit for 24 hours so the air can get to it and it will slowly inflate and puff up. And it's that easy. So from the box to the bed here, that's all you gotta do to get it all set up. I think it's gonna work really good for you in your rig. I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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